Hod midyear minutes 2012 (2nd session) (autosaved)


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Hod midyear minutes 2012 (2nd session) (autosaved)

  1. 1. Philippine Dental Association HOUSE OF DELEGATES MINUTES OF THE MEETING SECOND PLENARY SESSION September 28, 2012 Waterfront Hotel & Casino Lahug, Cebu City1 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):2 Good morning! Did you have a great time last night? So you have a lot of energy for today.3 Please settle down! We will start in 2 minutes, we are just waiting for the Technicals for4 their go signal. By the way, Happy Birthday to Dr. Cheryl del Rosario! Dr. Che we will just5 send the bill to you.6 It is 9:13 in the morning, September 28, the Chair now calls for the resumption of the7 Session. Before we went to recess yesterday or rather last night, we have just accepted the8 Treasurer’s Report. We will now resume by calling for a motion for the approval of the9 Treasurer’s Report. May we request the PDA Officer, Dr. Iraida to please come forward?10 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):11 Point of order.12 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):13 What is your point of order, delegate from Bulacan?14 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):15 Madam Speaker, we are going to the period of discussion are we not? We ended16 yesterday’s Session by reiterating it went into acceptance and then after acceptance will17 come discussion, so that you assured us by accepting the report of the Treasurer that she18 will now be ready for interpolation and further questioning, Madam Speaker.19 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):20 Thank you, Madam Delegate from Bulacan! First, the Chair will have to call for a motion for21 the approval and then we will go to the period of discussion, amendment or objection if22 there is any. So the Chair now solicits for a motion? Yes, Women Dentist?23 DR. MA. BUENSUCESO GIMENA (OD WDAP):24 Good morning, House of Delegates!25 DR. ARIEL GO (OD Kalookan Chapter):26 Madam Chair, I move for a 1 minute recess for the technical.27 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):28 It’s now ok.
  2. 2. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (2) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. MA. BUENSUCESO GIMENA (OD WDAP):2 Good morning House of Delegates Mid-year Session 2012. I would just like to clarify3 because I know regarding this Treasurer’s Report there were 4.4 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):5 May I interrupt you? The Chair is still calling for a motion bago tayo makapag -discuss. I am6 soliciting for a motion for the approval, saka po tayo magdiscussion after the motion.7 DR. MA. BUENSUCESO GIMENA (OD WDAP):8 I move for the approval of the Treasurer’s Report.9 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):10 Ok, there’s a motion for the approval of the Treasurer’s Report, is there a second to the11 motion? Seconded by Kalookan, Olongapo, Zambales, La Union, Nueva Ecija, Marikina, San12 Juan, Valenzuela, Romblon, Batangas, Albay, San Pablo, Novaliches, Phil. Women, PAED,13 DEDA, Iloilo, Fil-Chi, Las Pinas, Makati, Manila, Cebu, Ozamis, South Cotabato, Antique,14 Capiz, Leyte, Pasig-Pateros, Eastern Samar, Bukidnon, Cotabato City, Mandaue, Zamboanga15 del Norte, Zamboanga City, Sulu, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Surigao del Norte, North Davao,16 Sultan Kudarat and Misamis Occidental.17 Now we go to the period of discussion. Yes, delegate please identify yourself!18 DR. MARIA BUENSUCESO GIMENA (OD WDAP):19 Good morning, Philippine Dental Association, House of Delegates Mid-year Session 2012!20 Upon discussion of the Treasurer’s Report, I would like to clarify that within this year there21 were 4 checks, the first one is dated January 2012, the second, third and fourth checks is22 May 2012 ng pinasok this year, so may I request the Cashier of the Philippine Dental23 Association to verify if these checks ay pumasok na ngayon sa PDA sa term ni Pres. Dr.24 Arturo de Leon. That’s all!25 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):26 May I restate the question? You are stating that there are 4 checks namely one dated27 January 2012, and 3 checks dated May 2012. These checks are for what and by whom?28 Were these checks signed?29 DR. MA. BUENSUCESO GIMENA (OD WDAP):30 Hindi ko masyadong alam, pero ang alam ko may pumasok na apat na checks that is why I31 am calling the attention of the Cashier.32 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):33 Treasurer, ok, Madam Treasurer, can you please enlighten our delegate from Women34 Dentist regarding her question?
  3. 3. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (3) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):2 Ma’am kung ang check po is 2012, so hindi po kasama sa report ko yon. Kasi kung3 transaction po ni Dr. Turing De Leon, I will report it po on the next session pa.4 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):5 The report of the Treasurer that is being deliberated on the floor po, is for the last quarter6 of the term of Dr. Tajonera. Can you be more specific because we are in the period of7 discussing the Treasurer’s Report for the last quarter of last year. So, does that answer your8 query Madam Delegate?9 DR. MA. BUENSUCESO GIMENA (OD WDAP):10 Earlier I just want to verify if these 4 checks are already in the Cashier’s office for the next11 Treasurer’s Report.12 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):13 Madam Delegate, can you please be more specific what particular checks you are talking14 about? Kasi po, if that involves the last quarter report, we are in the process of deliberating15 on the last quarter report po of last year, October, November, December. So, can you be16 more specific about what checks you are referring to? Yes, delegate from Bulacan?17 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):18 Madam Speaker, may I ask the Treasurer for some clarification? May I ask Madam Speaker?19 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):20 Yes, if that is related to the Treasurer’s Report, yes please proceed!21 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):22 Yes, Madam Speaker, thank you! This is really related to the Treasurer’s Report.23 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):24 Please proceed!25 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):26 Good morning po! Yung inyong nakasaad diyan sa page 5 correct me if I am wrong Madam27 Treasurer, yung huling column po noon, iyon po ba yung mga kakulangan sa pagliquidate ng28 mga taong nakasaad diyan? Tama po ba ako? Yung huling column po sa page 5.29 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):30 Please open your Treasurer’s Report on page 5!31 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):32 Iyon ho ba yung kulang pang -iliquidate as of December 31?
  4. 4. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (4) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):2 Please answer!3 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):4 Yes, Madam!5 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):6 Ma’am may I continue?7 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):8 Go ahead!9 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):10 As for the present, Madam Treasurer to your best knowledge, nakaliquidate naman po11 lahat?12 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):13 Opo, except for Dr. Gil Octaviano may partial liquidation na po siya, so P40,000.00 na lang14 po. And namention ko po yesterday yung kay Dr. Jonathan Acosta na P83,500.00 hindi pa po15 siya nagliliquidate kasi po that is for the printing of the special ID for the Past President and16 the Life Member po, so ongoing pa po yan kaya hindi pa niya nali- liquidate ito, ginagawa pa17 po yung ID.18 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):19 Does that answer your query Madam?20 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):21 Yes, and I would like to follow that up with a related statement to the Madam Treasurer.22 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):23 Please go ahead!24 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):25 I heard clearly na mayroon pong cheque na napirmahan pagkalampas na po ng lehitimong26 termino noong ating immediate Past President, so mayroon pa po bang ibang cheque aside27 from that one check, mayroon pa po bang ibang cheque na napirmahan ninyo on behalf of,28 or for, or by the immediate Past President na lampas na po ng December 31, 2011, mayroon29 pa po?30 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):31 Wala po!
  5. 5. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (5) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):2 Wala po iisang cheque lang po yon?3 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):4 Opo!5 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):6 Yes Madam, thank you po!7 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):8 Ok, thank you! Yes General Dentistry, next Antipolo?9 DR. MELINDA GONZALEZ (OD PAGD):10 Good morning! May inquiry po akong 2 points. Ang first inquiry ko is, ang concern ko is, our11 dollar account. Nakita ko sa Treasurer’s Report ang dollar account natin mayroong12 conversion ever since na my report na ganoon. Nagtataka lang ako kasi ang dollar natin ang13 alam natin lahat nag -iincrease, nagbababa. Kasi sa aming mga reports yung aming business,14 lahat, yung ginagawa ng aming accountant kung pupwede ding tanungin ang accountant15 natin, ang dollar as ease yan irereport natin may gross minus expenses, net. Ang dollar16 nirereport lang sa dulo nagkakaroon lang ng conversion pag -ginagamit lang ang dollar sa17 prevailing rate pero for every report kailangan kung let us say mayroon tayong $5,000.00,18 nakareport yan $5,000.00, kung nagreport ka na may ginastos tayong $300.00 imi -minus19 mo lang yan sa $5,000.00 then convert the $300.00 to peso and then yung remaining ang20 $4,700.00 and then report it doon sa net, kasama parati, I don’t know hindi dapat21 kinokonvert ng kinokonvert. Ang explanation nila kaya kinokonvert para lumabas sa income22 ng incoming president. Dollar itself is income na yan ng President, hindi maiiba yon pero23 pagkinonvert mo what happens kung bumaba? So magkakaroon ka na lang ng another24 explanation sa susunod na report mo para mawalan tayo ng ganoon problem at ang25 thinking ng lahat ng nakakakita sa ating Treasurer’s Report ang dollar as ease pag -ginamit26 minus conversion and then report ulit kung magkano ang dollar. I think puwedeng tanungin27 yon sa accountant dahil pinaka -klaro puwedeng gawin yon kasi nakakalito yung convert ka28 ng convert.29 Ang second point ko pong ii-inquire yung ating mga bank accounstaccounts na nakadeposit,30 based on our personal experience yung mga banko na biglang nagsasara, malaking banko o31 maliit na banko. Ang concern ko lang, dapat ituro din sa amin yon. Dapat may kakilala ka sa32 banko parati na makakapagsabi sa iyo kung tagilid ang banko o hindi kasi ang PDA money is33 hard earned money yan na tinatabi natin. So halimbawa nagsara ang banko at ang pera34 natin ang laki doon, isa ka doon sa pipila kaya ang kailangan, yung banko matatag at saka35 may kakilala ka hindi pupwedeng ordinaring taga deposit ka lang. Kailangan may36 makakapagsabi sa yo. Iyon lang ang concern ko to protect yung interest natin.37 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):38 Salamat po, delegate from General Dentistry! May we request our bookkeeper, Ms. Marilyn39 to enlighten the House on the query of the delegate?
  6. 6. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (6) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 MS. MARILYN ANG (PDA Accountant):2 Good morning po! Thank you, Doc doon sa question mo/ suggestion mo mas maganda nga3 po yon kasi actually Doc, ang dollar account natin every term nag-oopen po ng account ng4 dollar in peso, ang nangyayari po kasi like doon sa report ko napansin ninyo na may tatlong5 bank account na dollar savings. Actually po last Board Meeting sinagest ito na to close and6 to put into one account kasi nga Doc like kung ano yung current administration ang7 ginagamit yung account na inopen during that term, so hindi pa ho nako-close yung8 naconsolidate, so napag-agreehan nga po last Board Meeting to close it and put into one9 account. So mas maganda nga yon Doc na kung sa general funds yon at may expenses to10 dollars ideduct ko kasi siyempre Doc, pagbumaba yung prevailing rate, current, hindi naman11 po pupwedeng ireport na ito 43 na, ikukwestyon naman kami kung bakit 43 pa eh ang12 prevailing rate kaya nagkakaroon kami ng adjustments ng foreign exchange rate sa baba.13 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):14 Yes, Delegate from General Dentistry?15 DR. MELINDA GONZALEZ (OD PAGD):16 Yung consolidation ok yun, I am not after the consolidation, tama yun kaya lang Madam17 Speaker, ang concern ko ire-repeat ko yung reporting, the manner of reporting parang18 magandang hindi kino-convert kasi yung sinasabi kong point, yung ginastos lang na dollar19 yon lang ang ikonvert para yung proseso na irereport mo mawala yon. Iyon ang problema20 pag-kinonvert mo na at nagkaroon dito ng another conversion dahil explanation yung dollar21 mo o yung 43 ganoon para mawala yon, yung reporting ang gawing tama at ang dollar as22 ease para isang tingin alam mo na iyon lang ang ginastos, wala ng conversion ke tumaas o23 hindi. Thank you very much!24 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):25 Salamat po! Delegate from General Dentistry. Antipolo?26 DR. ENRICO DOLATRE (OD Antipolo Chapter):27 This is just a point of suggestion to the Treasurer as well as some points of information.28 The safeguard for money especially these are savings coming from various years, coming29 from various Past Presidents, I suggest to the Treasurer that you limit your deposit to the30 top 3 or top 5 banks. Do not be lured by higher interest given by banks which are not even31 on the top 10 medyo delikado ang panahon ngayon. Remember Banco Pilipino is number 1,32 so nasan na ang Banco Pilipino lumubog din tayo. Now in terms of consolidation, it would33 be much better if it is within PDIC insured, meaning to say PDIC in case the bank closes it34 would take you 90 days or more before your money will be given back to you. Now PDIC will35 also pay you if you have deposits at different branches of the same bank, meaning to say if36 you have P500,000.00 here in Cebu BPI and you have P500,000.00 in BPI Manila you get37 paid by PDIC. Now PDIC will also pay you if you have different bank products, meaning to38 say P500,000.00 time deposit, P500,000.00 for savings and P500,000.00 for checks, so39 medyo siguraduhin natin na we are utilizing the MayBank. MayBank, I don’t think it is on40 the top 10 of the banks. That is all Madam Speaker.
  7. 7. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (7) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):2 Salamat po, delegate from Antipolo City! Regional coordinator muna and then I will3 recognize Ilocos Norte.4 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):5 Maayong buntag Madam Speaker!6 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):7 Maayong buntag!8 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):9 Can I ask the Treasurer to answer my query?10 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):11 Please state your query first and then address to the Chair.12 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):13 Ok, Madam Speaker, I would just like to ask if sa page 1 po, Beginning balance, tanong ko14 lang po is this P1,060,969.22, is this the amount coming from the previous administration or15 ito yung amount na na-earn? Is this an effort po ng incoming administration?16 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):17 Madam Treasurer, can you respond to that query?18 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):19 Is it the P1 million, you are asking?20 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):21 Yes, sa page 1 po!22 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):23 P1,068,000.00?24 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):25 Yes po!26 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):27 That is the beginning balance, ito po yung naiwan ng past.
  8. 8. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (8) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):2 Previous administration, ok.3 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):4 Do you still have a second question?5 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):6 Yes po! Na mention po kahapon na mayroon pang amount na naibayad na galing sa past7 administration, tanong ko lang po yung amount na yun, yung amount na binayad is doon8 kinuha sa P808,000.00 as your ending balance?9 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):10 Can you restate your question Dr. Venus?11 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):12 Yes, Madam Speaker! Kasi na mention kahapon Madam Speaker na nagbayad pa po ang13 past administration, nag -issue pa sila ng check ng 2012, dito sa report po, by December14 2011 naclose na po. Ang tanong ko lang po ay yun po bang binayad ay dito kinuha sa15 P808,000.00 na ending balance ng December 2011?16 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):17 Ah ok, are you referring to the cheque that was discussed yesterday? Ok, Madam Treasurer18 please respond!19 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):20 Yes, delegate from Regional Coordinator?21 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):22 Davao po. So, can I have one follow up question Madam?23 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):24 One more question and then we proceed with another delegate.25 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):26 Thank you, Madam Speaker! Hindi po ba ruling ng bangko na pagnag-end na po yung term27 natin by December 2011 and then nag-issue pa po tayo ng cheque na hindi na ho tayo ang28 signatory tatanggapin pa po ba ng banko yun, as you mentioned na nag -issue pa po tayo ng29 payables for 2012?30 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):31 Can you please respond to that Madam Treasurer?
  9. 9. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (9) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):2 Kasi po, like yung bangko, binigyan po tayo ng 6 months kasi di ba before ma-stale yung3 check pag -inissue natin, kunwari inissue natin ngayon yung check di ba may 6 months pa po4 sa bank para ma-withdraw o madeposit iyon, may allowance po tayo sa bank so parang5 ganoon po yung nangyari dun na puwede pa pong ipasok yon, kasi hindi pa po naka -close6 yung account na yun. Kasi, like kailangan pong hintayin pong pumasok lahat ng check bago7 ma-close yung account.8 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):9 Ok, does that answer your query Regional Coordinator?10 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):11 Yes, Madam! Madam another item po from her report, can I, isa pa po?12 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):13 Ok, last one and then we go to delegate from Ilocos Norte.14 DR. EFREN VENUS (PDA Region 11 Coordinator):15 Thank you, Madam Chair! Ma’am regarding po sa liquidation on page 5, isn’t it a practice po16 na dapat po at the end of a term liquidated na po tayong lahat? Bakit po by December 3117 mayroon pang unliquidated? Sino po ba ang may power over this person na kailangan18 before mag-end ang term liquidated na po tayo dapat?19 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):20 Yes, Regional coordinator Venus it was earlier answered by our Treasurer that some of the21 un-liquidated expenses are still on-going activities of the person involved with un-liquidated22 cash advances. So I would just like to ask the Treasurer when the deadline of liquidation of23 the previous administration is. I think kasi, if you say that there had been a turnover, does24 that mean that this un-liquidated cash advances has been turned over to the incumbent25 administration and has there been any effort to require our personalities with un-liquidated26 cash advances hanggang kailan po yung deadline ng pagsubmit nila ng liquidations report27 nila? Yes, the Parliamentarian would like to ask a question?28 DR. LUIS UY (HOD Parliamentarian):29 Pasensiya na kayo magkaharapan kami ni Speaker. Madam Speaker, since I will address this30 question to you. Tanong ko lang sa inyo Treasurer and our bookkeeper, is it a usual practice31 for a President to sign check beyond his term? Is it the usual practice because I understand32 there was some check, ah ok, para kaming nagsing- along ni Doktora. Is it usual practice for33 a Past President to issue checks beyond his term because I understand that once it is turned34 over, all the documents should be turned over and that includes the payables, receivables,35 as I have said yesterday and if there was a check being issued, who funded this check? Saan36 ninyo kinuha itong pera since it was already turned over? Paano po ang reporting dito and I37 do not know Madam Speaker, if that delegate a while ago talked about 4 checks issued, I38 don’t know if she is referring that these checks were issued beyond the term of the39 President. I do not know if that is the question being asked. Kasi si doktora hindi naging40 specific, cheque, cheque lang, so can you answer?
  10. 10. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (10) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):2 Yes, is the question directed to our bookkeeper of the Treasurer? Ok, Madam Treasurer, will3 you please answer first!4 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):5 Madam Speaker, yung issue na po ito was discussed during one of our Board Meetings and6 then naexplain na po ni Ms. Marilyn, if it’s ok po may I call on Ms. Marilyn to explain her7 side? Nasa minutes naman po yan ng Board Meeting naming kung pano niya inexplain yung8 nangyari na yon.9 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):10 May we request Ms. Marilyn Ang to enlighten the House?11 MS. MARILYN ANG (PDA Accountant):12 To enlighten po regarding the cheques issued beyond the term of Dr. Tajonera, during po ng13 mga previous years I joined PDA since the start of Dr. Leo and my usual practice ho kasi14 outside PDA basta regarding expenses for that year, it was recorded that year and ito pong15 apat na transaction na ito were expenses during the term of Dr. Tajonera since it was16 expenses to be recorded under Dr. Tajonera’s term. Nagkataon ho doon sa expenses,17 especially the professional fee of the external Auditor, it was talagang 2011 hindi lang po18 agad nagawan ito ng cheque kasi that time maraming nagbusy na sa convention, and then19 noon nagfo-follow up na po yung Auditor. So prinoses ko na po yung mga cheques na yon20 since we had transition period. So, noon naging issue na po ito sa Board, I apologized kasi21 iyon naman po yung usual practice na ginawa ko, alam po iyan ng mga Treasurer na pag-22 expenses ng previous, kasi transition period po naman ang ginawa ko and they accepted23 naman po, so wala naman po since I joined the PDA wala naman pong nagsabi sa akin na24 basta nagclose, kasi ang PDA account po kasi pagka, kunyari po term ni Dr. Turing may25 account na ginagamit for that specific term, so iyon pong term ni Dr. Tajonera nga hindi pa26 nako-close and since transition period po and expenses naman ito para to clear talagang27 yun ay expenses hindi na masa-sama doon sa term ni Dr. Turing.28 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):29 Ok, does that answer your question?30 DR. LUIS UY (HOD Parliamentarian):31 Ok, Madam Speaker, ngayon palang sasabihin ko na po sa bookkeeper natin na bawal po32 yon na sinasabi mo na walang nagsabi sa iyo, so ngayon palang sasabihin ko na bawal po33 yung ganoon. And then yung sinasabi mo kanina, hindi mo nasagot, is it the usual practice?34 MS. MARILYN ANG (PDA Accountant):35 No, doc!36 DR. LUIS UY (HOD Parliamentarian):37 Madam Speaker, it is very clearly said that it is no, so why still issue some cheques? During38 my time mayroon po akong late, late itong for liquidation and when I turned this over to our
  11. 11. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (11) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 Treasurer at that time Dr. Ayllon it was no longer honoured. Sabi ni doktora, “Dok,2 pasensiya na po kayo pero yung term natin ends on May 31 st hindi na po tayo puwedeng3 mag-issue, everything, so ang nangyari po doon since it is no longer us who can issue4 cheque and everything, I just asked the incoming President at that time which is Dr. Donesa5 to please issue a check refund to this but again it did not materialized I have to pay for that6 refund, personal ko pong pera iyon para wala ng masabi. So, I hope with this kind of7 practice8 doktora pagnag-end, end na ask the incoming President to issue all checks so we can have a9 proper recording, wala na pong pagdududa-duda, kaya nga po balik kanina Madam Speaker,10 who funded those 4 checks? Ibig sabihin ba kinukuha pa din doon sa funds that was being11 turned over? Kasi sabi po ng Treasurer kahapon, it was all, money was turned over to the12 new administration, but then unknowingly there were 4 checks issued by the previous13 administration wherein which the signatory is the Past President. So who funded these14 checks? Is there a separate account intended for this purpose? I am just asking.15 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):16 Ok, thank you very much! I recognized earlier the delegate from Ilocos Norte, Madam17 Delegate18 DR. FRANCISCA CALUYA (OD Ilocos Norte Chapter):19 Madam Speaker, debate is a matter of pride, however, this is not the issue, ----- (nagloko20 ang mike). At this point, I would like to terminate this discussion …(nagloloko mike)21 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):22 Can you please provide another microphone? Madam Delegate from Ilocos Norte can you23 please restate your position.24 DR. FRANCISCA CALUYA (OD Ilocos Norte Chapter):25 Madam Speaker, debate is a matter of pride; however it is not absolute because we are26 guided by rules and regulations of this body. At this point I am now going to move for the27 termination of the discussion and I move for the amendment portion.28 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):29 There was a motion Presented by Ilocos Norte to terminate the discussion and we move on30 to the period of amendment. Ok duly seconded by Kalookan, Ilocos Norte, Antipolo,31 Mandaluyong, Private School Dentist, Masbate, Catanduanes, Oriental Mindoro, Pampanga,32 La Union, Marikina, Rizal, Zambales, Malabon-Navotas, PNP, Quezon City, San Juan, Kalinga,33 Batangas, Romblon, Palawan, Quezon Province, Camarines Sur, Lipa, Philippine Women,34 PSO, General Dentistry, Iloilo, Dipolog, Gensan, so on and so forth. Are there any35 amendments? Any objection? Yes, delegate from Bulacan, what is your point of inquiry?36 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):37 Paki linaw lang po sa amin kung ang ibig sabihin ng amendment sa Treasurer’s Report eh Treasurer’s38 Report po yan Madam. Ano po ang poder naming na mag-amend noong kanyang Treasurer’s39 Report? Kung maaari ko hong imungkahi pu-pwede po ba huwag na muna nating i-approve ulit? At i-40 recall naman natin ang ating Tresurera sa annual natin, kasi what is there to amend?
  12. 12. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (12) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):2 Thank you delegate from Bulacan! I will yield to the Parliamentarian to answer your query.3 DR. LUIS UY (HOD Parliamentarian):4 Kasi po yung amendment na sinasabi natin kanina, the format of reporting na sa susunod5 ganito na ang gagawin but we are not amending the amount on whatever is reflected there,6 it is the manner of reporting. Kung mayroon pa kayong gustong i-amend sa presentation ng7 ating Treasurer and so if there is no more, maybe we can go to the objection and move for8 the approval.9 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):10 I earlier recognized Iligan and then last will be Agusan Norte and Muntinlupa last discussant11 and then we will go to the next.12 DR. GIUSEPPE MARTIN TIANCO (OD Iligan Chapter):13 This is with regards to the motion of Dr. Caluya. I would like to register my objection14 regarding the decision of the discussion, since this is a very important matter because15 finances are the bloodline of every organization, I think it should be resolved once and for16 all, at this time, at this point, at this day before we stop the discussion. We should exhaust17 all issues of course we all want these things to be resolved right away, but we should18 exhaust all of these before we approve. So I would like to register an objection with regards19 to the motion of Dr. Caluya.20 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):21 Thank you delegate from Iligan City! I now call Past Speaker Dr. Diampo Lim.22 DR. DIAMPO LIM (PDA Past President/HOD Past Speaker):23 Thank you very much, Madam Speaker! This is a point of inquiry. I would like to know who24 was the signatory of the 4 checks that were issued. Was it the Past President or the25 incumbent President?26 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):27 Madam Treasurer, please answer the query of Past Speaker Dr. Diampo Lim?28 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):29 The Past President po and myself!30 DR. DIAMPO LIM (PDA Past President/HOD Past Speaker):31 And this was done in March of this year?32 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):33 Direct po to the Chair!
  13. 13. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (13) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. DIAMPO LIM (PDA Past President/HOD Past Speaker):2 Madam Speaker, was it done this May or before the turnover?3 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):4 Madam Treasurer, please enlighten the body when was this turn over done and answer the5 query when was the check signed?6 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):7 The turnover was on January and issuance was on February.8 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):9 Does that answer your query Past Speaker Dr. Diampo Lim?10 DR. DIAMPO LIM (PDA Past President/HOD Past Speaker):11 Yes, Thank you! In connection with that may I proceed Madam Speaker?12 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):13 Yes, Dr. Lim!14 DR. DIAMPO LIM (PDA Past President/HOD Past Speaker):15 Ladies and gentlemen of this body, I have been a President of this prestigious organization16 of this group of dentistry and the moment we have turned everything to the incoming17 President, whatever obligation that has been passed before it should be incumbent18 President now who shall be the signatory that is the one that I would like to share. Thank19 you, Madam Speaker!20 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):21 Thank you very much, Dr. Lim! Is that an objection or a privilege motion? Point of inquiry.22 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (OD Bulacan Chapter):23 Salamat po, Madam Speaker! Gusto ko lang pong malinawan kasi kanina po categorically I24 asked Madam Treasurer ilang cheque po iyon na pinirmahan past the term of IPP and she25 categorically answered to me and to everyone here on the floor iisa ang cheque? Ngayon26 she is saying yes na may tatlo pa palang cheque for a total of 4 checks, so Madam Speaker,27 ano ito? Gusto ko lang malaman ano ba ito? Ano ba itong nangyayari na ito? Wherein our28 Madam Treasurer is changing statements kaliwa, kanan shifting from one check and then29 with another inquiry to 4 checks. Ano ba ito? Baka talagang more than 4 checks pa yan?30 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):31 May I require our Madam Treasurer to please answer the query of the delegate from32 Bulacan whether it is really one check or 4 cheques? Ilang checks po daw ang na issue from33 the past administration?
  14. 14. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (14) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. IRAIDA DE LEON (PDA Treasurer):2 Madam Speaker, it is 4 cheques po pala.3 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):4 4 checks, ok. I recognize Agusan Norte.5 DR. EMILIANO YUMANG (HOD Past Speaker/OD Agusan del Norte):6 After lengthy deliberations, discussions, Madam Speaker, some of the issues have been7 repeating, repeating, repeating, therefore in my watch it is already 10:00 o’clock, I move to8 call for the previous question.9 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):10 Ok, the delegate from Agusan Norte, made a motion to call for the previous question,11 therefore, the Chair calls for a division of the house, whether to approve or not to approve12 the Treasurer’s Report. May I require our officers to please go to your respective position to13 start counting? May I remind our delegates, those who have the right to vote CD and OD of14 the different Chapter, one vote for the Affiliate? So the Chair is calling for those who are in15 favor of approving the Treasurer’s Report? Please raise your ID with the yellow sticker,16 affiliates only one and then Chapters are entitled to 2 votes, CD and OD. List down the17 Chapters and the number of vote manifested. Those in favor, pagnag-raise kayo it means18 you are approving the Treasurer’s Report.19 DR. GIUSEPPE MARTIN TIANCO (OD Iligan City):20 Privilege motion Madam Chair?21 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):22 Yes, what is your question and privilege motion delegate from Iligan City?23 DR. GIUSEPPE MARTIN TIANCO (OD Iligan City):24 In behalf of those of us, of some of us here, who are not fully oriented with regards to the25 system of this august body, we would just like to know before voting, we would just like to26 know, what will happen to the report of the Treasurer, would that be reported next Mid-27 year or this coming Annual Convention before voting? Thank you!28 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):29 Ok, thank you delegate from Iligan City! If the Treasurer’s Report is not approved, then the30 Treasurer will be directed to report again during the Annual Session. Ibig sabihin noon31 dalawang report magagawa po, Report for the Administrative Year 2011 and for the 201232 Administration. Ok, is that clear? Madam is that a privilege question because we are in the33 period of votation.34 DR. CORAZON FLORES (PDA VP Luzon-South/OD Laguna Chapter):35 Madam Speaker, privilege motion for the Treasurer to finish the report. If we will summon36 her on the next session, this is a transition period, she will be reporting on how many
  15. 15. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (15) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 months or how many Treasurers’s Report will that be, wala na tayong magagawa on the2 next session kung hindi Treasurer’s Report na lang tapusin na natin ngayon, is that possible,3 Madam Speaker?4 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):5 There has been a motion to call for the previous question when such motion is made the6 house has to go into division and therefore, the House will have to determine whether to7 approve or disapprove.8 Ok, so we will now go into counting the votes, the Chair is calling for votes to approve the9 Treasurer’s Report. Please raise your ID with a yellow sticker, 2 for Chapter and 1 for10 Affiliates.11 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):12 Madam Speaker Protemp.13 DR. JOAN CARBONELL (HOD Speaker Protempore/OD Muntinlupa Chapter):14 Please raise your ID again! Approve pa lang yung binibilang, yung not approved? Ok.15 Approve – 51. Those who are not in favour, please raise your ID again!16 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):17 Please settle down! Ok, the total number of accredited and present delegates yesterday18 was 209 and those who voted... where is the number in favor? So earlier it was announced19 that those in favor of approving the Treasurer’s Report is 51, those who are not in favor20 121, and 5 abstentions, so we will now direct our Treasurer to report again during the21 Annual but to focus only on the issue regarding the checks. Kasi po if we go back again, yes?22 DR. LEO GERALD DE CASTRO (PDA Past President/HOD Past Speaker/CD PAID):23 Manifestation Madam Speaker.24 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):25 Yes, Past Speaker Leo and OD from PAID26 DR. LEO GERALD DE CASTRO (PDA Past President/HOD Past Speaker/CD PAID):27 Yes, at this point in time hindi na natin mababago yung signatory noong check noh, so kung28 aantayin natin mabago yung signatory ng check therefore, hindi na talaga siya ma-approve,29 kasi napirmahan na yan e. So, I guess what we can tell the current Treasurer now and the30 Auditor and also the immediate Past President and our President is to issue check for this31 term paying the External Auditor and ask that External Auditor to return the payment that32 was done by the Past President and then adjust the Financial Statement of Dr. Tajonera33 putting it back to the Statement of Account and then simply deducted on the Statement of34 Account of Dr. Turing De Leon, that is basically other than that wala na tayong magagawa35 kasi napirmahan na yan eh.
  16. 16. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (16) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):2 Thank you very much, delegate from PAID! I would like to yield first to our Past Speaker,3 Nena Nolido?4 DR. LIBERTAD NOLIDO (HOD Past Speaker):5 Thank you Madam Speaker! Just an insight, I would like to share with you. It is not only the6 Philippine Dental Association that has undergone this transgression when it comes to7 Financial Report. There are several organizations that are actually also been exposed to this.8 I don’t want to attribute ill -motif to the Treasurer of with the Past President. I believe that9 there are reasons sometimes they have to do this although this is an incorrect procedure10 because in the desire actually to clear the records before they pass it over to the next11 administration, sometimes they would do that, but it is not correct, and so I think it would12 be difficult for us to move on if we have to dwell on this because it is impossible for us to13 reconcile. And since we will be amending our Constitution, we will provide under the Article14 in the Finances perhaps Sec. 11 stating a Protocol on how to make a turnover, maybe we15 can have a cut off date wherein which we can turn over all the records and beyond that no16 other signatories or no other issuance of checks will be done for as long as we continue to17 dwell on this even in the next session of the House. I don’t believe that we will be able to18 resolve it. So, we have to move on and learn from this lesson and then since I said again that19 we will include it as one of the Protocol in amending our By-Laws under our financial20 system. Thank you!21 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):22 Thank you, Past Speaker Nolido! I will recognize the President- Elect and then the opinion of23 our Parliamentarian and we move on because po it is 10:00, we are 2 hours delayed in the24 clustering.25 DR. FERNANDO FERNANDEZ (PDA President-Elect):26 Thank you, Madam Speaker! I would like to concur with Past Speaker Dr. Nena Nolido that27 we should move on because next Annual Session I am going to present my budget and if we28 are going to dwell so much on this issue, I might not be able to finish my report. Ok, I just29 want to air my sentiments it was done in good faith. It’s a good thing that Past President Dr.30 Robert Tajonera left a substantial amount, ok. What if I would like to take the comment of31 our Parliamentarian, we all understood that after the turnover wala na pong chekeng32 pipirmahan and on that issue as I have said it was done in good faith and during one of our33 Board Meetings Ms. Marilyn Ang, our Book keeper apologized to the Board and we34 accepted her apologies, so I think we have to put a stop on this issue because it was done in35 good faith, mabuti na lang may naiwan, klarong, klaro may naiwan na pondo kaya nagawa36 yung pagkakamali na yon. Ok, what if walang naiwan? Like for example in my case yung37 sinasabi ni Dr. Luis Uy kapag may excess babayaran ko, itu-turnover sa akin babayaran ko,38 what if walang natira at may utang na P 5 million babayaran ko yung P 5 million, di ba? So,39 ang nakikita ko lang ho dito buti na lang may naiwan na pondo kaya nangyayari iyon. Iyon40 lang po Madam Speaker, thank you!41 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):42 Ok, I will yield to the Parliamentarian, and then the Chair will rule on what to do with the43 disapproved Treasurer’s Report.
  17. 17. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (17) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 DR. LUIS UY (HOD Parliamentarian):2 Thank you, Madam Speaker! Ganito po yon, we just want to correct things na mali, yoon3 lang naman sa atin. Ngayon dalawang issue lang during the Annual Session we want to hear4 because hindi nasagot ng Treasurer kung ilan pong chekeng na issue? Iyon lang po, yung5 apat na cheque kung apat man yon kanino binayad, sinong signatory, saan kinuha yung6 pondong pinambayad doon? And that is if the Treasurer is going to report on that na7 napaliwanag lahat and that ends all the discussion. Iyan lang namang dalawang issue doon e8 hindi na natin puwedeng babaguhin mag-iissue ulit tayo ng cheque tapos yung pondo doon9 kukunin babalik, matatagalan po yung sistema kasi that is not what we want, we just want10 to be clarified on the 4 issues kung apat man yon baka mamaya lima, anim, pito, we just11 want to know ilang cheque iyon lang po, huwag na nating bawiin yung binayad and the12 Incumbent President will issue another check maguguluhan po tayo doon and then it will13 not be in good image natin na ano ba to bakit kinukuha ang cheque, ang gulu-gulo ninyo, so14 we just focus on that and hopefully the Treasurer can answer it properly and that is it.15 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):16 Thank you very much! Our PDA President would like to manifest something and after that17 we move on to the next item po on our agenda.18 DR. ARTURO DE LEON (PDA President):19 Thank you very much, Madam Speaker! I think it is incumbent for me to say as it is being20 addressed to something passed on to the Executive Board. To narrate what really happened21 on this alleged issuance of 4 checks, what is material here is that, the transactions22 happened sometime on April and May 2012. The official receipts as reflected in the check23 vouchers were dated April and May 2012. Now, if we are going to ask ourselves why it was24 accepted by MayBank because the check was dated December 2011, I think it is very much25 important for us in aide of legislation that once you turnover your documents, no more26 issue on subject and no more ante-dating of checks. Now I need to tell you this one in aide27 of legislation. We accepted the apology of the comptroller and we are happy that these28 things are being set in their proper prospective, in a proper way, manner right now. I am29 not personally happy with what happened because I am the Incumbent and the Treasurer30 knows it and yet these things happened. I think we should learn from this situation but it is31 my duty to tell this one before the House because it is being referred to us something to32 discuss within the Executive Board. Thank you very much!33 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):34 Thank you very much, Dr. Turing! And that ends our discussion on the Treasurer’s Report.35 Perhaps that is something that you will now consider putting into our Constitution as we36 move on to the cluster, put safety nets for the guidance of the Executive Board and the37 General Membership on the day to day running of our association.38 Now we move on to the clustering and before we break up the group, we would like to call39 in the 3 cluster Chairs to give an overview so that when you go over your cluster you will40 already know what is expected of you. May I just remind you that the procedure is that,41 there are names listed already in the cluster that is for the purpose of dividing equally the42 delegates per cluster. However, everybody will get a chance to go to the 3 clusters after 243 hours, magro -rotate po tayo, so if you are in Cluster 1 after 2 hours you move on to Cluster44 3 para pong carousel, Cluster 3 will go to Cluster 2 and Cluster 2 will go to Cluster 1 and45 there is the third cycle. Now we estimated that there will be 90 people per cluster, 2 hours
  18. 18. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (18) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 is not enough for everybody to speak, the Cluster Chair will discuss to you the salient points2 in the cluster. There are so many points in the proposed amendment where it is just a3 matter of putting in order po yung assignment of numerals and letters, and number, but4 other than that there is no change in the content of those provisions. So only those5 provisions that are amended with one word or 2 sentences or 1 paragraph taken out and6 replaced iyon lang po. Let us not delay, let us not prolong the discussion in the clusters7 because the Technical Working Group per cluster have exhaustedly discussed and8 deliberated on the matter for the last 3 – 4 months.9 I hope we will also have the serious of openness. Sometimes our opinion is not necessarily10 the opinion of the majority; we are here to really get the opinion in a democratic way, so in11 order for everybody to have the opportunity to express their sentiments beta cards are12 provided in the different clusters with pentel pens. On the met cards you manifest your13 recommendations if there is time, the cluster Chair will discuss, remove repetition of the14 same recommendation or proposal and summarize the recommendation of that particular15 group. Then at the end of 2 hours, we move on, however, cluster delegates you are free to16 have your snacks in between and we will have a working lunch if we are going to meet our17 goal for the day. Ok po ba?18 So I would like to call our cluster Chairs, first headed by Dr. Arlissa on the Code of Ethics and19 Republic Act 9484, please make it short 5 minutes lang po, then we call the next cluster,20 Chair Dr. Diampo Lim, followed by Dean Vic Medina for the Standard of Care. So after that,21 we disperse po our Peace Officer will go around at the end of 2 hours magri ring ang bell22 that means proceed to your next cluster. Ok, Madam Chair Aguiluz?23 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):24 Thank you po at magandang umaga po sa aking magiging kasama doon sa cluster! Puwede25 po sa Technicals paki flash lang po, so iyan po yung mga members. Ngayon po ang aking26 tinalagang bilang kahalili kasi anim na oras po yon no e si Dr. Cora Flores, so ang magiging27 kalagayan natin naghanda po ako ng power point na kung saan yung first column Existing28 RA Provisions, yung second column sa gitna yung nagpropose ng amendment kung meron29 kaya minsan blanko yon at yung pangatlo may justification or rationale. Hindi po tayo30 pupwedeng magpropose ng amendment na basta lang gusto ko kailangan po may matibay31 na justification ganoon lang po, so we go through all the provisions of RA 9484 huwag po32 tayong maghahanap na IRR kasi po ang IRR ay nagmumula sa RA palitan muna natin yung33 RA saka tayo next time mag -amend ng IRR, so sana po Madam Speaker maliwanag po yon.34 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):35 Thank you very much, Technical Working Group Chair! May I acknowledge the presence of36 former Senator Joey Lina? Sir, please rise to be acknowledged! Former Sen. Lina po is very37 instrumental in guiding and enlightening the Technical Working Group especially on38 Republic Act 9484 and re -alignment of the Constitutions and By-laws. Yung mga trabaho po39 nila naverify na po iyan, may mga rationale on the third column makikita ninyo yan may40 basis po kung bakit ganoon po ang mga proposed amendments. So if you feel na hindi41 naman po kailangan ng lengthy discussion let us continue with the other proposed42 amendments. So ok, Dr. Diampo Lim would you like to speak or shall we call former Sen.43 Lina. Yes, Sir Attorney, can we please hear from you!
  19. 19. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (19) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 SEN. JOEY LINA:2 Maayong buntag sa inyong tanan! Suki po ako ng PDA, ang filing po ng certificate of3 candidacy is on October 1 to 5 pero hindi po ako kandidato, so please disabuse your minds4 about that! I am just a friend of PDA and I already presented this study on RA 9484 last year5 to the Board of Trustees based on my discussion as well with Committee on Constitutions6 and By-laws headed by Dr. Diampo Lim. I am surrounded by dentists, my mother-in-law is a7 dentist, my sister-in-law is a dentist, my kumadres, kumpadres are dentists, so don’t be8 surprised why I have been very close to dentists. I have the distinction of having appointed9 a dentist to a health office of the Metro Manila Commission when I was the governor of10 Metro Manila Commission and General Manager of that government body. The RA 948411 cuts across all the subject matter covered in the clusters, so I think it will be a good12 backgrounder for all of the cluster discussions so that you will be able to contextualize13 (Conceptualize) the subject matter that is being discussed, everything is related to RA 9484.14 This law regulates the practice of dentistry, dental hygiene, and dental technology. The15 promulgation of the Code of Ethics and Code of Dental Practice is clearly referred to in RA16 9484. The integration of the three participants in Dental Health Care is clearly called for17 under RA 9484, so when you discussed your Code of Ethics, Code of Dental Practice and the18 Integration your basis, must and necessarily be 9484 very briefly because of time constraint.19 The objectives of this law which was approved by congress on June 2, 2007 became20 effective 2 days after each publication in a newspaper of general circulation. So 2007 po and21 reckoning period nito, 5 years ago, more than 5 years ago. Ano yung objectives of the law?22 Just focus on the salient features of the law (1) The law provides for regulation, control and23 supervision of the practice of dentistry, dental hygiene, and dental technology in the24 Philippines. (2) Provides for the giving of licensure examination to graduates of recognized25 dental schools of dentistry, dental hygiene, and dental technology for the purpose of26 registration. (3) The law provides for the accreditation of the various specialties of dentistry.27 (4) The promotion and development of continuing dental education and research in the28 country. (5) The enforcement of the Code of Ethics and Code of Dental Practice in the29 Philippines and last (6) The stipulation of penalties for infractions or violations of this law for30 any other laws, rules and regulations authorized under the provisions of this act, Sec. 3 of31 RA 9484 provides for these objectives. So there is going to be an examination later so please32 remember Sec. 3 of the law.33 Sec. 4 of the law defines, what is a dentist? What is a dental hygienist, and what is a dental34 technologist? The law makes it very clear definition, distinction, and differentiation of these35 3 entities. In fact, the definition of dentist is about 4 inches including all the provisions, the36 definition and scope of practice of technologist and hygienist mga 1 and a half inches lang,37 just to stress a point. Of course there is the Board of Dentistry under the Professional38 Regulation Commission. There is a controversy with regards to the term of the members of39 the Board of Dentistry because as pointed out by Dr. Diampo Lim, there was a time when 240 members of the Board chaired one year tig 6 months and that created a kind of distortion in41 the affairs of the Board. As far as the qualification for admission to the licensure42 examination, kasi lahat dentist, hygienist and technologist they must pass a certain43 licensure examination, but it is worth mentioning that the qualification for admission of the44 dentist differs by a wide margin from that of the dental technologist and dental hygienist45 magkaiba ang qualification for admission to the licensure examination. The scope of46 examination also varies magkaiba because talagang iba yung nature of the scope of work of47 the 3 participants of dental health care service.48 Another matter worth mentioning is that if the dentist fails, the licensure examination he49 cannot practice dentistry but the dental technologist and dental hygienist under Sec. 27 of50 the law even if they fail the examination they can still practice dental technology and dental
  20. 20. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (20) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 hygiene through a system of equivalency. Sec. 27 says a person who possess equivalent2 qualification required for admission of examination for dental hygienist or dental3 technologist may be registered without examination provided that the applicant files to the4 Board within the years after the affectivity of this act, an application for registration and5 issuance of certificate of registration and professional identification card by submitting6 credentials showing that the applicant before the affectivity of the law ito po ang isusubmit7 natin. In short the dental hygienist or dental technologist can continue to practice even8 without passing the licensure examination provided they submit an application within 39 years upon effectivity of the law. Ano po yung isusubmit has been given a certificate dental10 hygiene, and dental technology and duly recognized college at least 3 years practice, so11 yung equivalency is basically based on practice. Has been practicing as hygienist or dental12 technologist for at least 5 years in a license laboratory or clinic. So iyon po ang worth13 mentioning that the law makes a clear differentiation of the 3 practitioners of dental health14 care.15 Worth mentioning as well, is Sec. 33, I think you should all know, the penal provisions that16 are provided for under RA 9484 para huwag po kayong magkamali at baka kayo ay17 vulnerable kung saan prosecutions ito po yung sinasabi ng batas. Penal provisions the18 following shall be punished for a fine of not less than P200,000.00 nor more than19 P500,000.00 or to summon imprisonment for a period of not less than 2 years and 1 day not20 more than 5 years or both in the discretion of the court marami pong hindi nakakaalam21 nito. (1) Any person who shall practice dentistry, dental hygiene or dental technology in the22 Philippines without Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card and23 special permit issued in accordance with the provisions of this law or has been declared24 exempt. (2) Any person who practice the profession to whom the definition of the practice25 of dentistry, dental hygiene or dental technology does not apply. (3) Any license dentist26 who shall abet the illegal practice of dentistry. (4) Any person presenting or using his oath27 or her own certificate of registration and professional identification card and special permit28 of another. (5) Any person who shall give any false or fraud evidence to the board in29 obtaining the certificate of registration and a person who shall impersonate registrant or30 brand name. (6) Any person who shall use and revoke or suspended certificate of31 registration and professional identification card. (7) Any person who shall assume use or32 advertise the bachelor of dental surgery and so on and so forth without having been33 convert such title. (8) Any person who advertises any title or description pending to convey34 the impression that he/she a dentist without holding valid certificate of registration and35 professional identification card and special permit from the board.36 Ladies and gentlemen, as I have been told several times that there are those who practice37 dentistry or technologist or hygienist without having the required registration or having38 passed the licensure examination.39 Now the most controversial part of the law is Sec. 30 which says integration of dentistry,40 dental hygienist or dental technologist, I will be very brief 5 minutes na lang and so you can41 go to your clusters. Sinasabi po dito sa Sec. 30 and this is also the same words in the42 implementing rules and regulations, Sec. 30 din ito sa IRR so sa law Sec. 30, sa IRR Sec. 3043 rin. The same section says all registered dentist, dental hygienist or dental technologist shall44 be integrated into one national organization which shall be recognized by the Board and45 accredited by the Commission as the one and only accredited integrated association to46 which all dentists, dental hygienist and dental technologist shall belong. So pinagsama-sama47 ng batas ang dentists, dental hygienist and dental technologist into one national48 organization, sama-sama, while the law recognizes distinction or differentiation of the 3.49 The law at the same time says all of them must be together in one national organization and50 the word to integrate, replace integrate means to unify, to make as one whole all the parts
  21. 21. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (21) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 and all the parts are the dentists, dental technologist and dental hygienist. The law is strict2 but all of them must be in one national organization. There is no other room for3 interpretation. Henceforth, all dentists, dental hygienist or dental technologist to be4 registered to the Board shall automatically become a member, notice the phrase, “shall5 automatically become a member of the accredited integrated professional organization6 upon payment of required fees and dues”. Iyon lang ang requirement upon payment of7 required fees and dues ay automatically member na, all that 3 into that national8 organization.9 And lastly membership in the accredited and integrated national organization of dentists,10 dental hygienist and dental technologist shall not be a bar to membership in other11 association of dentists, dental hygienist and dental technologist.12 Ladies and gentlemen the PDA in 2008 according to your history already attempted and did13 attempt to integrate the dentists, dental hygienist and dental technologist; your14 Constitutions and By-laws are replete with provisions integrated all of them.15 Question, if they are already integrated under the Constitutions and By-laws of the PDA16 then what else do we have to do, they are already integrated. Your Constitution and By-17 laws already specify that the dental hygienist and dental technologist is member of the PDA,18 so you did make a positive effort to implement that in Article 12, Sec. 1. It says, “ any19 member duly licensed to practice in the Philippines, who is a member of the PDA in good20 standing duly registered as such, a constituent Chapter through area of practice in21 accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Regulatory Code of Dentistry in the Philippines22 and your Constitutions and By-laws added (1) dentist, dental hygienist and dental23 technologist. There you are. You did attempt, but there are many provisions that are not24 clear like, what are the rights and privilege of the non-dentist? Your Constitutions and By-25 laws quite hazy in stating that. So there is room for improvement here and I did seat with26 the Committee of Dr. Diampo Lim on how to untangle all the conflicting provisions. In your27 Board of Trustees there is no mention of representatives coming from the National28 association of dental hygienist and dental technologist, however, in the provision of the29 House of Delegates, it says (H) The House of Delegates shall confirm appointments of the30 member of the Comelec and representatives of the dental hygienist and dental technologist31 to the Board of Trustees you see? Mayroon ng provision that the dental hygienist and32 dental technologist shall be represented in the Board of Trustees but in another section the33 Article of the Board of Trustees Article 13 you did not include. There is no mention of the34 representatives of the dental hygienist and dental technologist. So there is a need to clarify35 further so you will be in good compliance with the law, but recognizing that there is a36 distinction and differentiation of the 3 entities and therefore conferment of the same rights37 and privileges must be commensurate to the differentiation of the 3 and I think the38 committee was able to make some solomonic decision in form, in terms of the39 amendments, so that you comply with the law.40 Ladies and gentlemen, one last point. There are other s amendments that I think that has41 been pin-pointed or recommended by the Committee and I agree with them, but one last42 one. The physical therapists are not integrated with the doctors, medtech. Among lawyers,43 we have the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, but we are all lawyers, we all pass the44 licensure, the bar examination. We cannot integrate our assistants with us and the para45 legals with us. So, in my heart of hearts in fairness to all the entities so that each one can46 grow according to their nature of work, so called work, I think there is a need to further47 professionalizes the other profession. Let them grow on their own and let there be a48 federation of all these 3 but a federation but not one national organization because one49 way or the other there will be unfairness that will develop because you belong to different
  22. 22. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (22) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 classifications. So the amendments that will be introduced are attempts and I think you will2 be successful in making sure that everyone will be included in the national organization with3 the varying responsibility, like the dental hygienist and dental technologist shall seat in the4 Board through representatives at the same time they will also have representatives in the5 HOD it is already included by the way, but it is unclear you are just going to clarify that it is6 already in your By-laws, but there is a need to tighten the provision so that everyone knows7 what is his role in the organization. Dental hygienist and dental technologist will also have8 their constituents Chapters of their own, but in the national they are represented in the9 Board of Trustees of PDA after all, the PDA is the accredited national association, but in your10 accreditation it says that it is the accredited association of dentist, hygienist and11 technologist that is your accreditation with the Professional Regulation Commission. You12 are recognized by the Board of Dentistry and accredited by the Professional Regulation13 Commission.14 So, I think that serves as a background of your discussion. I will be around til 12:00, 1:0015 o’clock I can drop by in all the clusters if you have further questions. I think that is enough16 backgrounder for all of you.17 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):18 Thank you very much, former Sen. Lina! May we request the former Senator to please stay19 on stage and we are calling our PDA President. We will present the Plaque of Appreciation20 to the former Senator because he will be leaving between 1:00 and 2:00 o’clock and to21 catch his flight and there will be no more opportunity to thank him for the pro bono po,22 nire-repeat ko po Sir, pro bono.23 May we call on Dr. Vic Medina to present and to give an overview of the Standard of Care24 and Clinical Guidelines?25 DR. VICENTE MEDINA III (Chairman, Standard of Care):26 Thank you, Madam Chair, and good morning to everybody! It is my distinct honor to be27 sharing the sub-cluster of Standard of Care. Anyway, what I will be presenting this morning28 are the plans and what we have done so far in the sub-cluster, so we will appreciate it if29 everybody will actively participate and give us their comment and suggestions on this very30 important topic. Thank you, ma’am!31 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):32 Thank you very much! It is now 10:54 a.m. and we are suppose to stay 2 hours per cluster33 that makes 5:00 o’clock the end of the cluster, but if hindi naman matagal yung discussion if34 we can limit it to 1 hour so much the better because we have other items in our agenda, so35 mayroon pa po tayong other businesses, unfinished business, and so I enjoin all the36 delegates to not delay in the discussion, it is up to the cluster Chairs to limit the discussion37 and for everybody to put in their opinion in the meta cards.38 Ladies and gentlemen, please proceed to the different cluster assignment. Cluster 1 will stay39 in this Arctic Hall, Cluster 2 will stay outside on the hallway, and Cluster 3 in the40 Mediterranean Room. Good luck and may God bless us all in this endeavour!41 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):42 It is 6:08 p.m. we will now reconvene the plenary session of the House of Delegates. May
  23. 23. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (23) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 we now call on the first cluster? We now call this session back. The session is now back in2 order. May we request our first cluster to present the Standard of Care; this will be3 presented by Dean Vic Medina. Our Technical Committee are still preparing. I would like to4 make announcement that the Fellowship will be on the other room, Mediterranean Room5 behind the Arctic Room and we are scheduled to start at 7:00 o’clock, however, we will give6 priority to finishing this typical cluster presentation and also don’t forget when we adjourn7 please sign out at the registration area. You may keep your ID as souvenir and the8 Accreditation Committee will just scan your picture that was flashed yesterday for your IDs9 during the annual session. Tomorrow morning, the dancing inmates will be presenting at10 9:30 a.m. The Transportation Committee has prepared vans that will carry those who signed11 up to watch the dancing inmates. This is a 30 minutes presentation and after which there12 will be another 30 minutes for the delegates to mingle with the inmates after which our13 transportation will immediately ferry us back here and for those who intend to take their14 flights from 12:30 and up you will have a chance to watch the dancing inmates because we15 estimated that you will be back here at 10:30 to 11:00 o’clock but it is important that you16 please sign up so that we will not fall short of transportation. Ready? Ok, ladies and17 gentlemen Dr. Vic Medina of the Cluster on Standard of Care.18 DR. VICENTE MEDINA III (Chairman, Standard of Care):19 Thank you, Madam Chair and good afternoon to everybody! It’s been a very long day so I20 will try to make my presentation short.21 Anyway, I would like to thank 2 clusters who took time out to join the discussion this22 morning, and this afternoon for all the inputs. Anyway, I will report to you what we did23 during the 2 clusters.24 So first of all, I presented to the group what exactly are expected from us? What are the25 expectations of the HOD with regards to the sub-cluster on Standard of Care Clinical26 Practice Guidelines? I explained to them that basically there are 2 things that we should27 consider. Should we come out with the Standard of Care or should we come up with the28 Clinical Practice Guidelines because these are 2 different things. And then I presented to29 them the process, the Clinical Practice Guidelines Development process that our group will30 be going through, so basically I asked for their comments and there was in agreement with31 what we are planning to do.32 So first of all, I presented to them and also to the third group the definition for Standards.33 As you can see from the screen it is defined by the ADA as allow me to read it, Standards are34 intended to be applied rigidly and carry the expectations that they be applied in all cases,35 and wala pa pala hindi pa pala nakaflash sa screen. Yan po again, Standards are intended to36 be applied rigidly and carry the expectations that they be applied in all cases. And then the37 revision from them would be difficult to justify. Standard of Care indicates that measurable38 criteria are present and these criteria should be used in order to arrive at a given level of39 outcome, so standard says what must be done by all, so this is quite rigid. It says there we40 must do this thing, so we should decide what do we really want to come out with? Do we41 want standards or are we ok with guidelines? Anyway, guidelines are intended to be more42 flexible than standards, guidelines should be followed in most cases but they recognize the43 treatment kind and should be tailored to individual needs depending on the patient, setting44 and other factors. Deviation from guidelines to be very common and could be justified by45 differences in its individual circumstances, so that is the definition for guidelines and this46 one is for parameters.
  24. 24. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (24) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 Parameters described the range of appropriate treatment on a given condition in2 comparison to standard or guidelines parameters broaden the range of professional3 judgment for the practitioner. They strengthen the ability of the provider to evaluate4 options and arrive at an appropriate treatment. So among the 3 we have 2 terms that are at5 the extreme end one that is standard which are very rigid, parameters which are quite loose6 and in between we have the guidelines and this is the reason why our group wanted to7 change the name of our sub-cluster. So our sub-cluster was originally called Sub-Cluster on8 Standard of Care and after we found all these we now called this Standard of Care/Clinical9 Practice Guidelines. So we proposed that we have on this group, so this is the proposed10 organizational chart for the group so as you can see on the screen we have 9 clinical11 advisory groups, by the way the terminology that you can see here I borrowed from the12 Canadian collaboration on CPG process. So the Canadian Group went through a process13 similar to this and it took them 3 years to come up with clinical guidelines. So the idea is14 that after a dream on guidelines, there might come a time that we will be able to elevate15 this guidelines to standard if there is adequate evidence to support the move. Anyway as of16 now we have 9 clinical advisory groups, so these are groups that worked to come up with17 SOCs or the CPGs. You see there are groups that are quite broad in its involvement that is18 the methodology research group. This is the group that will gather all the evidence to19 support the proposed CPGs or SOCs and after the development of your SOCs and CPGs the20 proposal shall have to be presented and approved by the PDA, SOC/CPG Council before its21 presentation to the House of Delegates, so you can see there the composition of the22 proposed PDA SOC/CPG Council it is Chair I don’t know who will it be the Chair of the23 Council, representative from all the stakeholders that will include the PDA House of24 Delegates, the Board of Trustees, the Licensing Board, the PRC, the Speciality Groups, the25 Academe, the Patients Chart Groups because ultimately this is the group that will benefit26 from our efforts, representative of the DOH, a Bio-Statistician because we will be dealing27 with lot of researches, representative of course of Visayas and Mindanao Regions. So with28 regards to the group that will work to develop the SOCs is the CPGs, it is a multi-disciplinary29 team of volunteer dentists where a particular interest or expertise in the content area of30 the guideline topic under development. I asked for volunteers during our training session31 last August 15, so basically most of the CAGs are Chaired by people coming from the32 specialty group but this CAGs will have members coming from the GPs and I am particularly33 happy that the Philippine Dental Association of general dentist volunteered to get involved34 in all the CAGs on all time CAGs and I hope the other groups will follow soon. So, as you can35 see the development of the SOC are the CPGs can only be done or will not be done solely by36 specialists but by the contributions also by the general dentists. So these are the guiding37 principles that we will follow as we develop the guidelines. The development process will be38 inclusive so we will be writing all. We are open to all your suggestions, comments, and39 inputs. It will be consultative. There will come a time that we will present all our proposals40 to this body for comments, suggestions and improvements, and hopefully approval and we41 will make all the process transparent, so you will hear from us soon and we will keep you42 updated on what is happening in our sub-cluster.43 So what can you expect from us parang pulitiko na nangangako, we will strive very hard to44 come up with a Standard of Care on Infection control. We believe that this is one topic that45 we can agree on, hindi ho guidelines. We are pretty sure to come up with a Standard of46 Care that will be followed by everybody, around 3 to 5 clinical practice guidelines per47 clinical advisory group, so this is something that is very new to us all, so we would like to48 take baby steps for now. As much as possible we would like to cover all the broad, all the49 topics, we all know that all these topics are broad but for now we have to present 3 to 550 guidelines per CAG. All CPGs will be evidence based; we are now at the time that our51 practice should be evidence based. Hindi na po pupwede yung sinabi ng matatandang52 teacher natin or yung sinabi ng sales rep. lahat po dapat evidence based. We are planning
  25. 25. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (25) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 to hold a workshop on CPGs development on early December 2012, so you will hear on the2 exact date and venue of this workshop. By the way, parang gusto ko na ding sumayaw, by3 the way we are soliciting the help of a group from the UP-PGH Department of Family4 Medicine and they will be tap to guide us in guidelines development because in the medical5 profession they have been doing this since year 2000 and this group the one that I am6 referring to from the PGH has been involved in the development of guidelines like the7 diabetes guidelines for Philippine Medical Doctors. So these are the main points that we8 discussed after my presentation. Someone suggested I’m sorry I was not able to write down9 the name, but it is in the other document, so one suggested that let us come up with mainly10 CPGs and not standards, now I remember it is Dr. Gonzales, who suggested that for now we11 concentrate on coming up with CPGs and may be later on the standards. So consider CPGs12 of public Health Dentistry. So there was a group of public health dentist from the public13 health sector, she suggested that we consider the formation of a CAG on public health14 dentistry. Someone also suggested that we should have a separate standard of specialist15 and GPs and this is one suggestion that I am going to refer to the CAGs for consideration.16 Come up with the Standard of Care and physical set up of a dental clinic, I believe this is a17 valid suggestion and this is very doable so we can all agree on what equipment, the18 minimum equipment that we should have in our dental clinics and also a very good19 suggestion let us come up with a standard patient chart and I fully agree with this if we have20 a standard patient chart research of baseline data will be easier because the availability of21 data is one very big problem of researchers here in the country. We did encourage more22 dentists to be involved in SOC-CPG development, so I will be flashing in a short while my23 email address so feel free to give me your inputs, suggestions and comments. I also fully24 agree that if you want to come up with evidence based guidelines that are acceptable to25 most with the majority of the practitioners in your country we should not rush this, as I26 have said earlier it took the Canadians 3 years to come up with their CPGs hindi man lang po27 standards CPGs and yet it took them 3 years.28 I would like to mention the efforts of the Philippine Paediatric Society, it took them one29 year and five months to come up with their own guidelines on fluoride application ganito30 lang po kalaki ang pupwedeng ilagay sa ganitong kaliit na papel and it took them one year31 and five months. If you are familiar with the AAPD side, American Academy of Paediatric32 Dentistry you will see a lot of CPGs and there is one CPG on fluoride application it is only 133 and a half pages long, but the references took 3 pages, so around 77 references cited for a34 one and a half page document. So let us follow there was a suggestion that for now we35 follow the guidelines, follow the dental schools but there was also a reaction that dental36 schools do not have a standard guidelines so there is also variations among dental schools.37 What are the legal and for these 3 questions, I would not venture to answer these 338 questions may be the leadership of the House or the PDA could answer these 3 questions.39 What are the legal a dollar compare ----------- why we should come up with SOCs or CPGs?40 How do we harmonize our output with dental law especially the one being amended? Is the41 MRA the reason why we are doing this? So these are questions beyond my competence to42 answer. So thank you for your kind attention! I would like to request all your suggestions,43 inputs and please send your inputs and suggestions to this email address, I only have one so44 I am pretty sure that I will get all your inputs for consideration of the different CAGs. Thank45 you!46 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):47 Thank you very much, Dean Medina! So you have heard and you have participated in the48 discussion of the proposed Standard of Care or my understanding the more appropriate49 term is Clinical Practice Guidelines and therefore, the Chair would like to solicit a motion for
  26. 26. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (26) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 the acceptance of the report of the Technical Working Group as presented. Yes, delegate2 from General Dentistry?3 DR. MELINDA GONZALEZ (OD PAGD):4 Good evening, Madam Speaker! I move for the acceptance of the guidelines in clinical5 practice as presented by Dean Medina.6 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):7 Seconded Kaloocan, General Dentistry, Benguet, Bulacan, DHNAD, Private School Dentists,8 PAFJO, and majority. Discussion? Yes, we have exhaustedly discussed it all day long! Any9 amendment? Any objection? Hearing none the report of the Technical Working Group on10 Clinical Guidelines is hereby accepted. Thank you very much, Dr. Dean Vic Medina!11 May we now call on the Technical Working Group on Code of Ethics and Republic Act 948412 Chaired by Dr. Arlissa Aguiluz. Are you ready? So she is now ready for the presentation. In13 the meantime, 86 people have just signed up, these are just the delegates including the Org.14 Com. 86 delegates have signed up in joining us towards the dancing inmates. So our van will15 leave exactly at 8:30, loading time will be 8:00, the van will leave at 8:30, we approximate16 that there will be about 15 to 20 travel time and then there is another 20 to 30 minutes17 security check. We advise the delegates to please eat your breakfast early. Breakfast starts18 at 5:30 a.m. until 10:00 so soon after breakfast if your flight is leaving 12:30, 1:00 o’clock,19 please check out in advance before you leave. My suggestions please do not wear anything20 orange tomorrow you might blend it very well and they might not let you out. You are21 allowed to take pictures and videos, however, after the presentation which will last for22 about 30 minutes, we are allowed to mingle with them, so I suggest if you have any23 valuables put it inside your bags and just be careful although there has not been any24 security threats or incidents of losses because these are reformed inmates and they do25 dancing as an exercise. Are we ready Madam Chair?26 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):27 Yes, Madam Speaker!28 DR. CLARISSA JANE PE (HOD Speaker):29 Please proceed!30 DR. MARIA ARLISSA AGUILUZ (HOD Past Speaker/OD Bulacan Chapter):31 Thank you and again a pleasant good evening! Sa lahat na nandidito pa din at matiyagang32 sumusubaybay sa ating panukalang pagbabago para sa ating amended dental law.33 Liliwanagin ko lang po ang estado. Mayroon po tayong umiiral na Dental Law 2007 iyon po34 ay kailangan natin sundin kaya yung kaninang cluster na Constitution and By-laws ay pinipilit35 na amendahan yung ating Constitution and By-laws para integrated yung ating hygienist36 and technologist. Simultaneous with that ang cluster ko po naman ay nagsusumikap na37 palitan ang dental law na ito in the hope that may be 1 year, 2 years, 3 years ay mai-lobby38 na natin ito na sufisiente para ito ay pumalit na sa dental law na ngayon ay umiiral sa ating39 bansa. Samakatuwid, we may be taking different roads but trust us we are working to reach40 the same Mountain of Everest as everyone is, hopefully. Samantalang hindi pa natin41 naamendahan ang ating dental law hindi ho tayo maakusahan na hindi tayo nag-iintegrate42 because we are trying. So kung based on that orientation is everybody now on the same
  27. 27. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (27) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 page? So here goes, ito po yung mga naging suggestions. Ganito po yung formatting na2 nangyari very similar doon sa ating Consti and By-laws cluster, so kung wala naman pong3 naging problema hindi naman po inamendahan katulad ng Statement of Policy na yan ang4 naging kulang lang diyan since ang general sentiments ng mga nakausap nating delegado5 kanina ay ayaw na ayaw sa integration in the new amended law tatanggalin na po natin6 yung mga words diyan na nagbabanggit ng dental hygienist at saka dental technologist, kasi7 itong batas na ito ay solely for us, so yun pong isa doon, and then yan po yung kakabanggit8 ko lang, we must in the amended law that we will lobby in the future delete dental9 technologist and hygienist from appropriate parts of the entire dental law because the10 sentiments is gathered from those delegates who attended the cluster. What a rejection of11 integration!12 Ok, I know this is very tiny, it is impossible for you to read it but you have to read the main13 body of the law on the last line sinabi, “Ikaw ba ay isang dentist tapos yung unang14 paragraph oo, kung ikaw ay nagtuturo? Oo. Kung ikaw ay nagtatrabaho sa loob ng bibig15 hindi ka dentist kung ikaw ay isang no. 1 dental hygienist, (2) dental technologist, (3)16 estudyante ng dentistry working under licensed professional in full, (4) unlicensed dental17 graduate working in the clinic as dental assistance tapos mayroon whammy provided that18 they are supervised by licensed dentist, iyon ang nagiging loop hole ng illegal practice, kasi19 andiyan eh. So yung ating amended law will now read, unlicensed dental graduates are not20 allowed to perform task of a dentist on a patient even under supervision by the licensed21 dentist. The original intent of the law was yung ating unlicensed dental graduates would be22 allowed to work in the clinic as dental assistance pero not touch a patient. However, hindi23 po yon ang nagiging gawi, ito po ay ginagamit na loop hole sa ating batas upang ang mga24 licensed dentists ay makapaghire ng mga unlicensed na pagtrabahuhin na gumaganap ng25 mga tungkulin ng isang dentistang lehitimo. So kailangan pong maliwanag na nakasaad26 doon iyang panukalang iyan. Madam Speaker, will I just go on and on and then later on, ok.27 So nothing there, tanggalin lang ho natin yung dental hygienist, dental technologist28 tatanggalin na din natin sa bago pong batas.29 Power and function of the Board? Wala naman ho naging masyadong issue diyan for now.30 Ang condition ng Board wala din naman, lima, wala din po diyan, wala rin po.31 Qualifications yan, sa qualification na pagiging Board Examiner, so sa huli (D) ang sabi diyan32 10 years continued experience, at least 10 years and preferably, so ang naging pagsangayon33 kanina ayaw nila yung word na preferably ang gusto nila required to have a minimum of 334 years teaching experience as a pre-requisite to be appointed as a Dental Examiner. Ang35 rationale nangyari actual teaching experience gives depth and insight to the test questions36 that the examiner would formulate to enhance the validity of the test questions. Naniniwala37 po ba kayo na sa pinakahuling dental licensure exams natin mayroon pong tanong don na38 kung ano ang generic name na Viagara? Hindi ko po maisip ano ang relevance ng isang39 dentist na malaman ang generic name ng viagara. Ito po ba ay makakatulong magdetermina40 kung ang isang dental student ay competent ng magpractice. There are hosts of things that41 they could ask our dental graduates desiring to get a license, but to ask a dental graduate42 anong generic name ng viagara? And on that will hinge whether that dental graduate will43 make it or not make it to the licensure exam. I think it is most unfair. And where does it44 spring from all these questions that apparently have no relevance at all to practice,45 probably it is because of the lack of teaching experience, probably they are not really aware46 of what is in the approved syllabi of CHED for dentistry in the Philippines kaya yung47 panukala ang required at least minimum 3 years experience teaching in a dental school. So48 nothing there.
  28. 28. Minutes of the Meeting PDA-HOD Midyear (2nd Plenary Session) PAGE (28) OF Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City September 28, 20121 Yung correction of term of office ng ating Board of Examiners. Ang nakalagay limang2 examiners, tatlong taon pero nakalagay sa bandang dulo kada examiner bago magtapos ang3 kanyang limang taong panunungkulan ay kailangan maging Chair, so ang nangyari po4 ngayon divide, divide sila, so sadyang napakagulo all because probably of some technical5 errors while this was being typed baka clerical lang, nonetheless it has to go formal6 amendments, so gagawing term should be 5 years since there are 5 examiners.7 Annual report ng Board of Dentistry sa existing batas bibigyan lang nila ng annual report ng8 kanilang mga ginawa sa Commissioner ng PRC yoon lang pero bilang mga stakeholders sa9 kanilang licensure exam dahil tayo dito sa PDA ang tatanggap ng mga license dentist, yoon10 namang mga dental schools ay siyang responsible para masabi na supisiyente yung kanilang11 natutunan para pumasa. Dapat po itong annual report noon ating board of dentistry copies12 should be fully furnished without need to demand and to go through the vigorous13 application process of going to PRC and literally begging for copies to be furnished the14 academe and to the PDA. Dapat po willingly binibigay yan ano po ba ang napakalaking15 sekreto tungkol sa kanilang Annual Report. As tax payers we are entitled to this public16 information, so iyon po yung naging ating rationale doon.17 On the matter of integration Sec. 30 ata, oo, whatever. On the matter of integration iyon na18 nga, so for our own growth as professional organization, so that the dental technologist can19 grow at their own phase and address their own particular needs and concerns and the same20 with the hygienists and the same with the dentists, let us agree to be separate from each21 another, not integrated with each other, but rather work just in the spirit of cooperation,22 but in the meantime, we each have to grow individually as professional organizations not23 restricted by rules of dental law hanging like a sword over our neck na kung hindi mafulfill24 ay aalisan tayo ng accreditation ng ating PRC, so pagisipan ninyo po kung gusto pa din ninyo25 ng integration or not kasi diyan po nakasalalay ang balance ang pinakasubstance ng ating26 umiiral na dental law. Paggusto pa din ninyo ng integration we will have to do something na27 maassimilate talaga sila.28 Alright doon sa mga nagkakasala natin mga kasama sa hanap buhay ang current law29 P200,000.00 haggang P500,000.00 tapos ang imprisonment ay period of not less than 230 years and 1 day no more than 5 years sa experience noon Las Pinas Dental Chapter na31 naikwento niya kanina pag less than 5 years ang imprisonment term ito ay pupunta lamang32 sa Municipal Trial Court at nagiging bailable offense, so para maiwasan yon upon legal33 advice na din pinanunukala na itaas natin ang kaparusahan mayroon na ngang fine ng34 P200,000.00 to P500,000.00 and imprisonment minimum 6 years plus 1 day for a maximum35 of 10 years for illegal practice para mapunta sa Regional Trial Court hindi Municipal Trial36 Court. Advice ata ng lawyer mainam na nasa RTC huwag sa MTC, maraming nag-aagree,37 maraming legal minds dito eh.38 New provisions dahil hindi maisingit ala naman talaga so ang termino natin dito bagong39 panukala, new provisions. So yung term na Standard of Care ay sana maging equivalent and40 acceptable as Good Clinical Practice Guidelines o kung ano man yung sequence of words.41 Katulad nga po noon nabanggit ng aking dekano kanina iba po yung standards sa guidelines,42 so sana maging equivalent. Sa Code of Ethics provisions kasi ang dinidemand Standard of43 Care hindi Clinical Guidelines so ipit tayo don. Ang example ko nga doon ako bilang dentist44 ang aking paggawa sa mga dentures gumagamit po ako ng isang particular articulator na45 dapat ba na ipilit yon sa lahat ng mga dentist kung iyon ang magiging standard? So kung46 good clinical practice na lang magdedescribe tayo, maglalarawan tayo kung ano yung mga47 kondisiones kung saan magaling ka ng gumawa ng pustiso at hindi ito makakapinsala sa48 isang pasyente. So ito yung minumungkahi nitong particular new provision na mas flexible49 nga po kasi ang guidelines.