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Foster care powerpoint


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Foster care powerpoint

  1. 1. Some quick facts about foster care.
  2. 2. Children deserve to be free from serious worries.
  3. 3. And they deserve to feel important.
  4. 4. The problem. Unfortunately, nearly 40,000 Australian children are unable to live with their parents for reasons like abuse, neglect and family breakdown. Image:Horia Varlan (CC by 2.0)
  5. 5. Barnardos helps these children. We provide a range of foster care options to meet the varying needs of children: • Temporary care • Permanent care/adoption • Adolescent care • Respite care CC-BY-SA-3.0 from Wikimedia Commons
  6. 6. Our foster carers come from all walks of life. We need families, couples, and single people from diverse backgrounds to help our children.
  7. 7. Barnardos’ Success. We have a very high success rate with our long term placements due to the careful matching process we undertake for finding our children a permanent home.
  8. 8. Barnardos supports its carers. Barnardos Australia provides all carers with generous financial remuneration and 24 hour support.
  9. 9. Can’t open your home but still want to help? Through Barnardos Virtual Foster Carer program, you can change a child’s life for just $1 a day.
  10. 10. Got a question? Our website has more information on becoming a foster carer. To speak to someone about foster care opportunities please call us on 1800 663 441.