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Common mistakes with media tagging (utm tags) and how to fix them!


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A look at mistakes, techniques and tools such as Private Channel Grouping of Referrals and utm tagging sheets.

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Common mistakes with media tagging (utm tags) and how to fix them!

  1. 1. External media tagging (utm tags) & Private Channel Grouping of Referrals
  2. 2. Traffic types Earned Media Owned Media Paid Media
  3. 3. Traffic types
  4. 4. Direct (owned) Display (Paid) Organic (Earned) Assisted conversion report for Social Paid is broken Social
  5. 5. Because Default Channel Grouping is wrong “Social Paid” incorrectly grouped under “(Other)”
  6. 6. Here is a Private Channel Grouping fixed example... Note: assumes that utm_campaign=*_paid_* is Social Paid in Private Channel Group:
  7. 7. Google expects these values... Expected GA utm_medium for social are 1. sm (like cpc) 2. social (like organic) 3. social-network 4. social network 5. social-media 6. social media
  8. 8. utm_medium=sm utm_campaign=2016_01_01_paid_Campaign1 utm_content=AdId_AdTitle utm_id=FB_organic_20160101_Campaign1 utm_term=n/a dclid=COCYws21hs0CFVMg0wod3oUDnw Social Paid should be...
  9. 9. utm_medium=social utm_campaign=2016_01_01_organic_Campaign1 utm_content=Post Title utm_id=FB_paid_20160101_Campaign1 utm_term=n/a dclid=n/a Social Organic should be...
  10. 10. utm_medium=referral utm_campaign=n/a utm_content=n/a utm_id=n/a utm_term=n/a Social Referral should be...
  11. 11. Excel workbook (future data only)
  12. 12. Note: Using 5 GA profile filter fix on a new GA profile view (rather than re-tag) 1.Source=^Facebook(.com)? Campaign=.*_paid_.* CampaignCode=$A1 2.Source=^Facebook(.com)? Campaign=.*_paid_.* AdContent=$A1 3.Source=^Facebook(.com)? Campaign=.*_paid_.* Output 4.Medium=^Facebook(.com)? Campaign=.*_paid_.* Output Medium=sm 5.Medium=^Facebook(.com)? Output Medium=social (future data only)
  13. 13. GA setting: Goals
  14. 14. Time spent + Pages/session goals are not good macro KPI`s
  15. 15. Instead... Enable Smart Engagement Goals
  16. 16. Enable Smart engagement Goals
  17. 17. Check country
  18. 18. Check URL based country filter working as confliction data in GEO-ip report...
  19. 19. setup contentGroupings PostCategories & PostType (e.g. blog post, video content, white paper, infographic, etc)
  20. 20. Example of content groups...
  21. 21. Automate reports
  22. 22. GoogleSheets for report automation