PDA MEMO July 2012


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PDA MEMO July 2012

  1. 1. PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION INC. AYALA AVENUE corner KAMAGONG STREET, SAN ANTONIO VILLAGE TELEPHONE: (632) 890-4609 MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES 1203 (632) 897-8091 Website: www.pda.ph Email: secretariat@pda.ph FACSIMILE: (632) 899-6332 TO : All PDA Members DATE : July 11, 2012 FROM : The Office of the President SUBJECT : Collection of Membership Dues POSITION ON THE COLLECTION OF ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIPDUES TO COVER REMAINING HALF-TERM EXTENSION IN THE TRANSITION PERIOD1. The term of the incumbency of officers and the operations of the PDA and chapters was established from January 01, 2012 up to May 31, 2013 by virtue of the approved House Resolution which prays to “Revert the Philippine Dental Association Fiscal Year from January 01 to December 31 to June 01 to May 31.”2. According to Section 5 Article XII provision „a‟ - The Active Membership Fee covering the annual fee, shall be determined by the Board of Trustees, subject to the confirmation by the House of Delegates. It is understood and for all its legal intent „annual‟ would mean a time period of twelve months.3. The said PDA membership dues was increased from P500/year to P1,000/year effected by the confirmation by the House the Board Resolution “seeking a 100% increase in the active membership dues of the Philippine Dental Association effective Fiscal year 2012.” Corollary to this, the aforementioned P500/year increase to be collected amongst the PDA in the membership dues is generally allocated as follows; a. P250.00 - payment of annual ( 12 months ) premium for a life insurance benefit of a principal sum of P112,500.00 for each paid member b. P150.00 - increases in the Living or Death Benefits whichever comes first [ from P15,000.00 to P25,000.00 ] and the Fire Benefit from P10,000.00 to P15,000.00 c. P 87.50 - increase in the Legal Affairs Fund ( prosecution of Illegal Practitioners ) d. P 12.50 - Calamity Fund ( new benefit )CIRCUMSTANTIAL CONSIDERATIONSThe above-mentioned developments should also be viewed at an angle of the financial structureof the national association and the constituent chapters which should be adjustedcorrespondingly as influenced by the said extension of the incumbency of officers and thesubsequent modification of operations of the PDA and chapters.1. As practiced and as provided in Article XXV of the PDA By-laws, the PDA shall have the membership dues as its principal source of funds in financing the association‟s operations as a professional organization and to facilitate the availment of amenities and benefits of the members. Such also is the prevailing financial condition within all the various constituent chapters.2. Corollary to this, the PDA is mandated to provide avenues for the members to fulfill their professional obligation by being part of the only integrated national association of dental professionals of which the membership is a requirement to practice dentistry in the Philippines ( as mandated by RA 9484 ). And based on Article XII Section 4 of the PDA by- laws, active membership is based on the member‟s fulfillment of financial obligation to wit, „ a member of good standing is a paid member in both the PDA and the constituent chapters.‟
  2. 2. PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION INC. AYALA AVENUE corner KAMAGONG STREET, SAN ANTONIO VILLAGE TELEPHONE: (632) 890-4609 MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES 1203 (632) 897-8091 Website: www.pda.ph Email: secretariat@pda.ph FACSIMILE: (632) 899-63323. The financial obligation. as implied, pertains the payment of membership dues of a full term of twelve (12) months based on the period of incumbency in effect before the transition period. Thus, part of the administrative concern over the aforementioned transition period is the recognition and fulfillment of every member‟s financial obligation for the remaining six (6) months of the transition period ( January 01 2013 up to May 31,2013) amounting to P500.00 which half of the revised membership dues of P1,000.00. Needless to say that the said amount of P500.00 will be used to finance the operations and projects of the PDA during the said extension period including among others the cost of another celebration of the government mandated National Dental Health Month, which will be held on February 2013, the usual total allocated budget of which amounts to more than three (3) million pesos as presented and approved in the House of Delegates. While it may be true that during similar transition scenario, the PDA board then opted not to collect the corresponding additional dues perhaps the financial structure is just enough to cover the operations at the term which has to conduct only one NDHM celebration4. In its efforts to seek the most appropriate and viable life insurance coverage for the PDA members, the PDA Executive Board was able to negotiate for a life insurance coverage with a premium of P250.00 and a principal sum of not P112,500.00 but the principal sum of P250,000.00 for 18 months and not the usual 12 month-coverage. The agreement was translated further to members‟ benefits when the Executive Board decided to no longer burden the members from paying the presumed P125.00 premium for the six-month period covering January 01, 2013 up to May 31, 2013 at the same time enjoying an extended benefit of full coverage for the said extension period. The presumed cost of the said extended benefit coverage can now be deducted to the projected six-month membership dues of PhP500.00 leaving a total of PhP 375.00 as the total amount collectible membership dues. Undoubtedly, the payment of such obligation will contribute to the assurance of the continuity of the financial subsidy of the organizational operations and projects and the active membership status of each PDA member to the only national integrated association of dental professionals.5. Recognizing its mandate to generate funds to sustain operations, the PDA leadership, in an effort to augment the collection of membership dues, has launched fund raising activities such as the PDA Fun Run plus the hosting of the Luzon Area Convention scheduled on November 8 to 10, 2012 at the World Trade Center.6. Upon consultation with the presidents of Luzon Chapters who unanimously agreed to the conduct of the said L. A. convention, the executive board has approved that the convention registration fee of Php 1,500.00 ( pre-registration rate ) will now include the additional Php 375.00.We therefore encourage the general membership to attend the Luzon Area Convention to availof value-added benefit of having the privilege of participating in the first-of-its-kind conventionand at the same time fulfill their financial obligation at a very reasonable minimal fee of PhP1,500.00 (pre-registration rate ).The PDA leadership has also acquired the services of a company that will provide for a nationalmembership directory program and website development and management plus that of theindividual chapter programs amounting to 1.4 Million for free. Please log on towww.philippinedentalassociation.ph to be able to input your information yourself in themembership directory and be able to receive correspondence from the PDA or attend yourchapter‟s activities so they may input your information as well.We need all the support we can gather. We need your support.DEAN ARTURO P. DE LEONPDA President 2012 – 2013
  3. 3. PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION INC.AYALA AVENUE corner KAMAGONG STREET, SAN ANTONIO VILLAGE TELEPHONE: (632) 890-4609MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES 1203 (632) 897-8091Website: www.pda.ph Email: secretariat@pda.ph FACSIMILE: (632) 899-6332