The Minimalist Guide to Making Money Online


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A simple step by step guide to help get started with generating a residual income online. Discover the easiest way to make money online, without spending any money, building a website or having an email list.

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The Minimalist Guide to Making Money Online

  1. 1. gainprof it Minimalist Guide to Making Money OnlinePhilip A.Making money online, f or most people means escaping their 9 to 5 job, working f rom the comf ort of theirown home and ultimately the f reedom of location.People’s desire f or earning an online income is very evident, you will notice this by doing a simple Googlesearch.But the f act is that the majority of people are scared about starting an online business. They think about themoney they need to invest, the technical know-how, the time it takes to earn money and a lot of other reasonswhich are just too many to mention right now.In this post, which is called “The Minimalist Guide to Making Money Online” f or a reason I’m going to share withyou a simple way to earn extra money online. But bef ore I get into the meat of this post I just want to mentionthat this isn’t something new or some “loop-hole”, “guru secret” or any other sort of hyped up guide.Why minimalist? Because:1. You don’t need a website.2. You don’t need to sell anything.3. You don’t need an email list.4. You don’t need an Adsense account.5. You don’t need to spend 1 cent.And the best part is that it’s residual income or passive income or whatever you want to call it.So what am I talking about here?Ad revenue sharing websites.If you’ve never heard about revenue sharing sites bef ore, here is a simple explanation.They’re basically article directories, f or which you can write articles on almost any topic. They place Adsenseads on your live article pages f or which you will receive a share of the earnings those ad blocks generate.Although most revenue sharing sites require you to have an approved Adsense account, I’ve been doing someresearch and f ound one who will give you a 75% cut and you don’t even need to have an Adsense account
  2. 2. approved. You may have heard about this website bef ore, it’s called Inf oBarrel.All you need to do is to write articles.Sounds pretty good, right?Getting startedFirst thing, you will have to sign up for an account on InfoBarrel, don’t worry it’s f ree. As I said earlier youwon’t have to spend one dime to make money this way.Once you’ve got your account set up and you’ve completed your prof ile it’s time to f igure out what you shouldwrite about.Although, bef ore you start writing articles it would be a good idea to read Inf oBarrel’s author guidelines, just tomake sure you aren’t breaking any rules which might get your account suspended or your article submissionsdenied.When it comes to creating content a lot of people f ind it really hard to come up with topics on which they canwrite articles about.So I’m going to give you a f ew suggestions on how to find good topics to write about.1. Google TrendsGoogle Trends hot searches is where you will f ind which are the most searched topics on Google on a dailybasis. You can use these topics as a base f or your articles. Mostly you’ll see searches on celebrity gossip,tech, sports, gaming and breaking news, which are all topics that people will always be interested in.2. List PostsList posts are always a good choice f or articles, they’re also very easy to write. Top 10 posts are known f ortheir viral nature and the possibilities are endless. Think about it, Top 10 Movies – Scary Movies – Thrillers…You can easily come up with at least a dozen top 10 lists in less than 5 minutes.The best way to f ind out what people are looking f or is to do a little bit of keyword research. You can useGoogle’s keyword research tool which is f ree.Just put “top 10″ without the quotation marks in the keyword f ield and tick the box that says “Only show ideas
  3. 3. closely related to my search terms”, this way Google will only show you the searched keyphrases that haveyour keyword in them. Also make sure that the match type is set to [Exact].3. InfoBarrel’s Editorial CalendarAt the start of each month the Inf oBarrel admins post an article with the editorial calendar f or the comingmonth. Here you’ll be able to f ind 30 article topics you can write on with the possibility of getting your articlef eatured on the home page.4. Stick to what’s workingYou’ve probably heard about the 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of your work generates 80% of the results.The same rule can be applied to writing articles. The f act is 20% of your articles will probably generate 80% ofyour earnings.Once you’ve written a couple of articles on dif f erent topics check your stats to see which articles are gettingmore views, more social shares, more ad clicks and stick to those topics.Getting traffic to your articlesThe traf f ic your articles will generate is what will eventually determine how much money you’ll earn.Now, since I’m a big f an of SEO and search engine traf f ic my f irst suggestion is to choose a target keywordf or each of your articles, and optimize your article f or your chosen keyword or keyphrase.I’ve written a very easy-to-f ollow post on keyword optimization, it would be a good idea if you would give it aquick once-over.Another tip f or drawing attention to your articles is to make use of Inf oBarrel’s multimedia f eatures. Thismeans adding images and video to your articles.If you’re writing articles on travelling you also have the possibility to add maps to your articles, to showcasedif f erent locations that you’ve mentioned within the article.One other thing that can generate extra visitors is interlinking your articles. If you have multiple articles on
  4. 4. similar topics, always have a link that points f rom one to the other. The main benef it of interlinking is the linkjuice which will be f lowing through your articles. With time your article pages will get a higher page rank andhigher rankings in search engines.3 Ways you can make moneyInf oBarrel gives you 3 possibilities to earn money as a member of their website.1. Adsense adsAdsense ad blocks will be placed on your live article pages f or which you will receive 75% of all the earningsthose ads generate. Now, most revenue sharing sites require you to have your own Adsense account, but thisis where Inf oBarrel is dif f erent.All you have to do is to send a private message to the admin requesting him to enable this f eature f or youraccount, this way you’ll be using Inf oBarrel’s Adsense account. It would be best to have a couple of approvedarticles bef ore contacting him.2. Amazon inserted productsWith each article you have the option to insert Amazon products related to your articles content. You will needan Amazon Associates account to earn money f rom Amazon’s af f iliate program. All you have to do is add yourAmazon ID in your advertising prof ile.3. Referral programInf oBarrel also has a ref erral program allowing you to invite other people to signup f or an account. In exchangef or this you will earn 2% of the earnings that your ref errals generate through their articles. You will f ind yourref erral link in your account settings page.A great way to get ref errals is to place your ref erral link in your author signature which will show in the sidebarnext to your article.Taking ActionI’ve tried to make this guide as comprehensive as I could, to make it easy f or you to get started, but it’s yourchoice whether you take action on what you’ve learned or not.Yes, you will become my ref erral if you signup through one of the links in this post, but like I said, it doesn’tcost you anything, you don’t have to build a website… all you have to do is start writing articles, the moreyou write the more you will earn.Most beginners in making money online are falling for one scam after another, if you have a friend who’s thinkingabout earning money online share this post with them, or better yet send them an email with a link to this post, youmight be doing them a huge favor and probably saving them some money too.Related Posts1. Building Trust – The Key to Growing Your Online Home Business2. The Complete Guide on Finding and Using Images on Your Blog