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Presentation for CodeFellows on networking 101.

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  1. 1. Networking
  2. 2. Networking (blah) (blah)
  3. 3. Stats on Job Seeking• 50% of all jobs are found through networking• Weak ties lead to strong leads
  4. 4. Always Be Meeting• Some simple math...• Average person has: • 130 friends on Facebook • 60 connections on LinkedIn.. • That means you have 36,100 people in your second degree network.• What we found at Meeteor is that you’re likely to have more than 450 connections overall. • 160,000 people in your second degree network.
  5. 5. Always Be Meeting• Every person you meet... • ...has 450 people they can introduce you to • ...across 19 different industries
  6. 6. Where to Network• Events/MeetUps• Cold Emailing• Alumni Databases• Facebook/LinkedIn
  7. 7. Where to Network• Events/MeetUps• Cold Emailing• Alumni Databases• Facebook/LinkedIn
  8. 8. Finding Events/Meetups• Startup City Seattle •• Guide to Seattle Community •• Hops and Chops •• Startup Poker 2.0 •• Hacker News Meetup
  9. 9. So you’re at an event..
  10. 10. Ask: What’s Your Story? • “What do you?” do sucks • Many people have day jobs they don’t like, starts conversation in a negative way • What’s your story lets people tell a narrative: • “I work at HP, but I’m really passionate about...” • Easier to connect on a more meaningful level
  11. 11. Rule # 1: Mojo (Stop Grinfucking) (Stop Grinfucking) (Stop Grinfucking)• If you’re not feeling it...• Move on. It’s ok.• I really connect with about 5/100 people I meet.
  12. 12. Rule #2:Everyone Can Help YouEveryone Can Help You • The person in front of you... • May not be hiring. • May not be an engineer. • But they definitely know someone who is relevant for you. • Key is getting them to want to help you.
  13. 13. Rule # 3: Help Them Help Them• Be curious about the person’s needs• The more helpful you are, the more likely they are to want to reciprocate
  14. 14. Rule #4• Have easier to Stories are a Story remember: a Story Have • “Oh, you’re that person who was really passionate about drones”• Tell people what you’re looking for• Problems you’re fascinated with
  15. 15. Rule # 5: Follow Up Follow Up• Get an email, or connect on LinkedIn, or use Bump• Track information they care about, and send it to them
  16. 16. So what if that doesn’t work?
  17. 17. Where to Network• Events/MeetUps• Cold Emailing• Alumni Databases• Facebook/LinkedIn
  18. 18. Cold Email Strategy (Bleike) (Bleike)
  19. 19. Cold Email Strategy• Identify list of companies you’re interested in• Go to “About Us” or Team sections • If you can’t find a list of relevant employees, go to the company blog, or search for the company on LinkedIn • Look up personal blogs/twitter accounts for each individual you find - get as much data as possible on them • Company blog will usually detail what their biggest issue is
  20. 20. Cold Outreach EmailAmit,I hope this email finds you well. I’m reaching out as I’m currently in a one month • Found:Ruby on Rails coding bootcamp, and am looking to get a job as a junior dev uponmy graduation in April. The program is called CodeFellows, and it’s organized by Sachs, the founder of TechStars Seattle.I was reading your blog post on making math make sense to programmers, and as ajunior dev, I found it quite helpful! Translating the pythagorean theorem into basic • really helped. 4/original/mathtocode.pdfI was hoping you might be free to connect and discuss your career trajectory andcurrent position at Pivotal Labs. Would you be free next Thursday at 5PM? • A little about youAll the Best,Philip C. • Show them you did your research • The Ask. (And for the love of god,PS, below are some links to my resume, and work I’ve done: always include dates and times!)
  21. 21. What to expect• 10-20% hit rate, tops!• People are hungry for talent, so they’re likely to bring you in• They want a combination of cultural fit and ability fit. Culture will be what keeps you around, you can always “make more money” elsewhere
  22. 22. The Meeting• Always ask what their needs are • Give first, reciprocity is a powerful motivator
  23. 23. Where to Network• Events/MeetUps• Cold Emailing• Alumni Databases• Facebook/LinkedIn
  24. 24. Hello Robert, Alumni Reach Out TemplateMy name is Philip Cortes and I am a 2011 graduate of Whartons MBA program. Myco-founder and I recently launched our company, Meeteor, at Wharton and I amnow in NYC fundraising. I was hoping to get a few minutes with you to discussMeeteor and our vision for the future. Would next ____ at ____ work for you? • School connection is enough, mention it first.One Sentence Blurb: Meeteor introduces you to people you dont know, but should,by leveraging data from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. • State agenda/why you’re interestingBelow are two links, one to our demo and the other to our summary video:Demo: • Give links to additional information, your online profiles,Summary: etc.Thank you in advance for your time, I look forward to speaking with you.All the Best,Philip J. Cortes
  25. 25. The Meeting• Always ask what their needs are • Give first, reciprocity is a powerful motivator• Ask for two additional introductions
  26. 26. Where to Network• Events/MeetUps• Cold Emailing• Alumni Databases• Facebook/LinkedIn
  27. 27. Sign up for graph search!
  28. 28. Requesting anHey John, Introduction • Setup what you’re up to, yourI hope this email finds you well. Things have been good on my side - I’m spendingthe month of March in a program called CodeFellows, which is a one month Ruby agenda.on Rails (coding) intensive class. It’s been pretty exciting! The program wasorganized by Andy Sachs (the founder of TechStars Seattle), and the admissionsrate into the program was about 7%, I’m surrounded by some really impressivepeers! • The Ask. Hyperlink whatever youI saw on LinkedIn that you were connected to Boris Wertz at VentureOne. I’m can. Give them an out.hoping to work full time as a developer at a startup after class, and am currentlyfocusing my efforts on meeting venture capitalists in the independent publishingspace. Would you be up for making an introduction? No worries if you’re not that • Write up a blurb that they canclose, but wanted to reach out and check. forward. Make it easy! • Add as many hyperlinks to yourBelow is a brief blurb you can forward to him about me: online identities as possible.Philip is an ex-startup founder, reinventing himself as a junior developer. He wasadmitted into CodeFellows, which is a Ruby on Rails bootcamp organized by AndySack in Seattle. (Andy founded Techstars in Seattle). He’s looking to get into theindependent publishing space as a developer. Do you think you would have time to • They want to know that you’rechat with him? not going to make them look bad. The better the justification, theHeres a little more about the Philip and what he did at Meeteor: more likely they are to pass it through.Thanks John! Much appreciatedPhilip C.