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Philip Calvert is an author, social network founder and specialist professional speaker, consultant and strategist helping businesses in highly regulated industries and the professional services market to leverage Social Media.

I give motivational speeches at conferences on how to use LinkedIn and social media as part of your marketing and communications strategy; in particular industries such as financial advisers, IFAs, accountants, lawyers, pharma and others in specialised niches.

My main focus is on helping businesses to win business by using LinkedIn, and have produced a powerful Tips booklet:

As the founder of the world's first social networking site for Financial Services professionals, I bring real-world experience and an eye-opening 'behind the scenes' view to using Social Media in highly regulated industries.

My conference speeches are energetic, animated, humorous and packed with real-life examples of how companies are successfully using Social Media to engage with their customers. Every speech is tailored to suit the needs of the client.

I have delivered speeches on Social Media to directors at Hitachi, Eden Project, Estee Lauder, Crossrail, Blockbuster Video, Royal College of Surgeons, DTI, Del Monte, Oracle, River Island, Scottish & Newcastle, BUPA, Zurich, Personal Finance Society, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, BP, University of London, British Medical Association, National Express, Oxfam, Ford, George Wimpey, Domino's Pizza Group, HM Prison Service, Littlewoods Gaming, Fullers, Food Standards Agency, Police Complaints Commission, Miele, Institute of Financial Planning, John Lewis and many others.

I'm looking to connect with:

* Meeting planners, conference organisers and speaker bureaus
* Financial advisers and financial services brands
* Professional services providers



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Philip Calvert - Professional Speaker on Social Media and LinkedIn Strategist

  1. 1. When you need an authentic and proven Social Media speaker for your conference...
  2. 2. ...who’ll educate, entertain, inspire and motivate your audience...
  3. 3. ...who can instantly transform your visibility on LinkedIn...
  4. 4.’ll want someone who actually founded and runs a thriving Social Networking site.
  5. 5. You’ll want someone who can giveyou real-world, inside experience of how to build Community online.
  6. 6. You’ll want the real deal. Not a lookalike.
  7. 7. After all, there are 12,100,000 experts to choose from.
  8. 8. You’ll want someone who’s built a Social Networking site from scratch...
  9. 9. ...someone who can show you the mistakes to avoid...
  10. 10. ...someone who speaks with authorityon what it takes to build and monetise Social Networking sites...
  11. 11. to engage with and add value to your customers to give your brand a friendly, responsive and human face. to give life and energy to your Social Media strategy.
  12. 12. Oh, and how to increase sales.
  13. 13. You need one of just a few people in the world who’s been there and done it.
  14. 14. Philip Calvert
  15. 15. Speaking on how to use Social Media effectively inbusiness, Philip Calvert’s audiences have included senior Directors from: Hitachi, the Eden Project, Estee Lauder, Crossrail, Blockbuster Video,DVLA, The Royal College of Surgeons, the DTI, Del Monte, Oracle, River Island, Scottish & Newcastle, BUPA, Zurich, the Personal Finance Society, Institute of Financial Planning, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, France Telecom, BP, University of London, the British Medical Association, National Express, Oxfam, Ford, George Wimpey, Dominos Pizza Group, HM Prison Service, Littlewoods Gaming, Fullers, the Food Standards Agency, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Miele and John Lewis.
  16. 16. "Just wanted to say thanks for the talk lastnight - several people who havent missed an event in 18 months have universallydeclared you to be the best speaker weve had so far. Your talk encouraged so much active networking afterwards that I had a hard job getting everyone to go home." Ann Hawkins - Inspirational Speakers
  17. 17. "I saw Philip present at aconference in January and he really is very, very good." Martin Trenchard, Standard Life
  18. 18. Book Philip Calvertto speak at your event...
  19. 19. • Conference keynote speeches – startling, high energy presentations that will educate, excite and motivate • Conference MC – Philip has your audience experience of hosting and moderating conferences, seminars• Conference breakout sessions – and trade shows – providing hands-on workshops that leave your continuity and sparkle to your audience with practical tools – not conference schedule, plus a proven theoretical fluff ability to energise your audience and to encourage networking• Conference Q & A sessions – Philip is a skilled and experienced panel • Staff training – In house training on member who brings in-depth Internet and Social Media marketing. personal experiences of how to use Ideal for Marketing departments, Social Media to build community Sales departments, Senior around your brand, increase sales management teams, PR and add value to customers professionals, HR teams and Key Account personnel
  20. 20. (0)7773 359 619+44 (0)1483 548 666philip@philipcalvert.com