New venture by therapure biopharma for a human cause


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New venture by therapure biopharma for a human cause

  1. 1. New Venture by Therapure Biopharma for a Human Cause Therapure Biopharma is a privately held integrated Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that was founded in the third quarter of 2008 on the significant experience and manufacturing assets of a successful Canadian biotech company. Since 2008, Therapure has expanded its capabilities and completed a series of facility upgrades that have allowed it to offer an impressive range of integrated biomanufacturing services to its clients. Therapure provides completely scalable cGMP manufacturing with mg to kg capacity. This allows biotech companies to remain partners with them as their therapeutic protein moves through pre-clinical, clinical and finally to commercial production. Therapure has a track record of working closely with companies of all sizes, from small biotech to large multinationals. Their experience is particularly valuable to biotech companies in solving the technical challenges that they will encounter in the manufacture and fill/finish of complex biologic products. Therapure's integrated services include: technology transfer & process development, analytical development & testing, scale up & cGMP manufacturing, aseptic fill/finish & lyophilization and support services. Client engagement is important to Therapure to ensure that they are meeting all of their client's CDMO needs. This is accomplished through a collaborative environment that includes joint technical project teams, soliciting input on key processes and finally onsite observation and review of initial production runs. Throughout 2010 Therapure has signed a series of biomanufacturing and fill/finish contracts and partnerships with international companies helping to build on their positive reputation in the global CDMO industry. Key accomplishments of 2010 include :- • Partnership with Microbix for manufacturing Water For Injection products • Fill/Finish contract for pre-filled syringes of Stellar Pharmaceutical’s Neovisc® natural viscosupplement • Launch of commercial scale lyophilization services • Biomanufacturing agreement with LFB Biomedicaments for two key plasma proteins • Fill/Finish contract with Kane Biotech for their proprietary development-stage product • Fill/Finish contract with Viron Therapeutics for on-going clinical trials • Biomanufacturing contract with ProChon Biotech for their clinical stage therapeutic product • Biomanufacturing contract with Diamedica to provide cell line development and protein production services for a diabetes and neurological disorders product • Fill/Finish contract with OPK Biotech for the development of an oxygen transport therapeutic product • Founding partner of the International Malaria Research Consortium Therapure's goal as a partner is to reduce the time, cost, technical and compliance risks of getting their partner’s therapeutic protein to market. View Source: Therapure Biopharma - Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturers Protein Purification Services