Social CRM - Social Media Day Academy 07/03/2013


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Bridge the gap between your CRM data and your social media efforts

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Social CRM - Social Media Day Academy 07/03/2013

  1. 1. SOCIAL CRM07/03/2013Social Media Day Academy
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA Listen Plan Engage Analyze & Learn & Create & Collaborate & Optimize2
  3. 3. CRMCustomer & Prospect View Campaign 100% Be Data Business Management Relevant Quality Intelligence “1 to 1 marketing is about making direct contact with your potential customers on a relevant moment with a relevant product/service in a relevant place” Wouter, Online Marketing, Insurances3
  5. 5. EXAMPLE OF WHAT’S IN PERMESSOBasic Information Declared lifestyle information
  6. 6. PERMESSO E-MAIL CAMPAIGNFrom: PermessoSubjectline: Waar wonen de Arnauts’en in België? Où sont les Arnauts’ de Belgique?Launch date: Monday 25/02/2013
  10. 10. 390.935 95%e-mails sent delivered 372.410 e-mails delivered 36%29% unique clicks on opened 10%opened 38.811 unique clicks unique clicks106.905 e-mails opened (unique) on delivered
  11. 11. 10% UNIQUE CLICKS ON DELIVERED 38.811 unique clicks 26.839 clicked through to authorisation request 50% or 13.383 accepted request Additional traffic via shares 96% accepted all = 12.816 facebook ID’s 4% accepted only basic info (no e-mail & no likes)
  12. 12. PROFILE OF THE APP USERS Additional Bisnode profiling data available
  13. 13. 12.816 ID’s1.165.247 likes
  14. 14. WHAT’S A « LIKE »?Page idDate of likeCategory of like
  15. 15. WHAT DID WE COLLECT? Partnership/customer opportunities
  16. 16. WHAT DID WE COLLECT? Sponsoring/media/competition opportunities & additional profiling/selection criteria !
  17. 17. WE WENT FROM …Basic Information Declared lifestyle information
  18. 18. … TO AN EXTENDED PROFILEPicture :Facebook ID : 1021384046Language : NL (confirmed)Facebook e-mail address : (in 70% of cases Permesso e-mail was = Facebook e-mail)Cookie (if you’d want to …)Likes (& moment of like) :
  19. 19. NO APP? USE AN E-COUPON! 1. Consumer is presented an E-Coupon offer. 2. Instead of filling a form, he uses Facebook Login. 3. This allows prefilling the Form. 4. It also makes a link between the Facebook Profile and an Email Address. 5. This allows Profile Matching between Facebook and your CRM. 6. It activates your Facebook Fans and allows you to segment them on their likes, • Form Pre-Fill • Link between Facebook Profile and CRM • Facebook Fans Activation • Clients and Prospects Qualification
  20. 20. INCENTIVIZE IDENTIFICATION Language: NL FR ENG Easy login Gender: M F First name: Philippe Name: Arnauts Street: Number: Box: Postal Code: City: E-mail: Mind the! Birth date: dd/mm/yyyy Autocomplete Yes, I would like to receive Facebook_id information about company X via e-mail First_name Submit Last_name Read our privacy policy Gender Locale Ask an opt-in & link to your privacy policy! Picture Timezone21
  21. 21. OPTIMIZE DATA CAPTURING Language: NL FR ENG Optimise form with a quickfill feature if you’d like an address Gender: M F First name: Philippe Name: Arnauts Postal Code & City: Street & Number Box: E-mail: Birth date: dd/mm/yyyy Yes, I would like to receive Yes … a postal address … information about company X via e-mail if you want to send an invoice or Submit want your product to be delivered Read our privacy policy you will need it !22
  22. 22. CHECK ACCURACY & EXISTENCE Versus reference population Language: NL FR ENG 83.000.000 fake profiles (8,7% don’t exist)* Gender: M F 2,4% non human (even pets are on Facebook) 1,5% spam pages First name: Philippe Google “wrong birth date in Facebook” 4,8% doubles Name: Arnauts Postal Code & City: 1000 Brussel Street & Number Wetstraat 16 Box: real-time batch E-mail: Versus your own CRM system Birth date: dd/mm/yyyy Same/different e-mail address Additional contact points Yes, I would like to receive … information about company X via e-mail Read our privacy policy Submit * Source : Facebook press release;, 03/08/201223
  23. 23. THESE MEASURES WILL Increase encoding speed Decrease form abandon Facilitate CRM integration Increase data correctness24
  24. 24. CREATE A SINGLE CUSTOMER/PROSPECT VIEW Offline address E-mail address Delivery address Social ID Phone number Cookie, mobile, …25
  25. 25. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Transform your data into actionable insights “Collecting data is only the beginning, then someone needs to make sense of it” Erik, Marketing Director, Publishing26
  26. 26. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Be Relevant Get the most out of your cross-channel digital direct marketing campaigns27
  27. 27. WHY BISNODE? We are your SuperDataMan Technical Solution provider + 35 Legal knowledge Unique Privacy Years referentials of experience Part of the international group28
  28. 28. WHAT WE DO Data Management Solutions Consultancy Services Maximise Your SalesCustomer & Prospect View Campaign 100% Business Management Be Relevant Data Quality Intelligence Minimise Your Risk Identification Credit Value Process & Qualification Management Optimization29
  29. 29. PHILIPPE ARNAUTS +32 2 555 97 83 @philippearnauts