Ways to overcome depression


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Ways to overcome depression

  1. 1. Ways to Overcome Depression Cause of depression can be because of non acceptance of the incident happened in a person's life. Feeling stuck with negative thoughts or emotion is a sign of depression. Not able to accept oneself and trying to avoid confrontation with ones own negative thought is also a sign of depression. A person slips in depression if he/she is not able to accept situation or things as it is and he/she is not able to use own will power to think over the problem and find a solution. Thinking or analyzing over a certain incident and being unsuccessful in finding the root cause of the problem could result in mental drainage of energy resulting in depression. Stress due to over work or conflicting situation can also result in feeling low and ultimately feeling depressed. Blaming a person for everything happening around is also a sign of depression. Blaming a person for depression could be soothing for sometime but one needs to understand that self control or mind control is the solution for this. Tendency of a person to feel depressed is more if the person is always at the receiving end. Always compromising in life could also lead a person to feel depressed. In depression, a person cannot accept the suggestion of the person whom he is blaming for the incident or situation, so trying to argue will result in loss of vital energy resulting in feeling low. Effect of depression could be suicidal if the person is left alone for a long time or feels that he/she cannot withstand the suffering of others as well as self and is not able to cope with the humiliation from the incident. A person confines oneself to a room or place where he/she feels nobody can hurt him or blame him/her. He/she feels that emotional security is at risk. Lack of concentration, improper appetite, not getting sound sleep, untimely bowl movement could be the effect of depression. One feels low when there is loss of energy caused due to conflicting thoughts in the mind or struggling to understand a situation or struggling to understand the behavior of a person. Depression also leads to low confidence and low self esteem. Expecting a person every time to respond or behave the way you want is also a sign of depression. To lead a normal life, one needs to practice ones will power. And to come out of depression, counseling is necessary as one may not be able to say openly to anybody the things going in the mind or the problem one has. The person can share his/her hurt, pain or any emotion to only the one who can give confidence and emotional security. So a psychiatrist treatment could help followed by counseling. A family can play a big role if a member is able to understand the person going through a bad phase and give moral support and confidence which can help to recover the person earlier. There are ways to fight depression like involving oneself in things pleasing to oneself or cultivating a habit which could break the mind habit of thinking on a thing. About the author Clement is an online writer. You can check out his latest website at industrial lighting fixtures and managed windows hosting.