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Mind Mapping And Web 2.0


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Where Mind Mapping and Web 2.0 meet

Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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  • Good. Very well explained. Web 3.0 is going to be a new craze.

    Dave (a web designer currently working on : )
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Mind Mapping And Web 2.0

  1. 1. 2009 Philippe Boukobza Made with NovaMInd
  2. 2. This Presentation discusses how and where Mind Mapping and Web 2.0 meet : blogs, social networks, online Mind Mapping Softwares, Innovation Practices and so on. 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  3. 3. Participation : blogs Mind Mapping Blogs, Web 2.0 Blogs that discuss about Mind Mapping, every day we can find out fresh contents about Mind Mapping across the Blogosphere. Some Mind Mapping Blogs Posts about Mind Mapping Mapping Experts Master News Media Visual-Mapping Life Hacker Idea Mapping Bootstrapper Mind Mapping Everywhere Lifehack Mind Mapping Software Blog Web Worker Daily Visual Mapper Freelance Switch Assistive Technology Make use of The Mindmap Blog Liquidtv Mind Mapping Blog Flyabite 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  4. 4. Participation : Mind Map Libraries Mappio NovaMind Connect Biggerplate 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  5. 5. Participation : mapping public Debates Debategraph is a social venture that combines web-based, argument visualization with collaborative wiki editing to make arguments on all sides of complex public debates freely available to all, and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all. It has been recently used in the White House to map Brainstorming Sessions . 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  6. 6. Collaboration : wiki mapping Made with MindManager 8 Various Users can collaborate online being able to see others editing the same mindmap in real time. They can create, manage and share mindmaps online and access them anytime, from anywhere. 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  7. 7. Collaboration : Mindjet Connect Source : Idea Mapping Blog by Jamie Nast With MindManager and Mindjet Connect, multiple team members can access and update the same map and see instantaneous progress, in a secure, online environment. 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  8. 8. Ubiquity : Mindmapping on the move SimpleMind, iBlueSky , MindMaker, MindBerry are Iphone and BlackBerry Mind Mapping Softwares that can generate Mindmaps compatible with MindManager, FreeMind, NovaMind or Xmind. 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  9. 9. Free Open Source Softwares Web 2.O Culture promotes the use of free Open Source Softwares. During the last years various Free Mind Mapping Softwares came out. Here are some of the most populars one. Dropmind FreeMind Edraw Mindmap XMind 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  10. 10. Visual Language : keywords and icons Like as Mind Mapping, Web 2.O Culture uses permanently keywords or “tags” to define contents and icons to accelerate / facilitate the Communication on blogs and websites. 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  11. 11. Innovation Practices : Barcamps During or at the end of Barcamps, Web 2.0 events where all attendees are encouraged to present or facilitate a session, it is becoming more common to see people creating Mindmaps. Source : TedXParis / La Cantine 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  12. 12. Mapping the Internet Exponential participation on Web 2.0 sites like blogs, social networks, video or photo sharing sites contributes to an explosion of contents. It becomes increasingly difficult to navigate effectively. Information mapping is needed to give meaning and organize contents. Source : Web Trend Map 2008 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  13. 13. Web 3.0 : Tomorrow's Web Tomorrow, documents will be generated, processed, and exchanged automatically by Softwares. when Mind Mapping Softwares will be able to ask the Web for various contents depending on what we are writing, understanding our needs , they will be fully 3.0 Representing search results as Mindmaps, like Google Wonder Wheel is saying us that mind mapping may be used more and more to navigate into the Semantic Web. Above : Google Wonder Wheel 2009 Philippe Boukobza
  14. 14. Thank You Contact : 2009 Philippe Boukobza