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The Way of Shochu & Awamori


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Seminar by Philip Duff on behalf of the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association at the Tales of the Cocktail festival, 18 July 2018, New Orleans.

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The Way of Shochu & Awamori

  1. 1. The Way of Shochu & Awamori with Philip Duff T: @philipduff IG: @philipsduff #Awamori #Shochu #TOTC2018
  2. 2. Made possible by:
  3. 3. Okinawan Whisper 2oz. (60ml) awamori 2 dashes plum bitters 2 dashes cherry bitters Dash of sugar syrup (1:1) Stir with ice Strain over a large rock or globe of ice Garnish with a brandied cherry (Fabbri, Filthy, etc) By Sævar Helgi Örnólfsson, “Sushi Social”, Iceland
  4. 4. Thank you very much! #Awamori #Shochu #TOTC2018 T: @philipduff IG: @philipsduff This PPT: