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Karl lagerfeld complete


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Karl lagerfeld complete

  1. 1. Karl Lagerfeld “Vanity is the healthiest thing in life”
  2. 2. The History of Karl• Birth date is unknown but in the 1930s.“You will have towait for mymemoirs to bepublished beforeyou find out mytrue age “•Known for original and sometimes puzzling statements.•Transformed Chanel into a fashion powerhouse.
  3. 3. The History of Karl • Emigrated at 14 to Paris • Most celebrated designers of the century • At 17 Karl worked at Balmain • Jean Patou, Krizia, Charles Jourdan, Valentino • 1967- Fendi and then Chloe
  4. 4. The History of Karl•1983-moved to Chanel as chief designer•Own- name label- “intellectual sexiness”•Innovating to reactivate style ofCoco Chanel•He eats, breathes and sleeps fashion which he portrays through his image•1997- Vogue said “ unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment”• Reactivated image of Coco Chanel•Bold statements determine success
  5. 5. Karl the Designer Karl Lagerfeld
  6. 6. Lagerfeld CollaborationsHigh Street Designer Home ware Designer Hotel Room Designer Costume Designer Coca-Cola Light Designer
  7. 7. "I do what I want because I havefun, you know. I dont want to bethe designer who designs one lookthat youre known for, for the restof your life, and then hedisappears and he dies. I like thecontinuity to play with fashion. Ihave no problem, no reason. I doChanel, which is the Frenchversion of me. And Fendi is myItalian version.”
  8. 8. Karl Lagerfeld Artists ´acquire the power to transform an everyday object into a work of art´, The Artist Photographe r Film Producer Editor Director
  9. 9. The Photographer Through Karls photography we get a glimpse of his wicked sense of humour which translates into his pictures of men as objects and over-sexual women. And he has no problem poking fun at Coco Chanel‟s legend.
  10. 10. The Photographer“I cannot see life without the vision of a photographer anymore. I see the world and fashion through lens.”
  11. 11. FilmProducer
  12. 12. The EditorThe “Karl Lagerfeld Diet”Criticized for some views in The Metro"The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice"
  13. 13. In his short video clip for Metro , Lagerfeld describes himself as “from no generation” he is from every generation “The world according to Karl”
  14. 14. Director Fashion ShowsLagerfeld expresses his artistic side ´Legitimation bythrough the Channel fashion shows. art world authorities´ Illustrates Lagerfeld ´s creativity as he turns the catwalk into a theatre with huge entertainment value
  15. 15. Chanel Haute-Couture S/S 2012
  16. 16. “Under the sea” at GrandPalais Glossy white Sculptures of coral
  17. 17. Karl- The MagicianLagerfeld through his many accolades, lifestyle choices and astonishing work ethic is a “humanbrand” that embodiesthat „magic‟ requiredof a creative director.
  18. 18. Oh no he didn’t… “Nobody wants to see curvy women…you‟ve got fatmothers with their bag of chips sitting in front of the TV & saying that thin models are ugly”
  19. 19. Oh no he didn’t…“Sweat pants are a sign of defeat, you lost control of your life so you bought sweat pants”
  20. 20. Oh no he didn’t…“Yes, some people say to me youre too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds say that.”