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The Way of Shochu, 2020


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Seminar on shochu by Philip Duff, Dev Johnson & Don Lee at the residence of the Japanese Ambassador to the USA, 4 February 2020, on behalf of the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers' Association.

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The Way of Shochu, 2020

  1. 1. The Way of Shōchū with Philip Duff (@philipsduff) Don Lee (@donbert) & Dev Johnson (@devillmatic)
  2. 2. Made possible by: Ambassador Yamanouchi & The Japan Sake & Shōchū Makers’ Association #JSS_Shōchū
  3. 3. Origins of Shōchū Mid-1500s: Kagoshima, araki, orraqua (1546), shōchū (1549)
  4. 4. Origins of Shōchū Mid-1500s: Kagoshima, araki, orraqua (1549), shōchū (1559)
  5. 5. Origins of Shōchū
  6. 6. Shōchū: Definitions - Commonly made from rice, barley, sweet potato or sugar cane. - Saccharified with both koji (an aspergillus mould) AND yeast - Koji stimulates acid production, creating a high-acid ferment that historically prevented bacterial infection in the warm climates of traditional shōchū regions
  7. 7. Shōchū: Definitions - Single-distilled (honkaku, 1971) uses a pot-still and grain, potato, rice or sugar, and is bottled at less than 45% abv. - Continually distilled (korui, 1910) uses a column still and corn, potato or sugar, and is bottled at less than 36% abv. - Blended honkaku + korui (konwa), either 49% or less honkaku (“korui otsurui konwa”) or 51% or more honkaku (“otsurui korui konwa)
  8. 8. Shōchū: Definitions - May be rested in ceramic, glass or stainless steel, or aged in wooden barrels. - Usually bottled at 25% abv. - Awamori, from the Ryukyu Islands, is shōchū’s ancestor, and is essentially a single-ferment, black-koji, indica rice honkaku shōchū, bottled around 40% abv.
  9. 9. Shōchū: Raw Materials Over 20 unique raw materials: • Rice • Barley • Sweet Potato • Ginger • Carrot • Sesame
  10. 10. History of Sweet Potato Satsuma Shuzo
  11. 11. Varieties of Koji White koji Brings out the gently taste of the ingredients Yellow koji Creates a fruity and sophisticated taste Black koji Promotes the depth and complexity 11 Koji is the rice or barley cultivated with koji-fungus (a type of mold). The role ・supply enzymes for assist of fermentation. ・supply citric acid for antibacterial effect and help a good fermentation in the warm, humid area. ・bring smooth taste to shōchū
  12. 12. Normal pressure distillation Distill mash at 85-95℃ (185° – 203°F under atmospheric pressure Strong and rich taste, maintaining the full aroma of the ingredients Reduced pressure distillation Distill mash at 45-55 ℃ (113 °- 131 °F) under reduced pressure Light and smooth taste and flower-like aroma 21 Alcohol Aroma derived from ingredient and fermentation Aroma derived from distillation Two types of distillation methods with pot still
  13. 13. Insight: Production & Koji
  14. 14. Insight: Production & Koji
  15. 15. Insight: Production & Koji
  16. 16. Our Mixology Journey Begins…
  17. 17. While there we learned that Tommy Lee Jones was Boss of all canned coffee dispensers throughout Kyushu.
  18. 18. Phil made a new friend along the way.
  19. 19. Traditional Shōchū serves • Sutore to - Straight • On za rokku - on the rocks • Mizuwari - with water • Oyuwari - warm/hot water • Sodawari - mixed with sparkling water
  20. 20. Drinking Shōchū
  21. 21. • Aperitivo Highball Collins Sour Fizz Hot Toddy Boozy and Stirred (high abv) Cocktail Application
  22. 22. Ichi-go Dev Johnson, Employees Only NYC • 1.5 oz. Kangakoi • 1 oz. Dolin Blanc • .50 oz. Amontillado Sherry • .50 oz. Benedictine • 2 dashes chocolate bitters • Stirred • Garnish: orange twist
  23. 23. Ichi-e Dev Johnson, Employees Only NYC • 3 oz. Heihachiro (sweet potato) Shochu • .75 oz. Banana Liquer • .25 oz. fresh lemon juice • garnish: pansy (edible)
  24. 24. Negroni (twist) Devender Kumar Shochu Coconut oil fat washed Campari Carpano Antica
  26. 26. Abe-san, 70+ yrs young. Eau de Vie, Beppu
  27. 27. Thank you: Ambassador Yamanouchi #JSS_Shōchū
  28. 28. Thank you! Ambassador Yamanouchi #JSS_Shōchū @donbert @devillmatic @philipsduff