14 Steps to Drive Traffic to a New Blog


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14 Steps to Drive Traffic to a New Blog

  1. 1. gainpro f it inco m e .co m http://www.gainpro fitinco me.co m/14-steps-jump-start-traffic-new-blo g/14 Steps To Jump Start Traffic to A New BlogPhilip A.Most people believe generating traffic to a new blog orwebsite is hard, you’re probably one of them, I certainlyknow I was. T his happens f or 2 reasons:Reason #1: T hey don’t have a systematic way ofimplementing their strategies and tactics. T hey try onetechnique f or a f ew days, then read a random blog postthat covers a dif f erent strategy and decide to switch tothat. T hey have no guiding process, they don’t give it100%. Instead they switch f rom one strategy to anotherand as a result go nowhere.Reason #2: Almost all blogs on internet marketing and webtraf f ic tell you it’s hard to grow your traf f ic. T hey alwaystell you to produce content f or weeks and weeks and eventually people will f ind your blog. If you’re juststarting your blog now you would believe this too.T he f irst thing you need to realize, is there’s and easy way and a hard way to jump-start your traf f ic. Bef oresocial media sites weren’t so “all over the internet” the only choice was to take the slow path: build backlinksto rank in search engines, building up a name on f orums and other stuf f like that. Of course this were andstill are very good strategies to generate traf f ic but they have a big downside…they take time.When I started out with my blog I remember that I would check my analytics everyday to see how manyvisitors I had. I was kinda disappointed almost every time. T he key to keeping motivated when you’ve juststarted your blog is quick results. Today it is much easier to get those quick results especially when we’vegot sites like Twitter and Facebook with millions of users on them every day. T hey also make it very easy f oryou to f ind people in your target market on them too.So the easiest way to jump-start traffic to your blog is to center your time and ef f orts into building yourTwitter and Facebook prof ile. Here are the steps you need to take with each of these sites.Wit h Twit t er t ake t he f ollowing st eps:1. Af ter creating your prof ile, start f ollowing other people and companies in your target market.2. Perf orm keyword searches on Twitter, related to your market. Start f ollowing 100 to 200 of those peopleeach day.3. Start tweeting about topics related to your market(don’t tweet about stuf f on your website at least f ornow).4. Af ter a couple of days you will start to notice that 20-30% of the people you f ollow will f ollow you back.You can start cleaning up your prof ile by manually unf ollowing the people who don’t f ollow you back. If youdon’t have the time f or this you can use a service like Tweet Adder(af f iliate link) which will do all the f ollowingand unf ollowing in an automated way.
  2. 2. 5. Start interacting on Twitter by tweeting people in your target market and retweeting some of their tweets.6. At this point you should have been on Twitter f or at least a week. Now you can start tweeting about yourblog or website content. Make sure you’re not overdoing it with the self promotion and that 70% of the timeyou’re still tweeting stuf f that isn’t related to your blog.8. Use the 4-1-1 rule. T his means f or every self -serving tweet, you should re-tweet one relevant tweet andmost importantly share 4 pieces of relevant content written by others.Wit h Facebook f ollow t hese st eps:1. Send f riend requests to people who are considered leaders in your target market. It’s possible that a largepercentage of the people will not accept your f riend request, at least 10% of the leaders should.2. Start interacting with your audience by posting stuf f on your wall. T he stuf f you post shouldn’t be aboutyour own content but more so about news and events relevant to your market or niche.3. To build more engagement post stuf f that is short and during times you think your “target audience” isonline.4. Start commenting on your f riend’s wall and like messages that you like within your f eed.5. Start asking questions on your wall. Ask questions related to your market. By asking questions you willstart to notice more engagement f rom your “target audience“.6. Af ter a week or so of interacting more heavily on Facebook you will be noticing more f riend requests.Instead of ignoring people you don’t know, accept their f riend request as they could be a reader of your blogor a potential customer of your product or service.7. At this point you should be posting inf ormation related to your content about 30% of the time. Again,don’t over-promote your content, try to mix up your posting.Af ter you spend a month or so building your social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, it shouldn’t behard to get at least a f ew thousand visitors f rom these 2 traf f ic sources. T hese are the steps you shouldtake when building your presence on Twitter and Facebook, and you can do this on all the social media siteslike LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest.Overall St rat egy f or Get t ing Traf f ic f rom Social Media Sit es1. First build your presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Be an active communitymember, participate in discussions and add f riends.2. Link each of your prof iles to your website or blog, to help build your personal brand and get more visitors.3. On your social prof iles post topics that make you seem like an authority f igure in your niche market. T hisincreases your chances of getting more f ollowers on each social media site.4. As you start getting more f ollowers on your social prof iles, promote your website through there, whichdoesn’t just build traf f ic, it also causes new people to discover your content and possibly link to it f rom theiron blogs/websites.5. Since your social media prof iles are growing, contact other blogs or websites in your market and ask themif you can write a guest post f or them. Also tell them how you will promote that post on all your social mediaprof iles and the amount of traf f ic you can generate to that post. T hese posts will also provide you with newvisitors and quality backlinks to your own blog or website.
  3. 3. 6. T he last thing you must do is to actively monitor what people are saying about your competition on thissocial media sites.By using these steps mention here not only will you get more traf f ic to your website, but more importantlyyou will start to grow a loyal readership that will always be coming back to your website f or more tips andmore inf ormation. Here is the power of social media today:Again, getting traf f ic to your website doesn’t have to be hard, and by all means its no rocket science, trustme anyone that tells you dif f erent is trying really hard to sell you something.I’ve worked hard to write this post f or you guys so I’d appreciate if you would share and leave me yourcomments about your social media journey and how you’re doing. I’d love it if you would send me a tweet@PhilipAlex08 or just say “hello” on Facebook.Relat ed Post s 1. How to drive traf f ic to your blog without Google? 2. How to start a successf ul blog that stands out 3. T he Most Honest Tweet Adder Review You’ll Ever Read 4. Building Trust – T he Key to Growing Your Online Home Business 5. 16 Top WordPress Plugins For Your New Blog