Kukui Cup 2012 Organizing Committee February Meeting


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Notes from the February meeting.

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Kukui Cup 2012 Organizing Committee February Meeting

  1. 1. Kukui Cup/UH 2012 Organizing Committee February Meeting 2/2/12(1)
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions Past, Present, Future of Kukui Cup Ways for you to be involved Video Production Reviews of: • T-shirts • Swag • Schedule • Workshops • Point system(2)
  3. 3. Introductions What is one thing you liked about the Kukui Cup? • Answers: education, working together, getting to know other people, becoming aware of energy. What is one thing we need to fix about the Kukui Cup? • Answers: Late hours, not enough publicity, too much stuff on a single day sometimes.(3)
  4. 4. Kukui Cup Project Site see https://sites.google.com/site/kukuicup(4)
  5. 5. The three basic goals 1. Get students to try out the Kukui Cup • Not bad for 2011. Can we do better? 2. Get students to experiment with their energy behaviors during the competition. • Only a few Lounges showed changes. 3. Get students to sustain changes after the competition is over. • What should we be doing to help this happen?(5)
  6. 6. Ways you can be involved Spring, 2012: • Provide feedback regarding 2011 • Provide advice for 2012 Summer, 2012: • Help with fall event planning • Test out the new interface Fall, 2012: • Help run the 2nd Kukui Cup events • Administer the website(6)
  7. 7. Review of 2012 Shirts/Logo(7)
  8. 8. "Square"(8)
  9. 9. "Stacked"(9)
  10. 10. "Droplet"(10)
  11. 11. (Back of t-shirt)(11)
  12. 12. T-shirt reactions Square: • One person liked it the most. • One person thought it was boring. Stacked: • One person thought the proportions were off. Droplets: • 1 person liked it the most. • No negative reactions.(12)
  13. 13. Review of 2011 Swag Water bottle Lanyard Ecotote Tumbler What should we keep for next year? • All seem reasonable • Strap could be longer on ecotote New swag ideas for next year: • sunglasses (color of tower) • livestrong style rubber bracelets(13)
  14. 14. Review of 2011 Schedule Duration: too long, too short, just right? Workshops: too many, too few, just right? 10pm rooftop events: too early, too late, just right? 6:30pm courtyard events: too early, too late, just right? Excursions: too early? too long? just right?(14) What else should we change for 2012?
  15. 15. Workshop Review Energy Scavenger Hunt Energy Efficient Eating Recycled Fashion Play at the Cafe Design Movie Night Flashmob High Energy Arts Sustainable Organic Farming Energy Efficient Chillaxation Pedalpalooza Your Sustainable Future(15)
  16. 16. Thoughts on schedule/workshops Try workshops at 9pm next year. Publicity should be way better • One person never even heard about them and would have like to have attended. Mid-day events (sustainability meetings on campus) were difficult to attend.(16)
  17. 17. Points System Review In 2011: • Commitments: 5 points • Videos: 10 points • Workshops: 20 points • Excursions: 30 points • Creative: 0 – 50 points Were these the right number of points? Do you wish some things were worth more/less? • Answers: More points for workshops/excursions would increase participation.(17)
  18. 18. Video Production Team Tyneski Quintel is working this semester on putting together a 30 second promotional video for the 2012 Kukui Cup. She is seeking volunteers to help with: • Appearing in the video • Helping write the video • Helping edit the video(18)
  19. 19. Promotional Video Concept Initial shots: • Girls getting ready in the morning for school with wasteful energy drainage of straighteners, blow driers, etc... • Girls getting ready to go out at night pumping music, lights, mirrors w/ lights, hair straighteners, q- tip/tp waste etc.... • Boys gaming together in one room side-by-side TVs with multiple game consoles and wires everywhere, microwave going in background, etc... Leads to -> • Sounds of electronics winding down • Power shortage blackout • Students being oblivious, “What happened?” Kukui Cup transition to logo and “Lights off Game on”(19)
  20. 20. Feedback on video Everyone was willing to participate.(20)
  21. 21. Final Thoughts We want the "face" of the Kukui Cup to be students from the Organizing Committee, not "old people" like professors and grad students. We believe events like "Play at the Cafe" and other outreach/engagement activities will work much better if students are doing the talking. Finally, you, the 2011 players, understand the Kukui Cup better than we do! (You have played it, we havent!)(21)
  22. 22. Next Meeting Next meeting will be early March. We will send out a Doodle to figure out the best time to meet for everyone. Food: Selection of Subway Sandwiches.(22)