The Most Honest Tweet Adder Review You'll Ever Read


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A complete review and tutorial on Tweet Adder. Discover how to get more Twitter followers on Twitter using Tweet Adder only 5 minutes a day.

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The Most Honest Tweet Adder Review You'll Ever Read

  1. 1. gainpro f it inco m e .co m http://www.gainpro fitinco m/mo st-ho nest-tweet-adder-review-yo u-will-ever-read/The Most Honest Tweet Adder Review You’ll Ever ReadPhilip A.When I started out with my blog I told myself I wasn’t gonna write this type of reviewposts,….and I won’t.Because this is not your ordinary everydayreview.Keep reading and you’ll see why.T he honest truth is that, as a start-upblogger my self the thing I struggle with themost is getting traf f ic to my blog. And as Iam trying to create an automated incomestream f or my self the thing I strive toaccomplish is to generate automated traf f ic that the search engines like Google or Bing can provide.Now, I don’t want to lie to you, generating traf f ic to a blog, even if it’s a new blog like this one isn’t hard, youjust have to work on it.T he thing that turns people of f is the conf using nature of SEO or search engine optimization, which everyone of us is required to do if we want to get that automated traf f ic f rom the search engines I was telling youabout earlier.A Traf f ic Generat ing St rat egy wit h Quick Result sI can assure you SEO works, but it takes time to get it right, and to actually witness noticeable resultsespecially f or new websites. I was very excited when I started my blog and had a great momentum going, butthere was one thing that always brought me down:the traf f ic stats f rom Google analytics.I’m sure you know this f eeling, to pour your heart and soul in writing content creating backlinks and af ter awhile when your checking your stats…15 users visited your website?!?Right? Well what I f ound out is the key to keeping motivated and keep the momentum going when yourstarting out is to see quick results. Just listen to this podcast episode of Pat Flynn interviewing Corbett Barrf rom T hinkTraf f and you’ll know what I talking about. Link to Pat Flynn’s podcastI’ve also written a post on how to jump start traf f ic to a new blog with social media, you might want to checkit out…but not just yet.T he f act is that social media can actually deliver quick results when it comes to traf f ic. All you have to do isbuild a community around yourself , of like-minded people who have an interest in what you’re putting outthere.T he strategy is quite simple actually, let’s take Twitter f or example.T he f irst thing you should do is to f ind out who are the most inf luential people in your niche.
  2. 2. Start f ollowing those people. Af ter that go through their f ollowers and start f ollowing them, when you startit’s recommended you don’t f ollow more than 200 people a day.What you will notice is that af ter 2 or 3 days a lot of the people you f ollowed are starting to f ollow you back.Af ter these 2 or 3 days you will then start to unf ollow the people who didn’t f ollow you back and repeat theprocess again.T he f act is, this is the easiest way to get a lot of f ollowers on Twitter in a relative short amount of time, andthe best part is that these people are most likely to have the same interests you have regarding the contentthey read and share.As a blogger most of your time should be spent writing content and coming up with new ideas f or posts.Growing a community of like-minded people around your content takes up a lot of your time, that’s why thebest thing you can do is to automate this process.I of ten f ind my self spending hours on Twitter or Facebook, when normally I should be writing posts f or myblog.Automation will f ree up a lot of your time and also drastically speed things up.I know a lot of people dismiss automation when it comes to Twitter because there have been many cases inwhich Twitter banned people who used services that automated their activity on the social network.But as long as you don’t over do it, and the most important thing, don’t spam people with your messageseverything will be ok.How t o do Twit t er Aut omat ion Wit hout Get t ing Banned wit h Tweet AdderT he honest truth is that there are a lot of websites that of f er this kind of services, but the ones thatactually of f er a high value service most of the times require you to pay a monthly f ee.What I want to show you is how you can do all of this with only one piece of sof tware that you candownload on your computer or laptop and f or which you will receive unlimited support and updates withouthaving to be subscribed to any monthly plan.I’ve taken the time to create this video that will show you how you can use TweetAdder to get more Twitterfollowers without having to spend a lot of your time doing this.Just to show that this actually works and is highly ef f ective, here is a picture of my Twitter prof ile stats.
  3. 3. T he f act is that in less than a month I’ve more than doubled my Twitter f ollowers with only spending 5 to 10minutes a day using Tweet Adder. When I was doing this manually it took me a lot more time especially whenit came to unf ollow people who didn’t f ollow me back.Updat ed Follower CountA recent comment I got on this post said that the problems with using Tweet Adder come af ter reachingthe 2000 f ollowers mark. So here is an update posted today 18 March 2013 to show you that while af terreaching 2000 f ollowers you will be able to f ollow only 10% more people that the number of f ollowers youhave.For example once you have 2000 f ollowers you will be able to f ollow 2200. When you reach 3000 f ollowersyou will be able to f ollow 3300 people and so on. Twitter has a limit of 1000 f ollows per day.One other thing is that I only use Tweet Adder once every 2 days and not more than 10 minutes.
  4. 4. ConclusionT he f act is social media can bring you quick results when it comes to generating traf f ic, even if you’re blog isonly a week old. If you strive to write usef ul content that will help people solve their problems, eventuallythose people will help you back, by spreading the word around about you, by subscribing to your email listand eventually by f ollowing through with your instructions and recommendations.So if I helped you in any way with this post, or any other post you’ve read on my blog please share them withyour f riends. I’ll most likely track you down and thank you f or taking the time to share.One thing I would like to clarif y bef ore I end my post is that growing a large Twitter f ollowing of like-mindedpeople can be done f ree, you don’t have to spend anything in order to do this.But I’ll ask you this, what’s better, spending just 5 minutes a day on Tweet Adder and the rest of your timewriting posts and researching new ideas f or your blog or business, or spending a lot of time looking f or theright people to f ollow, and then manually unf ollowing the people who haven’t f ollowed you back.T his is my Tweet Adder af f iliate link in case you want to check out the program. As I’ve mentioned earlier allthis can be done f ree, but as you know when it comes to doing business “time is money”, so I rather spendmost of my time with the more vital things that can help me and my business grow.And if you decide to purchase through my af f iliate link, here is a discount code you can use:DISCOUNT 20.Just paste this into the Coupon code box and hit “Apply”.T he comment box is below, f eel f ree to ask me any question that you can think of regarding social media orblogging. And please let me know how you’re doing with your Twitter campaigns.Relat ed Post s 1. 14 Steps To Jump Start Traf f ic to A New Blog 2. Building Trust – T he Key to Growing Your Online Home Business 3. Bluehost Review: Af f ordable Web Hosting f or Small Business Websites