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Philippine accommodation


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Philippine accommodation

  1. 1. Boracay Island – The Philippines’ Tropical Paradise Vacationing in the Philippines is bestwhen you are with the family, friends, and/or loved ones. Becausethe country is known for regularly welcoming tourists looking toenjoy the sun, as well as the sights and sounds, there is no shortageof accommodations. In fact, almost everywhere you go, there isbound to have great Resorts Philippines accommodation optionsaround.Your first stop starts in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.There, you can choose to stay at the Manila Hotel, Diamond HotelPhilippines, Hotel H20, Hyatt Hotel, or other similar accommodationPhilippines options,depending on where youare located and where youwant to visit. Whicheverhotel you wish to check in,you can be sure that thereare excellent activities youwill find in the city, as it isknown for being a venuefor ocean front dining,dancing, and music.
  2. 2. One of the reasons why people love traveling to the country is because of its Filipino resorts. The tropical paradise that is the Boracay Island is perhaps the most popular one. It is situated just off of Iloilo, which is south of Manila. You can reach Boracay in two routes. One is by flying to Kalibo; it takes around quarter of an hour to get there. Next, you take 90-minute car ride and another 10-minute boat ride to finally get to the island. The other way is you fly to Caticlan; it also takes around the same time as the Kalibo ride, but when you get there, you will only have to take a 10-minute carride and 10-minute boat ride to reach Boracay.As you arrive in the island, you will discover the many Philippinesaccommodation options such as hotels, cottages, bungalows, andhuge vacation homes. Make sure, however, that you makereservations before traveling, to avoid not getting the rented homeor cottage you want. Here are some recommended premieraccommodation Philippines options for you:Monaco Suites de BoracayBoracay Beach ClubShangri-La’s Boracay Resort and SpaBest Western Boracay Tropic ResortBoracay Regency
  3. 3. Boracay Beach ResortBamboo Boracay Beach ResortRegency Lagoon ResortThere are other beaches and resorts you can go to around thePhilippines.