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CRO analytics - How to Continually Optimise


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Here are the slides from the 16th Bristol Analytics meetup on how to continually optimise.



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CRO analytics - How to Continually Optimise

  1. 1. CRO Analytics: How to continually optimise
  2. 2. Fast iterations/sprints using… Build > Measure > Learn Build • (products) Measure • (data) Learn • (ideas)
  3. 3. Fast iterations/sprints using… Build > Measure > Learn (repeat) Build • (products) Measure • (data) Learn • (ideas)
  4. 4. Build • (products) Measure • (data) Learn • (ideas) Everyone’s idea is the best right? People love this part! (but that’s not always a good thing) This is where things fall No data, no learning. Fast iterations/sprints using… Build > Measure > Learn (repeat)
  5. 5. Even the Lean Analytics book uses lean principles… 1. 5th edition in 8 months (new edition every built 1.5months!) 2. “We liked to hear from you” feedback section in front & online blog comments encouraged. 3. Learnings have spawned start-up conferences
  6. 6. Build > Measure > Learn Measure
  7. 7. Problem: We lie to ourselves “We” are amazing!
  8. 8. Reality check…
  9. 9. …Analytics to the rescue
  10. 10. Analytics is the measurement of user-interactions towards your business goals.
  11. 11. I have twocoins. Atleast one of them is heads.
  12. 12. What is the % probability that the other is tails?
  13. 13. Guess…
  14. 14. Tails Tails Heads Tails Tails Heads Heads Heads
  15. 15. Heads Tails Tails Heads Heads Heads 2 of 3 (66%) are tails.
  16. 16. Video on finding things you did no know you need to look for...
  17. 17. Inteligent Alerts
  18. 18. Custom Alerts – based on your business logic 1. 404 example 2. Avg order value example
  19. 19. //..// Some slides on GoogleOptimise 360 removed due to content licences //..//
  20. 20. So here is a video on Monetate for Personalization Overview instead
  21. 21. Side note... For Optimisation at scale using machine learning to work reliably Then structure data input is needed (so the machines don’t need to guess data relationships)
  22. 22. But there`s no standardised website data structure yet...
  23. 23. However, JSON-LD (part of is winning the standardisation race with 18% adoption See live example:
  24. 24. Personalisation layer Off site optimisation is also needed so that Ad + Landing page + Personalisation is seamless Ad Landing page Seamless experience Dynamic Ads & offer extensions Dynamic & relevant landing page text
  25. 25. Adwords performance summit video 9
  26. 26. Dynamic PPC landing pages examples Dynamic landing pages examples (make sure Google organic bot does not crawl these pages via robot.txt sub-domain and/or disallow: /ppc/ folder) in-detail/ landing-pages-in-wordpress-using-the-speedppc-wordpress-dki-plug-in/ (wordpress) Example landing page using Adwords DKI, AWE Formula Words and Drupal/Wordpress serverside code to render the relevent text on the page: http://[dealername]{keyword}& campaign=[campaign]&adgroup=[adgroup]&headline=[headline]&adtyp e={adtype}&matchtype={matchtype}{ifcontent:c}&delivery={ifsearch:s}{i fcontent:c}&creative={creative}&adposition={adposition}&network={net work}&target={target}{ifmobile:&device={device}&devicemodel={device model}}&city={}&postalCode={lb.postalCode} PPC algo reverse engineered pc_algo.xlsx?dl=0 (excel file)
  27. 27. JSONLD data input Outcome based Conversion Goals configured Machine learning Testing Platform Optimisation Summary...
  28. 28. JSONLD data input Outcome based Conversion Goals configured Machine learning Testing Platform Optimisation Continuously...
  29. 29. Next Meetup
  30. 30. Automating Analytics Setup in 4 clicks...
  31. 31. Plugins for Wordpress New GTM interface [auto-config file] a1fdupzykk/WORDPRESS%20TEMP LATE%20- %20NEW%20interface.json?dl=0 Old GTM interface [auto-config file] d6w97iw0ntn/WORDPRESS%20TE MPLATE%20- %20OLD%20interface.json?dl=0 Reminder: open the import files in notepad, then find & replace “yourdomain” and “” with YOURDOMAIN before import.
  32. 32. Process... 7. Midnight Snacks 6. Automatic Excessive 5. Desert 4. Exercise/Goals 3. Main Meal 2. Brunch 1. Breakfast KPIs (excel sheet): Dev guide (word document): GTM installation (generic containers) GA configuration (goals & settings): Dashboards (template library) Adwords Dynamic Remarketing Custom Scripts Wordpress Magento Drupal Automat ic See script library here... login: pw: philrulesgtm2
  33. 33. Session recording bolt-on (1000 sessions per day) FREE
  34. 34. google-analytics-tips-to-save-you-money