The 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night


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Here are the key questions common to big change projects. All of them were raised repeatedly during projects I worked on. They relate to both the project management and people dynamics aspects of change.

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The 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night

  1. 1. The 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night ...and Why They Matter
  2. 2. Leaders and Change • Often a leader’s operational experience doesn’t translate well to the issues they have to manage during change • Many either act on the first information they receive or rely on their gut instincts • Unbeknownst to them they lay landmines that will explode as they and their people progress through the change
  3. 3. TO LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE YOU MUST • Ask the right questions and get the right answers • Be ready to answer the tough questions asked of you • In both instances, get the right inputs—facts, information, options and rationale
  4. 4. There are 4 Phases of a Big Change Project Figuring It Out Planning for Change Managing Change Making It Stick Each one has a list of questions that need to be asked and answered to lead change successfully
  5. 5. About planning... 1. What do I bring to the project? 2. How do identify what needs to change? 3. What have we done before, and did it work? 4. What other change projects are happening at the same time? About communication... 5. Who are the stakeholders who can influence success? 6. What is the water cooler talk about my proposed change? About getting results... 7. What do I need to know before I commit to deliverables? 8. How do I measure success? 9. Will the change actually achieve the desired outcome? 10.How do I avoid scope creep? Figuring It Out
  6. 6. About planning... 11.What does a good plan look like? 12.How do I get the budget to do it right? 13.What governance is required to run the project? 14.How do I prepare people to work in new ways? 15.How do I reduce risk? About resources... 16.How do I know what resources I need? 17.What makes a good project manager? 18.How do I get the best people to join the project team? 19.How do I know if a consultant can help me? 20.How do I set up the project team for success? About communication... 21.How do I get leaders to personally commit to the project? 22.How can I help leaders prepare for their roles? 23.How do I describe the better future my project will bring? 24.How do I get people to care about my project? 25.How do I make my project the highest priority? 26.How do I communicate to the organization? Planning for Change
  7. 7. About planning... 27.How do I manage my day job, change project, and life? 28.When is the organization ready for big change? About resources... 29.How should we celebrate wins? 30.How do I get more resources if I need them? 31.How do I avoid losing team members? 32.What do I do if someone is pulled from my team? 33.How do I keep the project team energized? About communication... 34.How do I manage my stakeholders? 35.How can I minimize change fatigue? 36.How do I overcome resistance? 37.How do I know communications are working? 38.How do I get a leader back on side? 39.How do I get a new business leader’s support? 40.What do I do when I don’t know what to do? 41.How do I communicate a delay in the project? 42.How do I demonstrate progress? Managing Change
  8. 8. About planning... 43.How do I prevent the return of old ways of working? 44.How do I hand over responsibilities to the business? 45.How do I record lessons learned? 46.How do I re-enter the business? About resources... 47.How do I plan for post-launch support? 48.How do I reward the team? About getting results... 49.How do I keep the change alive? 50.How do I show that the project was a success? Making Change Stick
  9. 9. Anticipating, asking and answering the questions of change will lead to good decision making and desired results
  10. 10. The 50 biggest questions are answered in Change with Confidence. This book: • Builds leader confidence and skill sets by preparing them for the questions they must answer when leading a big change • Provides concise, yet thorough answers illustrated by real- world examples • Includes proven techniques to plan and manage change projects • For more change resources, visit us at: