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ICF Competency Nr 5: Active listening


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The International Coaching Federation selected 11 coaching competencies to support the professional development of coaches around the world. I was invited to do do a WEBINAR on the 5th competency, Active Listening. It's great to see how deep and rich a competency can be developed over the years ...

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ICF Competency Nr 5: Active listening

  1. 1. ICF Competency 5 : Active Listening
  2. 2. What can we learn from introverted people about the power of listening?
  3. 3. Your Mastery in Active Listening is the Key to the Inner World of the Client …
  4. 4. Co-Creation/ unfolding of New Patterns Resources and new options show up Powerful Questioning while holding the Generative, Coaching Container creates awareness Active Listening = Co-Exploring Deep Structure EFFECT = Generative, Coaching Container opens No, Judgemental, Defensive or Pre-Formatted Listening EFFECT = The Generative, Coaching Container doesn’t open 5
  5. 5. Hold the coaching container. What is your amplitude?
  6. 6. A c t i v e L i s t e n i n g What shows up if we model this competency?
  7. 7. Starting Level of Active Listening • • • • No listening Listening with an agenda Defensive listening Judging while listening • Growing from this level?
  8. 8. You won’t get in
  9. 9. ACC level of Active Listening • Great active listening on surface or verbal level • Active listening but with an agenda: • • • • Solving the problem of the client Demonstrating knowledge, added value, … Still limited to own MAP of reality Growing from this level?
  10. 10. Verbal and non-verbal
  11. 11. PCC level of Active Listening • Start of multi-layered, explorative listening beyond words; • You can still feel an urge to solve, to help in the listening; • Rather lineair listening; • Growing from this level?
  12. 12. What is being expressed through words? What is the client showing about him/herself? What is showing up between us? What is he asking for without words?
  13. 13. MCC level of Active Listening • • • • • • Deep, multi-layered, explorative listening; The coach is learning from the client; It’s not about coach-understanding but client-awareness; Tuning in to the client, deep “soul tot soul” connection, connecting with the oak in the acorn; Non-lineair, cumulative listening; The “self-listening” of the coachee is activated so he/she starts learning to tune in to what’s emerging, developing, showing up through him/herself;
  14. 14. Words are heard as linguistic cues for deep structure? What the client is expressing, is also sensed on a somatic level (= energetic listening). What is showing up between us and in all other relationships (= systemic listening) is sensed. What is (s)he asking for without words and how could this fuel the pattern underneath the problem or towards new resources?
  15. 15. Conscious Mastery of Active Listening: “How do you Activate and Maintain your COACH-state?”
  16. 16. Waar ik inspiratie haalde voor dit WEBINAR over Active Listening: • Lagen in communicatie -> Schultz Von Thun: “Hoe bedoelt u?” • Luisteren in organisaties -> Gervase Bushe: “Clear Leadership” • MetaModel v/d taal -> Bandler & Grinder: “The Structure of Magic” • Metaprogramma’s -> Gustinx & Durlinger: “Voorbij je eigen wijze” • Ziel tot ziel -> Gary Zukav: “Spirituele partners” • Deep Listening -> Jack Pransky: “Somebody should have told us” • Je eigen bandbreedte -> Hal & Sidra Stone: “The Inner Critic” • Luisteren -> Nancy Kline: “Time to Think. Listening to ignite the human mind.” • Brein en coaching -> David Rock & Linda Page “Coaching with the brain in mind.” • …
  17. 17. Philippe Bailleur Ervaren Gids voor OrganisatieVernieuwing Volg mijn blog: