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Gept week 6


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Gept week 6

  1. 1. GEPT WEEK 6Answering Questions
  2. 2. Social Responsibility
  3. 3. Warm-up• What does it mean to be a “responsible” member of society?• What does it mean to do volunteer work?• How do you feel about having to sweep the school? • Is this a good idea or stupid idea?
  4. 4. Warm-up • What will make the world less hospitable for our children’s children? • What is your biggest concern regarding the future? • Why? • Have you ever volunteered? What did you do?
  5. 5. Warm-up • What will make the world less hospitable for our children’s children? • What is your biggest concern regarding the future? • Why? • Have you ever volunteered? What did you do?
  6. 6. Questions for Discussion• In your opinion, are most people socially responsible or irresponsible?
  7. 7. Questions for Discussion• Imagine:• During summer vacation, all of your friends are cleaning the beach in AnPing. This is a big, dirty job, and it will take them all summer to finish. Would you like to join your friends and do this community service, or just relax? Why or Why not?
  8. 8. Questions for Discussion• If you could go to university for free, would you be willing to exchange one weekend per month throughout all of college to do community service? Why or why not?
  9. 9. Questions for Discussion • A group of students wants to pick up trash in Taiwan. • Where should they start? • Where is the trashiest place in Taiwan? • Another group of students wants to hold some activities for poor children. • What kind of activities should they hold? • Where should they hold them?
  10. 10. Questions for Discussion• Another group of students wants to hold some activities for poor children.• What kind of activities should they hold?• Where should they hold them?
  11. 11. Questions for Discussion• Cleaning beaches, picking up trash, holding activities for poor children.• Which of these seems most worthwhile? Why?
  12. 12. Questions for Discussion• Which of these activities seems least worthwhile? Why?
  13. 13. Questions for Discussion• US President John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”• Do you agree with this idea?• What would you like your country to do for you?
  14. 14. Questions for Discussion• IF you were involved in politics what would you want to do for your country?• If you could make new laws in Taiwan, what would they be and why?
  15. 15. Questions for Discussion• Terminally Ill Hospital Patients, Orphans, or Elderly people.• Which would you most like to help? Why?• Which would be the most difficult for you to help? Why?
  16. 16. Giving Advice
  17. 17. Extra Lessons• I’m 17, and I’ve fallen in love with my math teacher. He’s in his first teaching job since he left the university, and there’s only about ten years’ difference in our ages. Recently he’s been giving me extra math lessons after school and yesterday he asked me out to coffee. What should I do?
  18. 18. Mom is a Slave• I have just been spending a week with my parents, who are a happily married couple in their fifties. What worries me is that my father has a very old-fashioned attitude to housework. He treats my mother like a servant. It makes me angry to see her carrying heavy loads of shopping, doing all the cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. Should I speak to my father? What should I do?
  19. 19. Still a Prisoner• I’m 25 and have just come out of prison after two years inside. My problem is that I feel very insecure and lonely and I don’t know what to do with myself. I have no friends, as in the past I’ve behaved very badly to people. I’m worried that I won’t ever be able to live a normal life again. Can you help?
  20. 20. Stuck In...• I’m 22 years old, and I have had many unsuccessful heterosexual relationships. I find that I can never really love the girl that I am with. I think that I am gay, but I am afraid to tell anyone. What should I do?
  21. 21. Oops...• I am a 24 year old girl, and I have been with my foreign boyfriend for five months. I recently discovered that I am pregnant with his child. Our relationship is new, we dont have a future plan, but I just cant imagine killing this life. What can I do?
  22. 22. Follow-up Questions• Do you think it is alright for a 27 year old math teacher to date his 17 year old student? Please explain...• If you wrote the letter, “Mom is a Slave” would you talk to Dad? Why or why not? What would you say?
  23. 23. Follow-up Questions• If you had a 13 year-old son or daughter and they had a girlfriend or boyfriend would you interfere or go with the flow? Why?• Should an 18 year old girl have a curfew? Why or why not? If so, what time?• What about an 18 year old boy? What time?
  24. 24. Follow-up Questions• Should children follow their parents religious beliefs? Why?• Should a person let his/her parents decide their career? Explain...• Tell about a time you disobeyed your parents. • Remember beginning, middle, end.
  25. 25. Game: Describe a Picture