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Avista Partners Interactive Entertainment Summit 23 Nov 09 Main Pres


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main presentation from the Avista Partners Interactive Entertainment Summit 23 Nov 2009 in London, UK

Avista Partners Interactive Entertainment Summit 23 Nov 09 Main Pres

  1. 1. Avista Partners
  2. 2. Accedo Broadband Gamepoint Spil Games Acton Capital Geewa Sponsorpay Astrum Online Entertainment GMT Partners Stillfront Atomico Ventures Imabiz Stockford Balderton Capital Intel Capital T5 Labs Blue Beck Jowood Tencent Brown Rudnick Turbulenz Burda:ic MCI Management T-Venture Catalis Group MIH Unity Technologies Chillingo NAMCO BANDAI Networks Europe Ups Games Cyber Sports World NAMCO BANDAI Games Van den Ende & Deitmers DN Capital Natural Selection Holtzbrinck Ventures DTP Entertainment Novel TMT Veronis Suhler Stevenson Endemol Numerion Software Walt Disney Company Ex Machina Owlient WeeWorld fatfoogoo Playnik XEO Freemantle Media Powerchallenge YoYo Games Game Group RedBedlam Zattikka GameDuell Remote Control Productions Zong Avista Note: this list does not include companies on the panels 2 Partners
  3. 3. Now………a few thoughts and stats to share: Avista 3 Partners
  4. 4. Physical distribution of boxed games Console Developer Publisher Distributor Retailer Consumer PC Avista 4 Partners
  5. 5. Analytics Online Developer/ Publisher Consumer • Console: XBLA, PSN, WiiWare • Social: Facebook, Myspace • Downloadable Hosting •Digital Distribution • Client based • Browser based •Social Games • In the cloud •Virtual Worlds Community features •MMO’s Mobile Publisher/ Developer Retailer/ Café Consumer • Smartphones: iPhone, Android, Payment Distributor Windows, Blackberry platforms • Other mobile phones •Main business model •Digital distribution / •Game cards in Asia games on demand •PC time Advertising •Run own games in platforms •MMO boxes partners home country •MMO publishers •Mobile: Operator/ •License •Internet portals App Store (iTunes) internationally •Single or multi- Offer companies country exclusive Console • PS3 Traffic • Xbox 360 partners • Wii Developer Publisher Distributor Retailer Consumer • PSP • DS Middleware •New Games •Pre-owned Games PC •Game rentals • Brand name: HP, Dell, Mac Outsourcing •Trade Games • Game brands: Alienware, Voodoo •Accessories Music Avista 5 Partners
  6. 6. Online Game/ Virtual NHN Games World Universe has Realnetworks Games 260+ plus companies Viacom Online Wild Tangent Tencent Games Duniu with $10.5 billion+ in AOL Games Kongregate Spil Games Yoyogames Miniclip Yahoo Games Gungho annual revenue Zapak iwin Playfirst Ourgame Duowan EA Online GGL 6 waves Roblox OberonGanymede Feerik Games2win Big Fish Astrum Alawar Fettspielen 51wan Shanda Most Diverse Microsoft Online Gala-net MLG Gamania Zynga Geewa Motion Twin Popcap Aeria Run Up Mgame 9you Jagex Netease Games Moli Group Acclaim Bigpoint Sony Online (SOE) NcSoft Level Up Games Gameforge CJ Internet Viwawa Playdom Sky Union Liveplex Vector MacrowellGamepot Prizee Redmoon Gamigo Hanbitsoft Portfolio Diversity Gigamedia Games Cubinet ESL The9 Guangyu Huaxia Vinagame Netdragon Weeworld Playfish Sing-Gium Softstar Chinese Gamer Gameon Lizard Nexon CIB Net Station GameCyber WeMade Entertainment Snail Game Neowiz Games Perfect World Sonokong Upjers SGN Roc Works Gonzo Rosso IP e-games DMII High5 Asiasoft Burda Interactive China Cyber Games Userjoy Windysoft CDC Port Kingsoft Games Maid Marian M-Etel Mycnx Linekong Actoz Headlock GoormGoodGame IGS Online Games VTC Game Ferry Game Aruon K2/ Gamers First Garena Outspark Lyto Gravity Valve Online Anipark Joymax Goa OnNetOngame X-legend Artix Innogames Barunson Weilai JC Entertainment Cubizone GamesCampus Ini3 Gameus Shiji Tiancheng Gamehi Ndoors Giant Interactive Five Minutes Flowplay Unalis Storm EntertainmentLogic Korea L&K C&C Media Iam Interactive Dragonfly Games Masters Ankama Imperia Online Cyberstep Ogplanet Beemoov GCREST Grigon Goldcool Games Jumpstart Three Rings Kog Studios NetempireIAHGames Redduck Software CITVC Ntreev Frogster Object Exagame Apaja Wiseon 100sea Gamasoft Subagames EYA Interactive Northstar Dream Execution Imazic Ymir Galaxy Gate Turbine Hive7 Lager Network Webzen Blizzard Barunson Interactive G10 Softnyx InixsoftH-win Codemasters Online Extralives Cipsoft Gamelabs Hi-win Min Communications Young Internet Expotato Aramaru Taewool Dreamwork Power Challenge NetTimeSoft Digitalic Nowcom Games CaveCrspace Sulake F4 Watagame Gaia Online Mediasite Second Life Studio Entropia Gameart Allm Radiance YNK Korea CCR Northworks G-Bits YedangOnline Stardoll Urban Rivals IMVU Cedar Online Digipark Ice Entertainment Gnisoft Maiet Travian Club Penguin Seedc Wisecat Indy21 Entwell Funcom Tri-d Changyou (Sohu) Gopets Atoonz Zwinky Seed9 Wizard101 Rhaon Fusion Fall Softon Alt1 IMC Games CCP Mind Candy Ons On Soft Cartoon Doll Emporium Webkinz ESTsoft games Least Diverse Casual Casual to Hardcore Focus Hardcore Source: Capital IQ, Company filings, Brokers & Press Avista 7 Partners
  7. 7.  Total public company market cap for global game sector is $106.4 bn Outsourcing Payment Distribution/Accessories 0.3% 2.1% 0.3% Online is worth Online almost 70% of 23.7% PC/Console PC/Console w/o Nintendo 34.3% Retail 4.7% Mobile 4.7% Nintendo 29.7% Source: Capital IQ, Company filings, Brokers & Press Avista 8 Partners
  8. 8.  Over $2bn raised LTM globally Game Hardware 1% PC/Console 14% Mobile 3% Outsourcing Game 0% Technology 4% Payment/Offer/ Analytics 5% Online 73% Source: Capital IQ, Company filings, Brokers & Press Avista 9 Partners
  9. 9. $USD millions Deals 1800.0 140 1600.0 1563.1 115 1475.6 120 Online game 1400.0 companies are 100 saying: 1185.9 “What recession?” 1200.0 1000.0 78 80 69 800.0 60 600.0 476.6 40 40 400.0 305.9 304.2 298.6 18 23 20 200.0 136.8 83.0 12 5 47.6 7 21.2 4 3 0.0 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Year Source: Capital IQ, Company filings, Brokers & Press Avista 10 Partners
  10. 10. Guy de Beer, Founder and CEO, Playcast Media Systems Graham Clemie, Founder & President, t5 labs Vikas Gupta, President & CEO, Transgaming Technologies Moderated by: David Lau-Kee, Strategy Advisor, Independent Avista 12 Partners
  11. 11. Theodore Bergquist, CEO, Gamersgate Chris Ellis, SVP & Managing Director, International, IGN Entertainment Chris Petrovic, GM, Gamestop Digital Ventures Zvi Levgoren, CEO, Exent Technologies Moderated by: Paul Heydon, Managing Director, Avista Partners Avista 13 Partners
  12. 12. Kristian Segerstråle, VP, GM, Playfish, EA Interactive Rex Ng, Co-Founder & Managing Director, 6 Waves Henrik Riis, CEO & Founder, watAgame ApS Michael Acton Smith, CEO, Mind Candy Moderated by: Phil Harrison, Strategy Advisor, Independent Avista 14 Partners
  13. 13. Jussi Laakkonen, CEO, Everyplay Timothée Le Borgne, CEO, Gametube Mikael Gummerus, CEO & Founder, Frosmo Jakob Sommerhuber, CEO, Platogo Young Shin, CEO, Mayn Interactive Avista 16 Partners
  14. 14. Nils-Holger Henning, CCO, Bigpoint Simon Usiskin, CEO, MMO LIFE Mark Gerhard, CEO, Jagex Games Studio Sarah Rogers, Sales Director, Publishing EU, NCsoft West Moderated by: Geoff Heath, Strategy Advisor, Independent Avista 17 Partners
  15. 15. Joe Wee, Co-Founder, Chillingo Neil Young, Co-Founder & CEO, ngmoco Peter Scott, Managing Director, Blue Beck Moderated by: Paul Heydon, Managing Director, Avista Partners Avista 18 Partners
  16. 16. Alain-Gabriel Courtines, Investment Director, Digital Home and Enterprise, Intel Capital Alexis Bonte, CEO, eRepublik Jens Hilgers, CEO, Turtle Entertainment Ben Holmes, Partner, Index Ventures Moderated by: Paul Heydon, Managing Director, Avista Partners Avista 20 Partners
  17. 17. David Gardner, CEO, Atari Peter Molyneux, Creative Director, MGS Europe, Microsoft Robert Stevenson, VP Online Development, NAMCO BANDAI Games Moderated by: Paul Heydon, Managing Director, Avista Partners Avista 21 Partners
  18. 18.  Summary of day  Questions?  Thank you Avista 22 Partners