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Soul of work - lezing voor Balance HR


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How can we invite soul back in work. What are the leading principles to do so? These are my key thoughts I'll share during a presentation for an event for HR professionals organized by Balanced HR at AB Brussels.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Soul of work - lezing voor Balance HR

  1. 1. Soul of Work
  2. 2. SOUL WORK
  3. 3. SOUL WORK
  4. 4. HOT SPOTS
  5. 5. A fool with a tool is still a fool
  6. 6. Guiding principles to welcome back the soul at work
  7. 7. Stage Determines Capabilities SOUL
  8. 8. “If the Whole is not in good shape, a Part of it can’t be healthy,” Plato
  9. 9. Stage is like Phvalue
  10. 10. Ego likes piramids, Soul avoids it …
  11. 11. That’s why self-regulation is part of new Organizational Operating Models
  12. 12. Soul pushes us to become more Systemic
  13. 13. EGO   EGO   EGO   SOUL   SOUL       EGO            1                                            2                                                  3                                                        4  
  14. 14. Imagine having Systemic Goggles, what would you see?
  15. 15. People & Planet are ressources for Profit Parasite Dynamics Soul withdraws Profit is linked to a Living Purpose Whole Chain Balance Soul fuels work EGO   EGO   EGO   SOUL   SOUL       EGO  
  16. 16. People (= employees, customers, suppliers, …) are developing more systemic sensitivity, intelligence or consciousness …
  17. 17. Burn-Out is a Systems or Org Design problem not an individual problem … So, go for the learnings about Org Design.
  18. 18. Org  Design  supports   purpose,  because   the  organiza=on  is  a   primary  asset  of  any   business.  
  19. 19. If Work and Soul reconnect you will be surprised But don’t try to trick the game …
  20. 20. More and more people start “Cutting through Spiritual Materialism” Chögyam Trungpa EGO   SOUL   SOUL   EGO  
  21. 21. First it’s about being the tools will follow
  22. 22. Have a good read … … and go building ! Thanks ziel hoofd hart handen EFFECT