Big Data Strategies Financial Services & Consumer Products


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Practical Implementation Of Big Data Strategies: Sharing Innovation Across Financial Services, Retail, Digital Media & Telecommunications

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Big Data Strategies Financial Services & Consumer Products

  1. 1. Book before 19th AprilThe Only Financial Services Focused Big Data ConferenceTo Draw Benchmarks From Other Industries And SAVE £200 Off Standard Pricing!EXAMINING BENCHMARKS WITHIN & OUTSIDE THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRYHARNESSING THE GOLD MINE OF "UNTAPPED DATA"TO ENRICH THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE,GENERATE NEW REVENUE STREAMS ANDDELIVER KEY BUSINESS BENEFITS Expert Insights From 20+ Senior Financial Services, Retail, Digital Media and Telecommunications Representatives: Alex Sion 19 th -20 th JUNE 2013 President & Managing Director Movenbank LONDON, UK Ian Worley Executive Director Morgan Stanley Cutting Through The Hype On Big Data To Create Strategies Andrew Mantis And Actions On Implementing Quick Wins With Key Issues SVP Group Head, Merchant Information Services Being Discussed Including: MasterCard Crispin Rogers P LEVERAGING INTERNAL DATA: SVP Loyalty and Merchant Analytics Pinpointing Opportunities For Using Customer Data To Customise Products, Enrich Visa Europe Consumer Insights And Provide Overall Better Financial Services Vic Moschitto Director Head of Decision Support & Management P USE OF UNSTRUCTURED DATA: Scotiabank Turning Unstructured Data Into Meaningful Insights: How Can This Data Be Used And What Are The Tools Needed To Capture & Analyse It? Michael Muzio Enterprise Director P REAL-TIME TARGETING OF CUSTOMER NEEDS: Towergate Insurance Understand How To Utilise Internal And Unstructured Data To Tailor And Target Steven Pimblett Highly Relevant Products And Services At Exactly The Right Time And Place General Manager Data P CROSS-INDUSTRY CASE STUDIES: Demonstrating Where Brands Have Harnessed Big Data Strategies For Real Plus Cross Industry Perspectives From: Business Benefit Matt McNeill P COMBINING DATA SETS INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY: Enterprise Solutions Lead EMEA Developing Organisational Structures To Enable A Single View Of The Data And Google Opportunities For Combining Data Sets Across Industries Chris Gobby P MONETISING BIG DATA: Head of mData Exploring The Potential For Monetising Big Data Externally And Managing Pitfalls, EE Everything Everywhere Privacy & Regulatory Concerns Steve Martin Director of Insight P PRIVACY, SECURITY AND REGULATION: Nectar Understanding What Constitutes Responsible Use Of Data From The Customer Point Of View, Regulatory And Legal Perspectives Barry Panayi Head of Data & AnalyticsOrganised By: + 44 (0) 800 098 8489
  2. 2. 5 REASONS TO ATTEND 19 th -20 th June 2013 London, UK 1 Take away practical insights to help you form innovative data strategies, Dear Colleague, improved analytics, cut costs and drive higher revenue Do You Want To Understand How To Cut Through The Hype On Big Data To Implement Realistic Strategies That Deliver Real Business Benefit? 2 Tap into cross industry best practices with case studies from world leaders in consumer If so, then you should join us at the debut Big Data Strategies For Financial Services & Consumer Products 2013 where you will benefit from insights, customer loyalty and data content packed sessions with actionable take aways with insights analytics across Financial Services, from both financial and non-financial service industries. Retail, Telecommunications and ‘Big data’ presents an enormous opportunity to better target Digital Media, positioning you at the consumers needs, improve customer communication and loyalty, forefront of innovation in big data reduce risk, and ultimately target more profitable interactions in real 3 time, across multiple channels. Benefit from a thoroughly researched agenda that pinpoints Although the financial sector has been leveraging internal insight from transactional data for years, clearly they remain behind clear, actionable and simple strategies the curve in comparison to their counterparts in the retail, for you to implement upon your return telecommunications and digital media industries. to the office This timely conference will bring together world leaders in consumer insights, data analytics, and business intelligence to examine the benchmarks within and outside the financial industry, showcasing 4 Assess the scope of opportunities for monetising big data the cutting edge in big data strategies to enable you to formulate externally and combining data sets pragmatic implementation upon return to your office. with other industries to develop well Please take a look at the enclosed agenda and visit: rounded insights into customers for the fastest way to register. needs and behaviours 5 I look forward to welcoming you to London in June. Enjoy exclusive networking opportunities, including a Kind regards, networking drinks reception at the Book before 19th April end of Day One; the perfect setting to Big Data Strategies Summit Team And SAVE £200 Off Standard Pricing! intermingle with colleagues, peers and new acquaintances alike What Our Past Attendees Said: Love when day 2 goes by quickly because @SocialMedia_CBC was a world class event. of great presenters with relevant content @ I enjoyed it with some inspiring and incredibly SocialMedia_CBC bright people. I cant wait until the next one! Christine Warner, Advisor, IR & Marketing, Trevor Georgie, Marketing Manager, Hunter Dickinson Inc. Maple Leaf + 44 (0) 800 098 8489
  3. 3. Day 1 UTILISING INTERNAL DATA FOR IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WEDNESDAY, 19 th JUNE, 2013 MANAGEMENT AND BETTER TARGETING OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES8.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks C) Providing Better Financial Services And Advice To Customers Alex Sion, President & Managing Director, Movenbank 12.10 Practically Operationalising The Data And Leveraging The Weight Of The Analytics To Provide Direct Day-To-Day Benefits To Customers Strategic Visions For Utilising Big Data: Asking The Right Questions To Define The Objectives, Understanding The • Exemplifying how to leverage analytics to give better informed advice to clients to save them money, improve customer experience and promote life long relationships with the Opportunities And Managing Practical Implementation brand CROSS SECTOR OPENING PANEL • Enabling customer service ground staff to gain a clear view of insights about customers to provide personalised advice and service at every level of the business9.00 Demonstrating Business Benefits Relating To Improved Customer • Using historical data to prevent customers from making mistakes – how can this be Experience, Product Targeting And Customisation: Where Have Brands practically implemented and communicated? Been Able To Utilise Similar Data To Do Incredible Things? • Leveraging the whole weight of analytics to benefit both high level strategic marketing • Getting a real picture about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it drives as well as customer facing areas of the organisation • Benchmarking cross industry successes in utilising data for improved customer Ed Lecky-Thompson, Head of Digital, Charles Stanley experience management and better targeting of products and services: What can be learnt from the leaders? 12.40 Question & Answer Session • Creating clear, simple, actionable strategies that cut through the hype to focus efforts 12.50 Networking Lunch In Exhibition Showcase Area on the most value-add areas: How do we turn big data into better information? • Deciding what to do with the data, and how this is going to help the business - How do D) Managing Risk you ask the right question to get what you want from the data? 1.50 Integrating Traditional Customer Relationship Databases With Online • Identifying financial pioneers in the digital space to grasp the true value of ‘Big Data’ Behavioural Data To Build A More Robust Picture Of Customer Credit Risk and how much you should be spending on it • Harnessing the power of big data analytics to better understand potential clients and their Andrew Mantis, SVP, Group Head, Merchant Information Services, MasterCard financial situation Steve Martin, Director of Insight, Aimia, Nectar • Using digital methodologies to better manage risk and improve the profitability of the Dan Bolland, Director Strategy, Business Performance & Analysis, Barclays company by reducing losses Andrew McMullan, Head of Strategy & Business Architecture, Royal Bank of Scotland • Minimising the risk of lending to small-medium sized businesses by adopting improved9.30 Question & Answer Session business loan models which take into account more factors than unconventional business models CASE STUDY: BEGINNING TO END • Practical lessons to understand losses using economic input into forecasts and models: Building economic models that react to current economic trends9.40 From ‘Big Data’ Analysis To A Campaign That Has Made A Real Difference: How Do We Harness The Information We Have? Michael Muzio, Enterprise Director, Towergate Insurance • Making a big data strategy a reality: Where do you start? How do you define the 2.20 Question & Answer Session objectives? • Identifying the major challenges initially faced and experiences on how to overcome Organisational Structures To Support The Practical Implementation Of Big them? Data Strategies • What tools were most beneficial in supporting big data analytics? How can you identify value in investment? COMBINING DATA SETS INTERNALLY • Evaluating success: How did the big data strategy improve customer experience, 2.30 Creating A Single View Of The Data To Enable Practical Implementation Of A bottom line profits or add value to products and services? More Customer-Focussed Approach Alex Sion, President & Managing Director, Movenbank • Outlining the benefits of combining data sets internally: How will the company profit from a single view of the data?10.10 Question & Answer Session • Practical explanations of how to break down department silos: What are the steps that Best Practice Case Studies: How Can You Utilise Internal Data? need to be taken to merge internal data? • Overcoming internal organisational cultures preventing data merging: How can you Revealing Examples In Comparable Businesses Where People Have Been encourage data sharing within the organisation for the greater good of the company? Able To Harness Data For Real Business Benefit • Determining which data should not be shared: How to protect sensitive data while10.20 – 2.20 Leveraging Internal Transactional Data To Target Customer Needs promoting cohesion across the organisation And Trigger More Profitable Customer Interactions Barry Panayi, Head of Data & Analytics, Virgin A) Targeting Customers Needs With Highly Relevant Products And 3.00 Question & Answer Session Services 3.10 Afternoon Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area10.20 Harnessing The Power Of Real Time Big Data To Deliver Highly Relevant CROSS INDUSTRY PANEL: CUSTOMER CENTRIC ORGANISATIONAL Products And Services To Customers STRUCTURES • Identifying what customer problems you are trying to solve to better match solutions 3.40 Evaluating Organisational Structures That Support A Customer Centric View • Using big data analytics to design bespoke customer loyalty programmes Of Data • Empowering customer facing employees with real time consumer insights and desktop capability to enable them to provide time sensitive services and suggest relevant • What organisational structure or business model will support big data as an asset? products • Setting the record straight and answering the question: Who should own big data? • Aligning customer feedback and perspectives with internal matrix data to improve • Outlining the benefits of remodelling organisational structures around big data to combine products and enhance customer experience data silos and merge information for the greater good of the business • Navigating internal data to get a pulse check on what consumers think about a • Identifying business models in alternate industries which have succeeded in changing particular product or the launch of a new ad campaign their business model to reflect a more customer centric structure • Providing customers with tailored suggestions online – how has this been implemented Alan Grogan, Director of Analytics & Value Optimisation, Royal Bank of Scotland on e-commerce sites to increase conversion? 4.10 Question & Answer Session Steve Martin, Director of Insight, Aimia, Nectar SEGMENTING DATA AND CUSTOMER PROFILES10.50 Question & Answer Session 4.20 Driving Forward The Single Customer View Through Micro Segments,11.00 Morning Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area Segment Based Pricing And Consumer Profiles B) Identifying New Revenue Streams • Examining ways to slice up the data to enhance marketing efforts and provide a more tailored approach for the customer11.30 Capitalising On Big Data To Detect Opportunities For New Revenue • What is the best way to segment consumer profiles into sections - transaction behaviour, Streams age, wealth or other characteristics? • Pinpointing opportunities for growth, diversification or general improvement of revenue • Understanding how to generate trackable data sources to evaluate how micro segments of streams to increase the internal profitability of the organisation customers wish to interact with the business • Understanding what drives consumers to buy particular products to recognise why they • Exploring potential for micro segmenting to drive better propensity modelling would purchase a particular product from your business compared to another Vic Moschitto, Director Head of Decision Support & Management, Scotiabank • Identifying potential revenue generation opportunities from new customer segments • Discovering shared learnings from other industries who are creating new revenue 4.50 Question & Answer Session streams in an intelligent way via new digital engagement 5.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks Chris Gobby, Head of mData, EE Everything Everywhere 5.10 – 6.10 Networking Drinks Reception In Exhibition Showcase Area12.00 Question & Answer + 44 (0) 800 098 8489
  4. 4. Day 2 MANAGING PRIVACY ISSUES, MEANINGFULLY USING UNSTRUCTUREDTHURSDAY, 20 th JUNE, 2013 DATA AND IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES WITH EXTERNAL DATA8.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks • Forecasting potential complications transitioning from the current data infrastructure such as storage Privacy And Regulation: • What tools are used by non-financial industries to unleash the potential of unstructuredResponsible Use Of Data From Customer, Legal And Regulatory Perspectives data? Andrew McMullan, Head of Strategy and Business Architecture, Royal Bank of Scotland CUSTOMER VIEW 12.40 Question & Answer Session9.00 Understanding The Customer View On What Constitutes Responsible Use Of Data: What Trade-Offs Are Likely To Be Acceptable To Customers? 12.50 Networking Lunch In Exhibition Showcase Area • Understanding the boundaries for consumer privacy in terms of specific types of financial information: Where do you draw the line? Blending Unstructured And Structured Data And Evaluating External • Evaluating customer receptivity to financial services accessing their personal non- Opportunities To Monetise Big Data financial information: What is considered sacred ground? How are these views changing? INTEGRATING STRUCTURED AND UNSTRUCTURED DATA • Ascertaining consumer opinion on financial services using the cloud to store data 1.50 Approaches For Joining Social Media Profiles With Financial Profiles: How • Discovering the roadmap towards bringing together social media profiles with financial profiles: How to provide the Facebook trade off? Can This Data Be Utilised While Maintaining Privacy? • Uncovering views on the roadmap for incorporating social media and matching up with Steven Pimblett, General Manager, Data, financial profiles9.30 Question & Answer Session • Practical demonstrations on how to marry structured data with unstructured data: How do you tabulate unstructured data in a measurable way? HOW TO EDUCATE CUSTOMERS • Outlining the benefits for merging structured data sources with unstructured data: In what9.40 Educating Customers On The Benefits Of Big Data Analytics In Terms Of ways will an organisation benefit? Anticipating Their Needs Quicker, Increasing Convenience, And Helping • Identifying the quick win opportunities for blending structured and unstructured data: How Them Improve Their Financial Situation can I see the benefit with the least amount of investment? • Working with customers to make clear the difference between invasion of privacy and • Understanding how social media companies use customer information to identify valuable knowledge that will benefit them directly opportunities for joining data profiles • Promoting transparent communications and good practice with consumers on how Crispin Rogers, Senior VP Loyalty & Analytics, Visa their information is being used and how it will improve their services 2.20 Question & Answer Session • Redesigning a more positive marketing strategy and overcoming sensitivity around spam and email marketing EXTERNALLY COMBINING DATA SETS • Understanding learnings on how to educate customers in situations of disruptive 2.30 Blending Data Sets With Other Industries To Develop Well Rounded Insights change to realise the benefit and detract from the negative Into Customer Needs And Behaviours: What Opportunities Are There For Colin Gibson, Head of Data, Global Banking & Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland New Types Of Business Partnerships?10.10 Question & Answer Session • Identifying potential industries it would be beneficial to merge with: What information would be valuable to know about consumers? LEGAL AND REGULATORY PERSPECTIVE • Showcasing the benefits of blending data with other industries: What are the business10.20 Taking A Legal Perspective To Evaluate How The Regulatory Landscape opportunities, partnerships and overall benefits of accessing external data? Is Likely To Develop With Respect To Big Data, Security And Privacy For • What customer information can we leverage to benefit other industries? How much weighting does consumer financial information hold? Financial Services • Troubleshooting the potential roadblocks: What are the restrictions for what data you can • Benefits of taking a proactive approach to self regulating the limits of customer privacy match and what you can’t match? in the financial services arena: Setting the guidelines for appropriate use of data Matt McNeill, Enterprise Solutions Lead EMEA, Google • Understanding the legal limits to how far financial services can use consumer data: What are the ‘watch outs’? 3.00 Question & Answer Session • Legal views on how regulation may be formed around privacy and consent between the 3.10 Afternoon Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area UK and Europe as well as globally • Forecasting the potential for legislation requirements as big data becomes more prevalent DIGITAL CHANNELS AND THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY • Identifying examples from other industries to understand how regulation may be 3.40 Using Big Data To Understand How Customers Interact Across Digital shaped with regards to big data security and privacy Channels: How Much Should Be Invested In Each Channel And How Can Representative from the FSA, speaker to be confirmed shortly… We Drive Value Off The Back Of It?10.50 Question & Answer Session • Understanding consumers digital channel choice for desktop, tablet and mobile device to decipher how much should be invested into each channel for which products11.00 Morning Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area • Optimising path to purchase for specific financial products on particular channels to improve customer journeys and drive value to actual purchase Capitalising On Opportunities With Unstructured Data And Understanding • Uncovering how certain consumer groups research financial services and what their How To Practically Manage To Gain Useful Insights channel choice is for actual purchase • Providing robust insight into how to use data to serve more relevant messages throughout USE OF UNSTRUCTURED DATA different stages: What information do consumers want to be provided with and when?11.30 Turning Unstructured Data Into Useful Insights: How Can You • Taking shared learnings from digital companies to understand use of click stream data Meaningfully Use The Daily Expanse Of Social Media Interactions And and how to optimise digital services to improve the customer experience: What works and Conversations To Drive Value? what doesn’t work? • How to interpret big data to zero in on key pieces of information: What interpretive Damien Daly, Head of Marketing & Customer Analytics, Bank of Ireland analysis techniques will make the salient pop out? 4.10 Question & Answer Session • Understanding how your customers online likes and preferences will help improve products, services and marketing efforts CROSS INDUSTRY PANEL: MONETISING BIG DATA • Turning big data into better information by understanding how to drive value from 4.20 Assessing The Scope Of Opportunities For Monetising Big Data Externally: unstructured data Managing The Pitfalls, Privacy Issues and Regulatory Concerns • How to maintain context and sentiment of unstructured data to ensure meaningful use • How can we or should we monetise data externally? of social media interactions and conversations • Understanding the value of financial services data to external entities, how would other Ian Worley, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley businesses benefit from understanding financial services data?12.00 Question & Answer Session • Which elements of data would be acceptable to monetise? What are the limitations? • What would be the potential ramifications of externally monetising big data? CAPTURING & ANALYSING UNSTRUCTURED DATA • What is the regulatory situation on monetising big data? What are the legal limits?12.10 What Tools Do You Need To Unleash The Potential Of Unstructured Data? Andrew Mantis, SVP Group Head, Merchant Information Services, MasterCard How Do You Maintain A Database With Every Piece Of Data, Analyse And Chris Gobby, Head of mData, Everything Everywhere Quantify It? Vic Moschitto, Director Head of Decision Support & Management, Scotiabank • Identifying what tools an analyst needs to collect, harvest and analyse unstructured 4.50 Question & Answer Session data effectively: What is available? Who is using it? Why should I invest in it? 5.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks • Planning effectively for the future by pinpointing what infrastructure is necessary to provide a solid core system to support new data sources 5.10 End Of + 44 (0) 800 098 8489
  5. 5. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESAT THE BIG DATA STRATEGIES SUMMITBig Data Strategies for Financial Services & Consumer Products 2013 offers a unique platform for you to deliveryour message, raise awareness and network with industry leaders responsible for their company’s consumer insight,customer loyalty and data analytics strategy. Achieving Your Marketing And Business Objectives At The Summit: Who Will You Meet? DEMONSTRATE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Financial service companies are actively evaluating their core data management systems and are looking to invest in systems to store, interpret and analyse large amounts of structured and unstructured data. You may be pioneering these advances, but do your customers know what differentiates you from your competitors? Use targeted, editorially reviewed keynotes and case studies to demonstrate thought leadership to your target audience. RAISE BRAND AWARENESS AND INCREASE YOUR PROFILE Any solutions selected by financial service companies must be subjected to careful comparative cost-benefit analysis. Of course they will take into account, profile, credibility and market leadership when selecting suppliers to enable their big data strategy. Your organisation must be at the forefront when these decisions are made. Cement your leadership position with targeted branding and profiling campaigns directed at senior executives in the financial sector. 42% Financial Services (Banks, Credit Cards, Insurers, Online Banking) MEET AND NETWORK WITH DECISION MAKERS 15% Other Industries Thought leadership, branding and profiling are converted into contracts through extensive (Retail, Digital Media, Telecommunications) face-to-face relationship building. As a dedicated event to the financial services industry, this 36% Technology Providers intimate forum enables you to meet specific job titles in one place at one time, giving you the best possible chance of influencing key decision makers. 7% Regulators, Media, Associations To secure your booth or discuss tailor-made sponsorship packages, contact: Job Titles You Will Meet Gerard Waldron +44 (0) 800 098 84 89 üü Consumer Insight + 44(0) 208 886 4694 üü Digital Strategy üü Customer Loyalty üü Data Analytics FULL SPEAKER LIST: üü Customer Relationship Management (CRM) üü Customer Engagementüü Alex Sion, President & Managing Director, Movenbank üü Data Strategyüü Ian Worley, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley üü Customer Intelligence/Analyticsüü Andrew Mantis, SVP Group Head, Merchant Information Services, MasterCard üü Marketingüü Crispin Rogers, SVP Loyalty and Merchant Analytics, Visa Europe üü Web Strategy/Online Strategyüü Vic Moschitto, Director Head of Decision Support & Management, Scotiabank üü Digital Channelsüü Andrew McMullan, Head of Strategy & Business Architecture, Royal Bank of Scotland üü E-commerce, E-business, and E-marketingüü Steven Pimblett, General Manager Data, üü Customer Experienceüü Michael Muzio, Enterprise Director, Towergate Insurance üü Web Analytics and Business Analyticsüü Dan Bolland, Director Strategy, Business Performance & Analysis, Barclays üü Content Strategyüü Alan Grogan, Director of Analytics & Value Optimisation, Royal Bank of Scotlandüü Ed Lecky-Thompson, Head of Digital, Charles Stanley Direct Venue Informationüü Damien Daly, Head of Marketing and Customer Analytics, Bank of Irelandüü Marco Petranzan, Head of Data, The Summit Will Be Held In London.üü Colin Gibson, Head of Data, Global Banking & Markets, Royal Bank of Scotlandüü Matt McNeill, Enterprise Solutions Lead EMEA, Googleüü Chris Gobby, Head of mData, EE Everything Everywhereüü Steve Martin, Director of Insight, Nectarüü Barry Panayi, Head of Data & Analytics, + 44 (0) 800 098 8489
  6. 6. I would like to register the delegate(s) below for the 2 day conference Yes BIG DATA STRATEGIES - Financial Services & Consumer Products 2013 DETAILS Photocopy for multiple delegates PLEASE USE CAPITALS GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLEDelegate 1 * Mr * Ms * Mrs * Miss * Dr * Other Maximise learning and networkingName opportunities for your organisation or team – call or email us for rates!PositionDelegate 2 * Mr * Ms * Mrs * Miss * Dr * OtherNamePositionOrganisationAddressCountry Zip/Postal CodeTelephone Fax Email Signature DELEGATE RATES We have team discounts so you can involve your whole organisation or team Guests are responsible for their own travel and accomodation arrangements. Early Booking Discount Early Booking Discount Standard Rate Book and pay before 19 APRIL 2013 Book and pay before 17 MAY 2013 th th From 18th MAY 20132 Day Conference + Conference Audio Proceedings * £1,099 +VAT * £1,199 +VAT * £1,299 +VAT2 Day Conference * £899 +VAT * £999 +VAT * £1,099 +VATNo Attendance - Presentations Materials inc. Conference Audio Materials * £399 +VAT PAYMENT Please tick appropriate boxes and complete details Payment must be received in full prior to the event.* Cheque I enclose a cheque in UK Pounds Sterling payable to London Business Conferences for £* Payment by Wire Transfer A copy of the bank transfer document should be attached to your registration form so appropriate allocation of funds can be made to your registration. Bank: Barclays Bank Account Name: London Business Conferences Account number: 60827312 Sort Code: 209821 IBAN: GB81BARC20982160827312 SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22* Credit Card please charge my * Visa * American Express * Mastercard Amount £ Expiry Date Card Number Security Code Name on card Signature of card holder Terms and Conditions London Business Conferences Please write to the Head of HOW TO REGISTER The conference is being organised reserves the right to alter or cancel Marketing, London Business by London Business Conferences, the speakers or program. Conferences at the address below Please Return Your Completed Registration Form To Our Customer Service Team a limited liability company formed Receipt of this booking form, if you specifically do not want to under English company law and inclusive or exclusive of payment receive this information. constitutes formal agreement to London Business Conferences. registered in the UK no. 5090859.Call + 44 (0) 800 098 8489 Cancellations received one calendar attend and acceptance of the terms First Floor 44-46, New Inn Yard, and conditions stated. month (or the previous working day London EC2A 3EY, UK. *If you are claiming the early bookingFax + 44 (0) 845 8678109 whichever is the earliest) before the discount this may not be used in London Business Conferences event will be eligible for a refund less will not accept liability for any conjunction with other discountsEmail £75 administration fee. Cancellations advertised elsewhere. individual transport delays and in must be made in writing. After that We would like to keep you such circumstances the normal point no refund can be made. If you informed of other London Business cancellation restrictions apply.Online are unable to attend, no refund can Conferences products and services. London Business Conferences be given but you may nominate a This will be carried out in accordance Limited, Registered in England No.Address First floor, 44-46 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY, UK colleague to take your place. with the Data Protection Act. + 44 (0) 800 098 8489