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Filming%20 Brochure


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Filming%20 Brochure

  1. 1. l i g h t s c a m e r a a c t i o nArunlocationslocationslocations A guide to filming and photography within Arun 1
  2. 2. Contentsp4 beside the seap6 historic Arunp8 vintage Arunp10 waterwaysp12 art and architecturep14 parks, gardens and lakesp16 events and attractions Littlehampton’sp20 towns and villages Long Bench - Britain’s longest seafront bench We hope that this brochure will Programmes: Films: at short notice, or a speed boatp22 location map give you a glimpse of the diverse The Apprentice The Young Victoria operator with stable platforms range of filming and photography Relocation, Relocation The Madness of King George to film our 14 miles of beautiful locations available within the Arun DIY SOS The Punch & Judy Man coastline. district which includes Arundel, Deep Sea Detectives Wish You Were Here Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and Great Houses of the South The Firm We consider every customer toProduced and designed surrounding villages. be unique so we try to adapt our Antiques Road Showby Arun District Council We can source a suitable location services to meet your individual Dr. Who The Arun district has been Bargain Hunt for you and put you in contact with requirements. utilised for a wide range of Eastenders the necessary local auxiliary support filming projects, from student The Inbetweeners services that you require to make We also offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ productions, famous television Bring it on your filming or photography shoot service so you only ever have to advertisements to large-scale films. The Discovery Channel run smoothly. liaise with one person throughout the The following lists offer a flavour of ITV This Morning duration of your visit. This helps you some of the productions we have Newsround and many more You might be looking for a suitable to avoid the unnecessary burden of accommodated in the past: hotel to accommodate a large dealing with several people at any number of crew members to stay one time.2 3
  3. 3. beside 3the sea 4 1 2 5 6 1. Beach Huts, Littlehampton 2. Seafront, Bognor Regis 3. The Pier, Bognor Regis 4. West Beach, Littlehampton 5. The Pier, Littlehampton 6. The Royal Norfolk, Bognor Regis4 5
  4. 4. 13 9 10historicArun8 7. 8. Arundel Castle Arundel Cathedral 7 11 12 14 9. Norfolk Estate House, Arundel 10. The Ice House, Bognor Regis 11. Hotham Park House, Bognor Regis 12. Hiorne’s Tower, Arundel Park, Arundel 13. Arundel Cathedral 14. Church window, Arun6 7
  5. 5. 17 18vintageArun16 15. Mewsbrook Park, Littlehampton 15 19 16. Amberley Working Museum 17. Mewsbrook Park, Littlehampton 18. Bailiffs Court, Climping 19. The Pier, Bognor Regis88 9
  6. 6. 23waterways 20 21 22 20. River Arun, Arundel 21. East Bank, Littlehampton 22. Littlehampton Harbour 23. River Arun, Ford10 11
  7. 7. art andarchitecture24 28 25 26 30 27 29 24. East Beach Café, Littlehampton 25. Hilton Avisford Hotel, Walberton 26. Chichester University (Bognor Regis Campus) 27. Littlehampton’s Long Bench - Britain’s longest seafront bench 28. River Wheel Sculpture, East Bank, Littlehampton 29. Bandstand, Bognor Regis 30. Sun Sculpture, Bognor Regis 31 31. Littlehampton Town Hall12 13
  8. 8. parks, 36 32. Mewsbrook Park Boatinggardens Lake, Littlehampton 33. Denmans Gardens, Fontwell 34. Swanbourne Lake, Arundeland lakes 35. Oyster Pond, Littlehampton 36. Hotham Park Boating Lake, Bognor Regis 32 37 37. Littlehampton Golf Course, West Bank 33 34 3514 15
  9. 9. 42events and 43attractions39 38. Jousting & Medieval Encampment, 38 41 40 44 Arundel Castle 39. Findon Sheep Fair & Village Festival 40. Rox Music & Arts Festival, Bognor Regis 41. Butlins, Bognor Regis 42. The Cornfest, Pagham 43. Silk Road Belly Dancers, Arundel Festival 44. Littlehampton Traditional Bonfire Celebrations1616 17
  10. 10. events and 48attractions continued 49 50 45 51 46 47 45. Fontwell Park Racecourse & Conference Centre 46. The Look & Sea Centre, Littlehampton 47. Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Arundel 48. Harbour Park Family Amusement Park, Littlehampton 49. Wheels, Littlehampton 50. Jail House, Arundel 51. Highdown Vineyards, Ferring18 19
  11. 11. townsand villages 53 54 55 52. Town centre, Arundel 53. Castle Mews, Arundel 56 54. South Downs 55. Arcade, Bognor Regis 56. Burpham village 522020 21
  12. 12. ark Racec y Museum Ar und el ll P ou e rs e rle e ral Ca tw be g d la stle G olf Club he Am n n d on Vil rk t Fo a Ca P d Av i s f o r Ar undel A283 Sli A285 d & River A on r ya r lt t Hi un A r u nd e l B o a Cr u A286 Bur y Gate Ar u n ve r ises S ou Ri * A24 th location map D o wns A29 Amberley 1  location map ay W ^ M o n ar c h ’s Wa y A283 k and Sea S o u t h Dow Lo o C Bognor R % ns en m e Wa Vie w fr o y tr e gi s ark m P S e a fr n t ha y + Ear tham A284 Mona r ch ’s Wa t Ho Q Slindon o ch Bea Fontwell 4 Findon A280 on  q 2 8 = 5 763 9 Warningcamp pt )( 0 Crossbush Little ha m A27 Westergate - CHICHESTER  Walber ton ARUNDEL  A259 & Aldingbourne A27  Eastergate Lyminster A284 r Regis Pier Barnham Angmering no _ A259 A29 Ford sf g Yapton Bo Hunston B2166 Bersted Climping Ferring  to gw e ]  A259 j y r Rustington d k uap [ WORTHING / Elmer i h ! Felpham   ,  LITTLEHAMPTON BOGNOR REGIS @ Felpham Yacht Club zb Middleton on Sea ; ! c@ xl l Butlins # Pagham Yacht Club Sidlesham m n BOGNOR $v REGIS ; Bognor Regis Museum $ Foreshore Station/First Aid  Aldwick i West Beach (SSSI) Arun Leisure Centre 9 Arundel Museum o Littlehampton Museum z Visitor Information Centre AROUND THE AREA . # Pagham 0 Lido p Mewsbrook Park x Theatre % West Dean Gardens - Hilton Avisford Park Golf Club [ Coastguards Beach c Flex on the Beach ^ Weald and Downland g ARUNDEL = Swanbourne Lake ] Lion’s Den v Pier Museum lin 1 Amberley Museum q Theatre Highdown Vineyard b Hotham Park & Fishbourne Roman Palace Sai 2 Arundel Castle a East Beach Cafe n Beach * Parham House 3 Arundel Boatyard LITTLEHAMPTON s Rustington Golf Centre m West Park ( Fontwell Park Racecourse and River Arun Cruises w Look and Sea! Visitor Centre d Littlehampton Golf Club , The Arena ) Denmans Garden 4 Arundel Wetland Centre e Harbour Park f Ham Manor Golf Club . Pagham Harbour Nature _ Ford Market 5 Youth Hostel r Swimming and Sports Centre g Littlehampton Yacht Club Reserve + Goodwood 6 Visitor Information Centre t Visitor Information Centre h Angmering Open Dinghy Club / Bersted Brooks Nature Q Slindon Village Selsey 7 Cathedral y Theatre j Youth Hostel Reserve (National Trust) 8 St Nicholas’ Church u Beach k Foreshore Station/First Aid ! Bognor Regis Yacht Club22 23
  13. 13. Arun locations locations locations Take the plunge International Bognor Birdman To find out more about any of the interesting locations featured, or if you need help in sourcing a particular type of location for your filming or photography within the Arun District, please contact us on the telephone number below: Phil Graham, Filming Liaison Office Telephone: 01903 737858 Email: