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Mozilla/Creative Commons Open Education Course - Seminar 1


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Seminar 1 slides from the Mozilla / Creative Commons Open Education course. See course outline here:

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Mozilla/Creative Commons Open Education Course - Seminar 1

  1. 1. Open|Web|Content|Education an online course / hacking education This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
  2. 2. today welcome (schmidt) 1. context (surman) 2. Mozilla Education (hecker) 3. CC Learn (bissell) 4. course overview (schmidt) 5.
  3. 3. welcome (schmidt)
  4. 4. bissell surman schmidt hecker
  5. 5. context (surman)
  6. 6. goal: helping educators learn open content, technology and pedagogical skills they can use in their teaching
  7. 7. why?
  8. 8. why?
  9. 9. why? students live + learn on the web
  10. 10. why? we need to teach like the web
  11. 11. building blocks 1. (open)content 2. (open)technology 3. (open)pedagogy
  12. 12. building blocks 1. (open)content 2. (open)technology 3. (open)pedagogy this course is about these building blocks
  13. 13. open edu : 10,000 feet Sharing. Collaborating. Remixing. Informal and formal learning. E.g. OpenCourseWare. Wikipedia. Utah Open High School. Mozilla @ Seneca. Peer 2 Peer University.
  14. 14. why do we care? Promote openness, participation and distributed decision making as a core part of Internet life.
  15. 15. why do we care? Promote openness, participation and distributed decision making as a core part of Internet life. Education is critical to this.
  16. 16. why do we care? Also, an experiment
  17. 17. why do we care? Also, an experiment 1. Share our skills 2. Bring in new ideas 3. Find more allies
  18. 18. why do we care? Also, an experiment 1. Share our skills 2. Bring in new ideas 3. Find more allies 4. And have fun
  19. 19. Mozilla Education (hecker)
  20. 20. Mozilla Education = open education in a Mozilla context
  21. 21. Mozilla Education goals create learning opportunities around Mozilla technologies and practices support new generation of Mozilla community members help drive new wave of participatory, student-led learning
  22. 22. building a global community of Mozilla educators build on Mozilla curriculum pioneered at Seneca College support faculty and students incorporating Mozilla into coursework integrate academic participants into broader Mozilla community
  23. 23. getting involved in Mozilla Education IRC: #education on Dave Humphrey <david.humphrey@senecac.>
  24. 24. Creative Commons (bissell)
  25. 25. Creative Commons ccLearn Minimize legal, technical, social barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials.
  26. 26. Our mission focuses on ways to improve the opportunities for and quality of education for everyone: Teach people about OER. Solve problems. Build and diversify community. Explore better pedagogical models. Empower teachers and learners.
  27. 27. We embrace some overarching principles for engaged pedagogies - these are not new, but become almost inevitable (in a positive way) when embracing the benefits of open licenses, open technologies, open collaboratories.
  28. 28. Crucial considerations Constant, formative feedback. Educate for skills and capacities, not rote knowledge. Leverage the available human and material capital effectively. Consider all of the fundamental building blocks of a participatory learning system simultaneously. Enjoy your learning!
  29. 29. the course (schmidt)
  30. 30. 6 1/2 weeks b l intro context 1. u open content case-studies 2. e open tech basics 3. p open content licensing 4. r open tech on the horizon 5. i open pedagogy round-table 6. n t More sessions for project i discussion and feedback if n g needed
  31. 31. how it works glass-house everyone can look in weekly seminars with interesting people (recordings) google group discussion social bookmarking different week, same ... prep for next seminar blueprint pipeline check wiki (and email) for details
  32. 32. blueprinting ?idea -> blueprint -> protoype -> project!
  33. 33. blueprinting individual ideas group projects geeks and educators common interests took a stab at grouping feed into ongoing things: Mozilla Education portal Firefox plug-ins Peer2Peer University
  34. 34. next steps decide on groups! start sketching ideas more important than details a picture ... enough detail so you can start building
  35. 35. what does it look like? template on the wiki create a wiki page or host it elsewhere blueprint fundamentals open content open tech open pedagogy some more important than others
  36. 36. idea example I'd like to examine how these tools could help educators to assess largely digitized assignments (like blogs). I currently use a wiki to collect and evaluate my student's blogs. Ideally, I'd like some mechanism to bookmark and easily assess digital works in a way that would provide fields for assessment criteria as well as highlighting items on the page for the student. I'm especially interested in Open Source tools as an alternative to clunky, top down, proprietary edu ware that currently dominates our institutions.
  37. 37. idea example My initial project idea is to design (and possibly develop) a lightweight aggregator for following student blogs. I have been organizing several open online courses and found out that I need something more than plain RSS reader to follow the course. Maybe it can be developed with Yahoo Pipes.
  38. 38. discussion