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VCU Brandcenter Presentation


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A presentation I delivered to second-year students at the VCU Brandcenter sharing wisdom I've accrued (and hard lessons learned) from my 8 years in the big leagues.

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VCU Brandcenter Presentation

  1. 1. Seven Lessons from the Front Lines Phil Flickinger VCU Brandcenter ‘02
  2. 2. What Kind of Officer Are You Perceived to Be?
  3. 6. An Agency Mindset Segmentation
  4. 8. Goals & Assists
  5. 10. Executions > Ideas
  6. 15. The Most Neglected Client
  7. 17. It’s Okay to Internalize Some Things
  8. 21. The Curse of Talent
  9. 27. Athens The Underworld
  10. 40. Thank You!
  11. 41. Don’t Listen to Coughter and You’ll Regret It.