30 Days To Confidence


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If you've ever hit a brick wall when it comes to building confidence, I know the feeling. It feels like everyone has all this self belief about who they are, what they do, what they know - and even though you may know more, you don't have the confidence to back it up.

Regardless of whether you want more dates, more success in your career or business, or confidence with strangers, this guide will show you how to get it.

As a self help junkie, I had compiled years worth of research, and turned it into a single, convenient 30 day program.

30 Days To Confidence covers a broad range of topics, covering everything from self esteem, goal setting, building confidence, achieving success, and related self help and self improvement topics. Download it today.

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30 Days To Confidence

  1. 1. Dean Jackson http://www.conquerdestiny.com conquerdestiny@gmail.com 30 Days To Confidence http://pheromonepro.com
  2. 2. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Welcome to my 30 Day Confidence Course. There is a new topic for each day. Along with the reading there is an important action step you must do each day to get the full benefit of this program. There is also an “affirmation” for each day. You must do each day’s affirmation to get the full benefit of the program. To do an affirmation properly, you instantly stand or sit up straight and for five minutes charge yourself up with as much energy as you can and feel the words of the affirmation as powerfully as you can. Additionally, you must go out and buy a notebook. In order to get the full benefit of this program, you need 10 minutes every night to write down a reflection on your day in light of the new lessons that you are learning.
  3. 3. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Before we begin... let me introduce myself Hi. My name is S. Pasha. I also go by my handle “phertest” in online communities like pherotruth and pherotalk. I’m in my 20′s, study business, and am an avid pheromone user. In 2010, I got my first “pheromone taste test” – and since then, I’ve been using, reviewing, writing and of course EXPERIMENTING with pheromone colognes and perfumes. What are pheromone colognes and perfumes? To put it simply, they are almost like regular colognes – except they can produce a wide variety of social effects on men and women. Many people use them to get the “upper hand” in dating, social friendships, and professional environments. But pheromones are absolutely NOT the answer to all your problems. While they can help tremendously, when it comes to winning dates, interviews, and negotiations, you still have to work on being more successful the “traditional” way. Hard work builds confidence, and by going through this mini course, you can build a solid foundation to use your pheromones on.
  4. 4. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved So, you’re probably wondering… Are pheromones even necessary? I think so. The reason is that we spend a lot of time and money cleaning and covering up our natural pheromones – which play vital roles in our dating, social, and professional lives. If you can learn how to convey a specific “vibe” using pheromones for whatever situation you’re in, you can easily gain the upper hand in your interactions. If you are still skeptical about pheromones and their use, feel free to check out some of these articles.  Pheromones and attraction 101  Proof pheromones work  What are pheromones? When you understand the basics, it’s really pretty simple. Apply a pheromone product, go out and interact with people and see how they react! You’ll be amazed at just how powerfully they can affect people. Other than that, thank you for reading this guide. I hope you find it a useful addition to your attraction and success arsenal – now get to it!
  5. 5. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Intro Day # 1: The Eternal Circle of Belief Causality The reason it is represented by a circle is to represent the fact that it is never-ending and never-beginning. It is broken into words we understand so that we can conceptually understand it and find ways to use it to our advantage in our lives. So what is the circle of belief causality and how does it work? And how can I apply it to my life? Let me answer the first question. 1. What is the eternal circle of belief causality? The eternal circle of belief causality is a way of conceptualizing the way that you affect the world around you, and the world around you returns to come back and affect you. Beliefs lead to thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions lead to results which leads back to shape our beliefs.
  6. 6. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved 2. Why is it important? It is important to understand for anyone who does not want to live in an illusion of what the world is really like. It is crucial that every person understand this if he/she does not wish to live in a world of fantasy and make-believe that is a false reflection of reality. Why? Let me give you a simple example: Imagine a fat, lazy person. Now, when this person looks in the mirror would they believe that they were a. skinny b. buff c. toned or d. none of the above? If you guessed d. none of the above you are right. Ok we have established that this person believes himself to be fat. What does a fat person think all day long? Well for one: I am fat. Possibly: I need to lose weight. Probably: no one wants me, I’m fat. Probably: If I could just lose weight then I could do all the things I want to do and my life would be happy! Possibly: Everyone is so shallow; can't they just appreciate me for who I am? So hopefully you are starting to see the big picture. Put yourself into the mind of this fat person and try to imagine what he’s thinking all day , but you know what he's not thinking is: I am in control of life, I am in control of my weight. So we have a rough idea of what the fat person thinks about all day long: I'm so fat, if I only I could change it my life would be better. How would you imagine he feels on a daily basis? He feels fat. How could you not feel fat if you thought to yourself how fat you are and how it sucks, and the mirror confirmed it. He feels a lack of appreciation for himself. Now think about this: What would such a feeling, carried around all day like a "oh man I wish I wasn’t so fat" translate into the actions such a person would take? We know he lacks appreciation for himself, so his body language will show it. But remember he's feeling down on himself all day long… 1. He will enact it in his body language… 2. The things he says to other people will reflect how he feels about himself 3. He's feeling down on himself and has thoughts like, "if only I could be thin". This causes stress hormones to be released in the body to make him feel "down" and no one likes feeling "down". He will eat to make himself feel better because eating releases positive hormones that counter the "down" effect. And what is the result of overeating? Staying fat, or possibly getting fatter. And after the temporary stress release of eating, how is the person going to feel again? Fat, if not more fat. What is he going to believe again when he looks in the mirror? "God I'm fat." So you now understand the cycle of thoughts, actions and behaviours. Take the belief "I'm fat" and replace it with whatever you want, to get a picture of how this cycle works something else. This "circle of belief causality" can be applied to any idea, positive, negative or neutral... from minute importance to grand importance… from concrete sense to total abstractness. It works this way for everything. The fat guy is a very simple example to help you to begin to understand how the circle of belief causality. In truth the circle of belief causality works in extremely dynamic, complex, abstract and unimaginable ways spanning across time and ways of life.
  7. 7. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved The only thing is that it never fails to confirm itself in the general structure detailed in the information above is that: "beliefs lead to thoughts, thoughts lead to action, action leads to feelings, and feelings lead to results." Commonly accepted beliefs – make up your own mind I have lived in Bamako, Mali, West Africa. In Bamako it is a commonly known fact that there is a lack of opportunity for young men. Think of the nature of a "commonly known fact" in terms of the circle described above. What is a commonly known fact? Something you believe to be true as a result of your belief that what other people collectively believe must be true. So on one hand, yes you get common acceptance with everyone because you can say that you think the same way. On the other hand you find yourself in the same general predicament. Have you ever tried to voice something counter to what is accepted? How about with your parents? Have you ever tried to tell them what you believe about life/ what you love and want to do with your life and had it thrown back in your face? Society tends to try to break down ideas that are counter to the norm. If you are the one coming up with creative ideas, then you have likely felt society trying to crush your spirit. The worst is when it comes from people you love or look up to. "You can't do this … you can't do that… you have to do this in order to get a job… in order to get accepted… blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. " And the more you resist, the more they will try to pound it into your head, try to make you feel inferior, different because of it… they fear change. They fear the acceptance of a new idea. Just as I have feared the acceptance of new ideas and tried to crush people that looked up to me… unknowingly. Just as has been done to me but I should have learned how to think critically. So the point is that: whatever is a "commonly accepted fact" "commonly accepted belief" that you have internalised about yourself and your ability to get what you want in life is still your belief that you have internalised for yourself. Albeit that it is unfair that these beliefs tend to be suggested to us unknowingly over and over and over and over and over again by parents, friends and by society in general … and that the most powerful internalisation happens when we are too young to be able to think critically . Society maintains peace through "commonly accepted facts" -- and that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing until it starts impinging on our individual joy to live and our awareness of how things really are. If people didn’t think that there was a standard code of acting living and being in society then it would be chaos. So: We don't decide what beliefs the outside world will try to feed us. We didn't have the choice of what our parents formed in our minds of what the truth of life is when we were
  8. 8. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved young. We didn't have the choice to be accepted or rejected for being who we were because we didn’t know any better. We must recognize not so much the things we say to ourselves, but the things that others have said to us repeatedly over years and years until it became a commonly accepted identity of who we were. Even now, you are reading this from the lens of who you think you are. You are subconsciously analysing everything I have written in trying to present the truth and pitting it against what you have accepted to be true in the past and accepting these ideas or rejecting them based on your deep feelings and ideas on what life should be, how people should be, and how you should be… because everything's alright, right, honey? Take a moment to admit that you are doing this. Good. In terms of work/jobs/business… or time constraints… you want to make sure you make the same amount of time daily and weekly for these exercises. In order for change to happen you must do it gradually. Don't try and live this way all of a sudden, you need to build your confidence slowly, day by day. That is what this program is for. The Journey Begins... PART 1: Analysing Yourself For 1 month (minimum) - You must keep a journal of your daily life. Every day you must take 30 minutes to write down everything that happened during the day. You want to try and pinpoint all the elements of the belief causality circle in your day in the format I have created below. 1. What did I do today… write down your daily routine, and all the occurrences and interactions with people that happened to you. Write down every single little thing and do not miss a detail. Look at what happened to you that day… what people said to you… what happened in terms of work, life, etc… Look also what you said to people and what you did. Try not to judge yourself or others. Write down your day from a completely neutral perspective. Write down how you felt in all situations during the day… use the entire range of words there to describe your emotions… if there is no word to describe how you felt then compare it to another situation in which you would have felt the same way. Write down all the thoughts that went through your head as you went about the situations of your day.
  9. 9. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved AT THE END OF THE MONTH YOU WANT TO MAKE COMPARISONS BETWEEN WHAT YOU BELIEVED, WHAT YOU THOUGHT, HOW YOU FELT, AND WHAT YOU DID TO WHAT YOU GOT, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, AND THE OVERALL STATE OF YOUR LIFE. You want to look for connections. Your goal is to find out what beliefs you have that caused you to enact situations to cause undesirable results that negatively influence or make you feel bad. To really get to the core of your beliefs takes a committed effort over time. YOU MUST BE PATIENT with yourself. You will start to learn things about yourself starting from the first analysis, but it will take longer to get to the core of the problem. That is life testing you to see if you are really willing to solve your own problems. The only committed action you must take is to follow up with this exercise every day. If you make this a habit, you will solve your problems and achieve whatever you want in life, guaranteed. Affirmations:  I am aware that my beliefs determine exactly what I get from life.  I make connections and find patterns in my own beliefs through patient dedication to truth and awareness.  I commit to using my beliefs to benefiting my own life and the lives of others. PART 2: You can change your limiting beliefs In my experience, the only way to see concrete results of the determining power of my own limiting belief patterns is to see them through the lens of my past experiences, clearly written down in detail on paper for analysis. Only then can I recognize repeated occurrences. When you start to recognize repeated occurrences of what you don't want happening, you know that is the result of an overriding negative belief that you have. When you start to recognize repeated occurrences of what you do want happening, you know that is the result of an overriding positive belief that you have. That is why the most effective way to do this is to write them down on paper. So now you have committed to keeping notice of your days in your journal. At the end of a week, you will have enough information to discover a lot about yourself. At the end of a month, patterns should start to emerge. At the end of two months, change should be happening. At the end of a year you should be exactly where you want to be and knowing exactly where you want to go, totally above everyone else in your understanding of yourself. Recognition of you’re under riding negative beliefs will usually come from a source that you don't expect in a way that you would never expect to happen. When this happens it is a magical moment… but this only happens as a result of you getting comfortable opening up
  10. 10. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved how you feel about yourself to yourself. It helped me to have one friend that I told one thing about how I felt. I told him I was afraid of fighting. By following through the instructions I given you, you will gain 2 very important life skills that many people have missed in their own lives. They lack the ability to: 1. Solve their own problems 2. Don’t know how to create exactly what they want in life. Stay strong, positive and motivated throughout your time on this course and I guarantee you results.
  11. 11. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Goal Equations Whatever your goal is, it looks different under different angles of light. From one angle, its your victory in achieving your goal, the rush you feel, -- but in all cases where its anything worth anything, your goal represents the payoff of your hard work. It’s much more satisfying to know that you worked for something and finally getting it then getting something for free. Usually the things that come for free are just that - things of minute value. This is an important quote to break down. Practising is the goal. Training is the goal. You couldn’t have Muhammad Ali without hours of practice… so you cannot separate Muhammad Ali's victory from his hours of practice. It is the same with whatever you are trying to do. Practice is not "working up to the point where you are good enough to do something" even though it may seem that way for everything. Practice is an affirmation. Practice is immersing your mind and body in the ocean of your goal. Practice is expressing an idea. As you practice, you tread new ground. You are able to become truer and truer to yourself.
  12. 12. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved That is the goal of practice. Practice is a self analysis where you are able to engage in an active process of self discovery and you are able to see accurately the habits and do not serve you , so you can strip away your fears and overestimates, underestimates and miscalculations , and each time you practice you allow yourself to express your inner nature more fully. Practice is useless without learning. Practice is not repetition it is the exact opposite of that. Repetition is only the guise that practice takes in the physical world. Practice or "work" in its pure form is love. Because to practice with heart, to make every practice session a victory fight, is the true definition of practice. Repetition is the guise that practice takes in the physical world. Our physical bodies have muscle memory that needs time to adapt to becoming good at whatever we are trying to do. When we spend years in a certain way of life, our body and our muscles become accustomed to it. Repetition is the guise that practice takes in the physical world. Our physical bodies have muscle memory that needs time to adapt to becoming good at whatever we are trying to do. When we spend years in a certain way of life, our body and our muscles become accustomed to it. Repetition is only the method we use to train our body into the spiritual form of being that we want to express. Your body and your muscles have to be of the condition to achieve that which you are thinking of. So we when we talk about goal equations, the spiritual form exist in the spiritual world, and your conception of how it would look and feel is present in your mind. Your body adapts itself to how your goal looks and feels in your mind, but your body exists in something called time where it needs to break down and repair itself again and sleep. That is why in your body you have to hold the goal and practice until your complete muscle memory is adapted. “To me, ultimately, martial arts mean honestly expressing yourself. Now, it is very difficult to do. It has always been very easy for me to put on a show and be cocky, and be flooded with a cocky feeling and feel pretty cool and all that. I can make all kinds of phony things. Blinded by it. Or I can show some really fancy movement. But to experience oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, and to express myself honestly, now that is very hard to do. “ – Bruce Lee
  13. 13. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved AFFIRMATIONS  I understand that my goal is already achieved  I will practice and affirm with true heart every day  Each day my vision for my goal becomes clearer and my expression becomes truer
  14. 14. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 1 Three Keys To Turn Your Life Around “This moment, right now, is your point of power. It is only in this present moment right now that you can choose to take the necessary action to change your life. The past is dead. The future is a dream. It is only right now, in this present moment that you have the power to take action and change your life.” Right now is all that you will ever experience. Most of us are living in the past or the future … replaying some memory or worrying about something. To gain freedom of action (which is what you desire)… you must understand that THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW, IS YOUR POINT OF POWER. Your excuses are taking up energy. You take up energy to make an excuse to not take the right action that you need to take when you could take the correct action at no extra cost. The beauty of being alive is that you always have this ability. Sometimes we get so used to thinking negatively, and living operating and acting within a framework of what we can't do (limitations, basically) that getting up and doing something positive and constructive seems like a huge mountain to climb - just like how a couch potato fat video game nerd would find it hard to get up and do some exercise let alone walk to his fridge to get more pizza pockets. But actually what is really stopping him from getting up and doing something? Made up excuses that have no bearing on what is actually possible. Sometimes we get into a comfort zone of a routine, even if that security is limited and uncomfortable, and we will often stay there because that is what we are used to. If we have grown up seeing the world and relating to people and the world in a certain way, we often find very hard to embrace anything that could contradict that… So what is holding you back? The more you think about the problem in your head, the more it grows, the more you become crippled by the weight of this seemingly giant boulder of fear and thus less able to solve the problem in the first place then if you just went about your day. So obviously, the more you think about your problem, the worse it gets. Think about the world and how many people just "think" about all that is wrong with society or whatever and "complain" and "protest" and that is how they spend their time and energy? Think about how many people actually do this! Then think about the people that are so concerned with their little lives that they worry about every single little thing. Obviously the only thing these people get is more problems. The only way to solve your problems is to take action. The only way to take action is to realise that it is your only option in solving your problems. But, people are more prone to take action when they are in the right emotional state - of readiness.
  15. 15. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved There are two habits you can ingrain in yourself (which still takes action) that will keep you in the emotional state of readiness to think and act on your feet in all situations. AFFIRMATIONS Affirmations are short statements of intent… for example the one for today is "This moment is my point of power." They are done for five minutes each day. Before you do the affirmation for each day, you must tell yourself that no matter what you are thinking about now and no matter how important it seems, that you are going to take the next only five minutes of your life to focusing on feeling the emotion contained within words of the affirmation as strongly as you can. After those simple five minutes out of your day, you can go back to thinking about whatever you want. There is a different affirmation for every day. Make sure that you do as instructed; consistently, every day otherwise you will be missing out on a powerful tool to motivate yourself and break past your limitations. You can use this exercise to get you through those tough moments when you are filled with despair and it seems like everything sucks and there is no point to life - provided you actually want to get out of your despair ;). Pick the happiest and best memory you can think of off hand, no matter how small, and for three minutes you want to try and relive the feelings of pleasure from this memory. Tell your mind that "OK I know I’m in despair, but I am just going to take three minutes to focus on this happy memory as intensely as I can - then you can go back to being in despair if you want" - minds are stubborn, they have to be given the option. This is a powerful exercise, and done repeatedly on a daily basis you learn how to charge yourself with energy. FOR BOTH EXERCISES For both of these exercises, as you finish your three to five minutes of focus, you want to feel as intensely as you can that "All is right in your world" and that everything in your life is going as it should. Once again, you don’t have to agree with it, just after your 3 - 5 minutes give yourself 10 seconds to feel as intensely as you can that all is right in your world - even if you don’t believe it… does 10 seconds hurt? After you feel that "All is right in your world", you want to as powerfully as you can, feel grateful for being alive. With all your inner feeling, you want to do this. Even if you think you can’t do it, give yourself 10 seconds to feel it as strongly as you can… only 10 seconds!!!! And then after this, relax and go about your day. Where and when should I do them? Always in the morning when you wake up and at night when you go to bed. As well, you must find time to do each day’s different affirmation at lunch time / or during a break during the day. Just focus your mind for five minutes as strongly as you can and relax. TODAY’S AFFIMATION This moment, right now, is my point of power. Only in this present moment right now, I can choose to take the necessary action to change my life. The past is dead. The future is
  16. 16. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved a dream. It is only right now; in this present moment that I have the power to take action to change my life. I choose to take the action necessary to change my life. TODAY’S ACTION You have already completed it by reading this far: you have taken a positive step to improving the circumstances of your life.
  17. 17. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 2 Commitment "When the pain of not changing overwhelms the pain of putting out the necessary effort to change, your life will transform itself instantaneously." The simple act of psychologically committing to a new way of life can kick your life into gear almost automatically. Making it your firm intention to do whatever action it takes to achieve the next step in your development will almost instantaneously catapult you to success. When you put your intention out there, you start to see things that you always overlooked, or things that seemed useless before suddenly have meaning in connection to helping you achieve your goal. After you commit yourself every mistake is like a buffer to bounce you back into the right direction. We do not make mistakes for no reason. Your failures become tools. Things people say become tools. Random things you notice like a sentence somewhere can become vehicles to help you learn and achieve your goals. You start paying attention, and it is like the Universe is rushing to your aid in a million different subtle ways. You must commit with all of the emotional intensity you can muster. Think about what your life would be like if you kept on meeting the same disappointments. Think about what life would be like if you didn’t get what you really wanted in the end. Sorry to break it to you, these are very real possibilities. Let them motivate you to seek the right path. What you need to do. Choose the area of your life that you are most unsatisfied with. Fill it in the blank of the affirmation and FEEL it, with true emotional intensity for five full minutes. AFFIRMATION I am committed to changing my destiny in the area of _____________ With all of the emotional intensity I can draw into my mind, I commit 100% to follow through with this 30 day program in order to draw more prosperity of all forms into my life. ACTION Mark down in a calendar 30 days from yesterday: that is the day you will graduate from this program.
  18. 18. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 3 Written Goals "The power of knowing exactly what you want" When you are at the McDonald’s, and you are ordering a burger… sometimes if you don’t specify mayonnaise then they won’t give you any even though you thought that you wanted some… and life is the same way. You must be vocal about your desires… not to others, but to yourself, with true intention. In order to achieve anything in your life or get what you want, you have to know exactly what you want. You may think that this statement is simple or even stupidly obvious, but the reality is that 99% of people do not know what they really want. It is critical that you write down your goals, most people also do not do this. When you have something you want to do and you keep it in your head it is most likely that a. either you will forget about it or b. you will think of reasons why not to do it. When I say exactly what you want, I mean exactly what you want. The seriousness with which you take the word exactly will determine whether you succeed or fail this program. When I say exactly, I mean be specific. For example: If you want a car, you have to decide what the make and model will be what features it has to have on the inside. If you want a million dollars, you have to be sure that you want not 500,000 dollars, not 2,000,000 dollars, but one million dollars. These different sums of money have different criteria that must be met in order for you to get them, and if you just want “a lot of money” then 1. You will not have anything clear to be working towards and 2. You will never really know when you achieve your goal. As obvious it sounds your taking this day seriously will determine your entire success in the rest of this program. Your goal can be anything but make sure you are specific. Do not be specific to the point of being obsessive, but you must be able to look at your goal and say, “This is exactly what I want.” "You must BELIEVE that the Universe is primed to fulfil your desires, whatever they may be." You must have the faith to follow through with any plans / ideas that come to you after you write down your goal. There is only one true method which faith is developed where there was none previously. That method is autosuggestion (reference: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, 1937). It is the thoughts and actions that we repeat on a daily basis that determine the entirety of what we can and can’t do in our lives. Take for example, someone who was raised on a farm doing hard physical work against someone who was raised off of videogames, television and a sedentary lifestyle. The one raised on the farm will have more physical strength in life. This works the same way for thoughts, as one who is raised to believe that he is poor or disadvantaged will end up being more poor and
  19. 19. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved disadvantaged in life then someone who was raised to believe that he is wealthy and competent. Every religious tradition has a prayer book and every truly dedicated religious person will pray at least once a day, usually more than that. Generally what happens is those people who have a we genuine belief in God or a higher power have been instilled in daily prayer and religious ceremony constantly, consistently from a very young age until it becomes as second nature as breathing. It is critical that you take advantage of the principle of autosuggestion in order to achieve your goals. Whenever we are attempting something new for ourselves, there is always apprehension as we have never done it before. The action for today is to pick the one thing in your life which you have not yet achieved and fill in the blank of this statement “I am now attracting ________” and remember you have to be exact. The point of this exercise is clarity. Write down exactly what you want and all the details of it. Write down any actions that you know you have to do to get it. Once you write this statement down, you must feel it every morning for 3-5 minutes as you have been doing with the affirmations. This exercise is using the same principle as the farmer and the poor/rich boy to ingrain into yourself positive habits of thought and action in order to achieve your goals. This step is equally as critical as knowing exactly what you want. Emotion, Energy and Learning Learning from your daily experience is also very important for achieving your goals. For example, you probably learned to avoid a certain place at a certain time because there was a big line-up. Same thing for your goals: when you are dedicated and you have faith and are on the path to achieving your goals, you learn that there are some shortcuts and some things to avoid and some things to do, certain places to go that will lead to your goal being We add feeling to our goal statements in order get used to using our willpower to fight against odds. What happens in life is that when you want to do something new or different, you get criticized by many people and even your own mind. Just look at how scientists in history got persecuted and even killed for their views about how the world is round when today we know that fact to be true. We add feeling to our goals, every day to instil within ourselves the courage to change despite all the criticism that will be thrown at us – from others and from our own selves. Our goal is to develop the ability to feel grateful for our goals before they happen, as if we have already achieved them because this will give us the confidence to see our goals through to completion.
  20. 20. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved achieved more efficiently. When you have something in your mind and you are fuelling it every day with emotion, you start to recognize these things. It is good to keep a daily journal to note these things down so you can learn from your observations so you can act in your life in order to achieve true confidence and clarity. Knowing “Why” you want your goal as a feeling to help you achieve clarity. AFFIRMATION I know that with clearly defined goals I cannot fail I will aim high and I will hit my mark I will choose the direction of my life And I will inevitably reach my goals ACTION Create a statement for your goal starting with “I am now attracting ___________” Fill in the blank with your goal. After that, add to your statement everything you know you must do in order to achieve your goal, in the present tense. For example, see attached goal statement. DAY 4
  21. 21. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved “Your beliefs create your reality” You cannot escape the eternal circle of belief causality. Our underlying beliefs about what it means to be who we are, and what we believe we can and cannot do determine exactly what we experience in our lives. 99% of people in the world have never and will never take the time to sit down and examine their beliefs, what they think and assume about reality all day and question whether it is true or it is false. This is what you are going to do today for one simple area of your life. Our beliefs can begin and develop from many sources. The strongest source of beliefs on how reality is generally comes in the beginning stages of life from our parents. Beliefs also tend to come from very emotionally charged experiences we have – positive or negative. For example, someone who is hurt or made fun of very cruelly by another person might develop low self esteem and self doubt that will affect everything he does in life. But vice versa, someone who makes a great catch in football one day might become so happy and full of joy that he decides to pursue football as a sport and become a great player. These are simple examples but it is critical turning points in our life like these that determine the course of the rest of our lives. What is the common thread running through these experiences though? The power of strong emotion to shape one’s life. The emotions we feel on a daily basis create our reality because they reflect what we perceive as “true”. The irony is that these emotions are all based on experiences which are inherently personal and individual. The ocean is a beautiful thing to most people, but what would it be to a child who saw his father get eaten by a shark? We make assumptions about reality based on our emotionally charged experiences. These assumptions become self-fulfilling prophecies and reflect themselves in every aspect of our lives – so that they can be perceived as “truth”. This is how we create our reality. AFFIRMATION Fill in the blank with whatever your goal is. My former beliefs were a delusion created by the limited beliefs of our society. I now realise that having ______ in my life is a symbol of my creative energy And as my energy evolves, abundance will automatically infuse my life. ACTION Put aside at least 30 minutes for this exercise and get a piece of paper and a pencil Pick the one area of your life that you are most frustrated with and fill in the blank in this statement: 1. What negative associations do I have regarding ___________? Write down everything that comes to mind.
  22. 22. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved 2. What is this based on (in me)? Write down everything that comes to mind. 3. Do I believe that "The world is against me and the weight of the world is on my shoulders… I have done nothing to deserve this”? Write down everything that comes to mind. 4. What would be the implications of me having a belief like that? Write down everything that comes to mind. 5. How can I change my belief that _______________? Write down everything that comes to mind. 6. Create a short positive statement opposite to your negative belief and commit to injecting feeling into it for one minute after your affirmation every morning. For example you could turn “People are out there to hurt my feelings” into “People are out there to help me out”. You could turn “Money is evil” into “Money is great!” **Note: This may be a painful exercise as you may not like some of the answers that you get. You might get frustrated and want to stop the exercise altogether. If you get stuck trying to answer a question, try and ask yourself questions that lead yourself in the direction of the answer you are seeking. If you get frustrated, note the point that you got stuck on and give your mind a little bit of time to think of answer or do something else in the meantime. You can also keep the paper and pen next to your bed at night, as sometimes the answer to a frustrating question will come to you while sleeping in a dream. Archimedes couldn’t sleep because he was stuck trying to figure out how to calculate the density of gold. He only found the answer when he decided to take a break from his frustration and took a bath.
  23. 23. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 5 Get Rid of Negativity Avoid negative people… "People are like a bucket of crabs… when one tries to get out the others will try to pull it back in." People don't like people who upset the established order and have a secret jealously for people who have abilities or things that they can't do. It is only natural and some people are worse than others for this. Only share the information you are learning in this book with people that are completely supportive of what you are trying to do (only friends who encourage you to think and act for yourself – not the ones that a. put down new ideas or b. have to give their opinion on everything. ) A lot of the time people will give opinion to others when it is not based on their own concrete experience, people do not like to say “I don’t know” but if you have not the wisdom and experience to provide good advice, the best way to help someone is to say “I don’t know.” I know I have been guilty of giving a lot of advice that was wrong or completely useless, but now I refrain from preaching unless I have the real-life experience to do so. When I first learned this information, I shared it with some members of my family that I do love, except they decided to use it against me and put me down with it whenever they got upset with me. Remember : only share this information with someone if they are truly open to embracing new ideas about their very own lives, and remember also that 99/100 people are not. Sometimes we have that friend, those friends, that teacher or family member that puts us down or drains us in whatever their special way … sometimes for no reason because they need "victim energy" to feed off of. For these people it is best to avoid them if you can because if you get caught up in their issues it can bring you down as well. But if you cannot, make it clear to them that you do not want to engage in their negative energy "I don’t want to talk right now and leave it at that. You don’t have to engage in any conversation that brings you down. In some cases you can be outright explicit with these people depending on how you feel about something. If you feel that someone is pissing you off and you want it to stop, it s better to express yourself seriously and clearly to this person … then keep your emotions bottled up inside. Most of all be clear about the behaviour or pattern that you want to end, and if they will not stop then walk away. A lot of the time when you are trying to make a transition into a new upgraded lifestyle, people from your previous lifestyle will unconsciously try and pull you back into the past where you existed in relation to them. In a way, this is one of life's tests to see how badly you want something… but all people do this – it’s just human nature. Do not engage in negative self-talk.
  24. 24. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved We have the tendency to repeat negative emotions and phrases that were instilled in us in our past as definitions of our identity… sometimes so unconsciously that we don’t even notice it. These "creep in" and turn us into our old shitty self. This is what the limiting beliefs exercise was for. We have identified our main blocks that hold us back, now we have to keep an unbreakable resolve to recognize our old patterns for what they are: limiting beliefs; and we have to keep the faith that we will know where the right path is and use it to guide us in our actions. Everything on the previous days, affirmations, goal setting, and using our emotional intensity all create a system or framework if you will, that make it easy for you to recognize when you are straying from the path and letting old beliefs creep up. Sometimes there is no time to meditate. That is what faith is for - if you are busy and you don’t have time to self- analyse just keep the faith that you will be guided in the right direction so long as you stay committed to the path. You will find the answer you need. You will get bounced back onto the path. You have to pay attention to signals to when you are going off track so you can correct them and create good habits for yourself. You can handle any of your problems if you commit to changing them. Like we talked about on day 2, commitment is a tool in itself. Strong, forceful commitment, with true emotion, to a lifestyle of learning, personal responsibility and directed emotions is the catalyst that will enable you to find all that you need to solve your problems. Affirmations are a tool to train yourself to take advantage of the power of directed emotions to push your life in the direction that you want. You have now committed to abundance; therefore you will achieve your goals. You are now committed to abundance. This means: 1. You will take whatever inspired action, and also whatever action you know you must take in order to achieve your goal a. You are forcefully acknowledging using true emotional energy that your goal is within your reach. (Sometimes we need to make a habit of this so old beliefs don’t creep up.) b. You are raising yourself to the level of your goal, changing yourself inside... however far that goal from your current state of being (habits) is the amount of ingraining you will have to do counter to your past habits. c. All it takes is one realization of the path to see life as it is…
  25. 25. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved d. The hard part is continuing on the path that you know you need to follow with DAILY FORCEFUL APPLICATION OF EMOTION. e. Even if you don’t know how it will come, you have to have faith that the ideas and opportunities WILL present themselves and you WILL recognize them. 2. You are ready to commit to new ways of thinking and humble yourself and recognize that only by changing yourself on the inside can you change yourself on the outside. a. Ready to say that maybe perhaps you are not a victim of circumstance b. You are ready to say you have control over your experience c. You are ready to say you have control over yourself. 3. Ready to take the path to self discovery and self recognition. “Your goals are within your reach because you have decided exactly what you want. You have to die one day so make the most out of your life. Your goals are already yours.” “Faith begins when hope gives up.” AFFIRMATION "I will avoid negative people, And I will not engage in negative self-talk. I know I can handle any of my problems if I commit to changing them. I have now committed to abundance and so I will reach my goals." ACTION Keep a paper and pen with you all day long, and mark an x on the paper each time you feel a thought that inhibits your body from taking the action you know you need to take. If you have the opportunity, try and write down exactly what the thought was.
  26. 26. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 6 Abundance You are immersed in the infinite abundance of the Universe. If you need something like water, and it is not available to you instantly, most likely you would do whatever it takes to find a source of water. Most likely you will come up with ideas on how to bring that water into your life. So whatever you want or need - if it is not available to you instantly (reach into your fridge and grab it, dial a number on your phone and call that person) - the ideas are available to you for you to bring that thing into your life. Faith is a necessary emotion to push you through to attaining your desire. Faith keeps you strong in times of uncertainty when you do not know the outcome - faith is what kept the Jews in the concentration camps alive - the ones who had faith had the strength to find and capitalize on necessary opportunities for their survival the ones who didn’t died. All of your needs are instantly met. Just like in the water example above, by realizing that you have a desire for something you automatically set up the chain reaction of necessary ideas in your mind for its realization… your brain says ok this is possible and creates an equation or story for its attainment. If you think about your goals mathematically, your original goal is the result of the equation. Your original goal is “2” in “1+1 = 2”. For any goal or any number, there are ways of achieving it by manipulating numbers or ideas on the other side of the equal sign. “1+1” looks different from “2” but they are the same in the same way that “Muhammad Ali
  27. 27. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved becoming world boxing champion” is the same as “hours and hours of grueling practice and true dedication”. All I am trying to say is that the end result (achievement of your goal) is the exact same thing as the journey (all the steps you need to take to achieve your goal) , just represented differently, seen in a different way, the same as “1+1” is the same thing as “2”. The key thing to understand about the math example is that your brain does not know the difference between the result (2) and the expression (1+1). The only thing that causes you to think that the goal and the journey are different is time, which is an illusion. Albert Einstein proved in his theory of relativity that at speeds close to the speed of light, space and time become one. The emotion of desire creates thoughts in the original equation (the “1” and the “1” in “1+1”) that have corresponding actions necessary for the attainment of your goal. The emotion of desire also gives you the energy to pursue those actions in a spirit of faith, in other words, enact the emotion in the physical world. You must enact the expression of your desire. Be grateful for your wealth and prosperity The emotion of gratitude makes you feel like you have more than enough. It puts you in a relaxed state of mind … and because you feel that you have more than enough, you are able to recognize opportunities / ideas / wealth when it comes rather than if you were worried about it not coming, you might miss opportunities that were already there. What’s more, you might even use your creativity to create opportunities. Everything is going your way When you have a purpose everything that is counter to that purpose becomes blatantly obvious and if you are serious about your purpose then you will avoid those things like the plague. Going in a direction on a purpose is like a snowball gathering speed as it rolls down the hill turning into a giant snow boulder -- gaining momentum. AFFIRMATION I am immersed in the infinite abundance of the Universe All of my needs are instantly met I am grateful for my wealth and prosperity Everything is going my way ACTION Create a short statement of positivity about your goal or a new habit that you want to develop within yourself. Make sure you phrase it in the present tense. Examples: “I am attracting creative ideas for school success now.” “I attract money now” “I find all the ideas I need to achieve my goals” Once you create your statement, use it once every day when you have a minute or two to spare and use the feeling exercise to focus your mind on it.
  28. 28. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 7 The Matrix of Reality Modern science is now proving with repeated evidence that your world physically and inherently shifts to manifest whatever you believe most definitely to be true. Whatever you believe about people, if you think they are out there to hurt you, you will experience paranoia in social situations. If you thought that money was evil and you thought that you were good, and that rich people were greedy snobs, you probably wouldn’t allow yourself to make a of lot money. Whatever you believe without a doubt about your world will determine what the world brings back to you, without a doubt. The key word here is “you” because “you” can change your beliefs and thus change your reality if you realize how the eternal circle of belief causality works. You must make a point of writing down all the things you believe to be true, positive and negative, as if you were trying to take an inventory of yourself (not as if you were trying to achieve anything) , and then you must keep a journal of your daily experiences and what situations tend to occur to you frequently. After that, see where your beliefs are manifesting themselves as situations in your life. When you analyse the situations that occur to you frequently in this way, you may find beliefs that are “under the surface” that are very hard to pin down with your conscious mind. A lot of the things that we tend to blame others for are actually our own fault. The only way to realize the truth of this is to put honest effort into examining yourself and how you create cause and effect in your own life. When you accurately know where your mistakes lie it is easy and almost effortless to correct them. Studying reality in this way leads us naturally to think about the deeper aspects of our existence. When we examine the flow of events in our lives, we realize that everything and everyone is interconnected and that anything in this world is only meaningful in relation to everything that it is not – so in this way, we are dependent on everything in the outside world to fulfil our life’s purpose. You created your daily life as you know it by experiencing it as true day after day. It’s understandable that you once thought, or still think that you ultimately have no power to alter the course of your life or change your reality. That is what most people in the world believe. That is why most people in the world find themselves consistently chained down by
  29. 29. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved circumstances. Over the past 6 days you have been learning that you do, in fact, have the power to shape your destiny, you have been given exercises to empower yourself and you have been using the power of forceful emotional energy to start creating reality for yourself. So the pivotal point for change is now. We experience life from levels of awareness. Every time you learn something new, you raise your level of awareness. The depth and scope of what you are experiencing is limited only by how much you understand about the world. There is no beginning or end to consciousness, there is only levels of awareness. Levels of awareness are different ways of existing but are all part of the interconnected fabric of reality or “it”. “It” is one pulsing and living experience. AFFIRMATION I am no longer deluded by the appearance of physical reality I feel the creative energy of the Universe flowing through me, And I realise that I have the power to shape my experience of the world. ACTION For 5 full minutes…. FEEL the creative energy of the Universe at work within your body (If you can’t do it then just honestly imagine that you can… just for 5 minutes. Feel it Breathing for you… Beating your heart… Fighting disease and repairing your cells… Flowing out from your body in order to shape the world, in the same way that it shapes your very body. ACTION # 2 Take 10 minutes and a piece of paper, and write down your 2 main overriding positive beliefs and your 2 main overriding negative beliefs. You can use this to compare to the journal you’ve been keeping of your daily life in order to discover how your beliefs shape your life.
  30. 30. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 8 EMOTIONAL INTENSITY Feeling is the key to providing you with the juice to go for your desires. Feeling programs your mind and trains you to achieve. For example, talking to a pretty girl: If you can imagine what it would feel like to do that, you will be more prepared to deal with it when it comes. It will be easier because it’s like you practiced and you are more confident. You must mix creative emotional intensity with your desires. Create the emotions of you already possessing the desired traits or feelings you would have from something… Make them strong, for 5 full minutes. This in itself is a creative act like painting. You are working with a blank canvas and you have to decide what the painting will look like, how you want to feel. You get to decide but you have to be creative. All is available to you now. What does being rich feel like? What does being powerful feel like? What does being confident feel like? What does accomplishing your goals feel like? What does it feel like to be there? That is how the eternal circle of belief causality works…. And it runs on the fuel of emotion. Remember… You enact the emotions of your worldview which puts you into emotional states and frames of receiving exactly what emotion you are giving or creating. As we learned on day 6 with the 1+1=2 example, the giving and receiving are actually simultaneous identical processes two sides of the same coin but the coin is one. When you educate yourself and self-analyse and take stock yourself you are jumping into a new world of freedom of action that wasn’t there yesterday. When you educate yourself what you are actually doing is acting and making the impossible and wildly unimaginable possible for yourself . This is the equivalent of education. Education (learning) = freedom Your emotional intensity frees your creative energy to manifest your desires in the physical world. "Frees"? How does it do that? Because when you are in an intense positive emotional state, your perspective of what is possible is temporarily heightened. This stimulates your mind to come up with ideas to put you past your limitations and towards your goals. And when you are doing this exercise every day, your positive emotions become a natural way of being for you, and thus you accomplish more amazing things on a more frequent basis. It frees
  31. 31. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved your energy. You create power for yourself. Power = vision …Positive emotions cause you to vibrate at a higher level… that vibration causes your creative energy to be freed. Creative energy is energy that can be put towards any use… but the amount of usefulness you get out of your creative energy depends exactly on your discipline in consistently channeling it effectively towards your goals. CREATIVE ENERGY IS HOW EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IS MADE Summary: Emotion frees creative energy by you vibrating at a higher level. That creative energy you then channel into your goals through ideas, plans and inspiration Ideas, Plans and Inspiration Ideas are the seeds (product) of emotional vibration …. Just like in the seed stores the full information for an entire tree to grow. Once you plant the seed into the ground (put your intention out there / idea) that is just the beginning. Like a tree growing needs the correct water and climate conditions, so does your idea. That’s why you wouldn’t plant a deciduous tree in a desert… it doesn’t belong there… in order for a business / moneymaking idea to work it has to serve its climate in some way… same in life you got to be in the right climate to be effective at what you do … that is why you must get in where you fit in, which means you must use your own unique talents to meet something that the world needs. Then it needs constant nurturing…. That is why you water your lawn and your garden. 1. Plant the right type of seed for the climate. a. (make it appropriate to your world) 2. Water it the appropriate amount a. Overwatering kills the tree b. Under watering kills the tree c. Each tree needs different type of watering i. However much energy your goal needs, that is how much you have to put in. ii. For me at working on my own business, doing the feeling exercise at least every morning and every night is absolutely necessary. iii. Do the disciplined work to allow you to reach your goal. 3. Discipline is THE focus tool. a. Discipline is NECESSARY to achieve your goals
  32. 32. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved b. Discipline creates all the conditions, consistently raises your vibration and creates a flow of energy. c. Discipline develops focus of intentionality i. This is where most people will fall… ii. Disciplined focus of intentionality iii. The simplest way to do this is using the exercises given to you in this program, and detaching yourself from the result / needing to achieve your goal iv. Instead you must… "Attach yourself to discipline for discipline's sake." For that is the true test of life. AFFIRMATION My emotional intensity mixed with my desire, frees my creative energy to bring about ALL of my goals in physical reality. ACTION Write down any thoughts that come to you after completing this day of the program.
  33. 33. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 9 The Power Of Your Desires Desires are the fire under your butt that keeps you moving towards achievement of your goals. There is a difference between wishful thinking and burning desire. Wishful thinking is when you want something but you have no intention of getting it because it is too much work and it is not possible for “you”. A burning desire is different, because within burning desire is a hunger so strong that it consumes the mind of the one who has it, taking over his or her body and acting for that person. If you were so hungry that you might die, you would do anything to get food. I read a book about the conflict in Sierra Leone (insert book name here) which is a true story…. And the main character and his friend would go and steal food from people because they were starving and had nothing left. If not, they would have died. The desire for completion of your goal must be that strong. You must be at your limit, at your breaking point… succeed or die. When you think about it, you are at that point right now because there are chances and opportunities to reach your goal today that may not be there tomorrow. You also must understand the basic needs of the human spirit because these are common to every desire that consumes the human imagination. The desire for Power We all desire power because within power is freedom. People have desired power over the elements since the dawn of time. When people feel a lack of power within themselves, they cannot fully express themselves, and when you don’t have power you can’t function to the best of your abilities, and when you can’t function to the best of your abilities, you cannot make your full mark in your brief time on this earth, which is what you are here to do. Power over our own minds is really what we are seeking, because all feelings (which is what give our lives a sense of meaning) have their root in thoughts which in turn are rooted in our beliefs. When we learn to control our feelings and create feelings for a definite purpose, we are learning to control the direction of our lives. Thus when we learn to control our minds, we learn to create the feelings that we desire – which gives us control over destiny.
  34. 34. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved The desire for Freedom Through power, we gain freedom. This really means the freedom to express ourselves and use our full range of abilities and creativity. The desire for freedom occurs in every person, and in every group of people and it has been like this in every time period. Why do teenagers become rebellious? Because they want a sense of freedom from the rules and regulations set down by their parents. So many rebellions have occurred in history because of this desire for freedom of expression. In ancient times, Romans used to force their slaves and prisoners of war to fight each other in a big stadium for entertainment. Spartacus was one of these prisoners until the desire for freedom inspired him to overthrow the empire. [Insert story here] Spartacus escaped and created a team of 70 000 warriors and took down the empire. The desire for freedom causes people to achieve unimaginable things. This desire can be used as a catalyst towards the achievement of your goals. The desire for Energy Energy is fuel. Energy is what allows us to go and do anything and everything. With energy it means possibilities are at our fingertips. Energy is freedom (in a usable and exchangeable form). Energy is what separates those who achieve from those who don’t. We desire energy because energy gives us a feeling of aliveness – it makes us awake and present in every activity that we do. It makes us alive. Energy is what makes us alive. Energy is what makes us alive. As such we want to be full of energy to the maximum that we can handle. We want infinite amounts of energy because we want to feel alive. As such, we must recognize the inevitable fact of death, and that not striving towards our goals will rob us of our energy and put us into a life of darkness. The desire for Wealth Wealth represents an abundance of personal energy. Lots of possessions, lots of popularity, lots of anything is just a metaphor for this personal energy. However true wealth always includes an element of helping others – because it shows that you are not afraid that your wealth will run out – you are confident in your own personal ability to create wealth in your life. Each human is born with an imagination, and thus a wealth of ideas. ALL WEALTH IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD WAS BORN FROM AN IDEA. Thus by having an imagination, every single person is infinitely rich. Self-fulfilment A certain degree of self confidence, competence and awareness to the dangers of time and energy wastage is necessary to achieve true happiness. You must be full in order for your cup to trickle down to others. Before you help others overcome fear, you must first help yourself overcome your own. People actually have a strong desire to help others because of the simple fact that it puts the helper in the seat of authority – a disguise for power. But – this will always backfire on the helper if he has not first helped him or herself achieve self- fulfilment. As you change yourself, others will try to pull you down – it is human nature, a power struggle. In the movie “The Matrix” Morpheus said "Every person in the matrix is an enemy" …. He was basically saying that if you have an agenda or goal that is different than
  35. 35. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved the majority of people, even if it is to help them, then you should keep it to yourself because since it goes against the norm, they will regard it as a threat. Helping Others As was said above, true wealth is the ability to help others because it shows that you always have enough for yourself. When you have something, but you are afraid of losing it you are not wealthy. People naturally need to help the world in some way; otherwise they feel scared and purposeless.
  36. 36. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 10 THE POWER OF RIGHT NOW Too many people postpone their happiness, their self-worth, their motivation, drive and especially their will to live, grow and experience life for some future event to happen to them. I’ll be happy when I do this…. I’ll be happy when I get over this… I’ll be happy when I meet the love of my life… I’ll be happy when I make a million dollars… I’ll be happy when [x] happens. I want to ask those people: OK, so what are you going to do in the meantime? If you are alive, it means that you have certain privileges that are available for your use immediately to advance your life in a positive direction. There is one choice you always have: whether to see things positively or negatively. Admittedly, at times it is hard to see things positively but you can always act as if the odds are on your side and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. You have to say “I don’t know what will happen to me or my loved ones in the future, that is beyond my control, but I do have control how I choose to see things right now in this very instant” When you give up believing in possibility in your mind, you give up real, concrete opportunity in the world in which you exist. Believing in the possibility for a better, richer and more expanded future is really just being grateful for what you have. Because it is natural to want more, and contrary to popular
  37. 37. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved belief, it is good to have more. When you grateful, you actually effortlessly come up with ideas to get more good things. The Past and the Future are Abstractions of Your mind There is no past, and there is no future. Life was there before you were born and it will continue to exist when you die. It goes on no matter what. We must understand that in order to be happy and achieve anything in this world, that RIGHT NOW is all that we have ever and will ever experience. So often we use the past or the future as crutches to prevent us from fully experiencing the moment. For example… in the past: we cling to a memory of “how things were” and say that times are hard and may never go back to being that way… or we cling to what we thought we were always meant to do and be and never consider learning about alternatives… or we cling to a bad memory and think that life cannot get any better than in that defining moment… In the future : Waiting to receive something that will finally make our lives good, waiting to meet a certain person, waiting for problems to resolve themselves… But really, it is right now that counts. It is only right now that we have the power to work towards our goals, including just enjoying this moment, right now. What really counts is every moment to moment that we live. What really counts is every moment to moment to moment that we live. We live from each moment to moment that we experience with our senses. AFFIRMATION I am fully aware of this present moment. All of my senses are open to this moment and I feel the power of the eternal now … flowing through my life ACTION For 5 full minutes, FEEL the feelings that you think you would have if all of your goals were already accomplished.
  38. 38. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 11 The power of your focus Do not focus on lack. You will get exactly that which you focus upon, and it is vital you understand this to live the kind of life you want. If you focus on the feelings that you think you will have if your goal is already achieved, then you will receive that the achievement of your goal. Likewise vice versa. It is the quality of the focus applied along with the quantity. What is the point of putting out tons of energy if the quality of the energy is low grade… you will just get tons of low grade results. That is why you decide exactly what you want, so it is evident when you stray from the path. Clarity If you are not clear on your goal, or you don’t have an intelligent plan to follow, or you are mindlessly putting out effort not for a clear, definite result… then you will receive just that : nothing in particular. For example, if you are trying to attract someone of the opposite sex, talking to as many members of the opposite sex everywhere you go might not be the most intelligent idea. You may meet someone… but you will have spent a huge amount of energy just to find that one person. And what are the chances that you will like that person in the long run? What if instead of that you sat down and thought about what you wanted out of a relationship and what kind of person you wanted to attract? What if you went to places where people go that have the same common interests as you? That would increase the chances of you successfully meeting someone to date and also increase the chances of a successful relationship since you already have something in common with the other person. Say you wanted to make money by starting your own business. Say you wanted to sell something… like a gardening service. First of all, gardening is a huge category that encompasses a large range of practices. Will your business cover all of them? Lawn mowing? Stone-laying? Leaf-raking? You ought to sit down and define each exact task your business will cover. Then there’s transportation… how large of an area are you going to cover? It might be completely useless to have to go from one end of the city to the other and back to and from gardening jobs – that would be a complete waste of time, money and energy in transportation. What is the best way to get the most jobs done in the least time
  39. 39. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved with minimal transportation costs? And then there is marketing… who needs gardening? Where will you find these people? What is the best season for what task? The point here is that your creative ideas have to serve a purpose…. And within this is using what you know about your outside world to your advantage. Focus on your ability to create wealth in your life. (Sphere of Influence vs. Sphere of Concern) Focusing on your ability to create wealth in your life means that if you catch yourself feeling scared that something may go wrong in your future, or thinking about how a certain problem is difficult or how life is difficult, then you must disregard what you have no control over, and do something, no matter how small that is positive. It is a simple ability that you have that makes all the difference. (Taken from Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people) Your sphere of influence includes all the things in your life that you have the power to change, and your sphere of concern includes all the things in your life that don’t have the power to change. There are some things that we know we have no control over, but there are some things that we do, and the most basic of these things is our own mind. That is what makes all the difference. We must focus on expanding our sphere of influence by thinking in terms of what we can do immediately (or make a plan) to improve our own lives, or the lives of others. Focus with gratitude on the abundance that you are already blessed with People are the only living creatures that have the ability to inhibit their own range of actions by worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. All of nature operates within the “Now” constantly doing its job. Gratitude is an emotion that makes you feel like you have more than enough … so inherent in this is feeling that you have more than enough energy and tools to work with to accurately do what needs to be done in your own life. You have more than enough to be able to do what you need to do … you have more than enough in order to strive for what you want. AFFIRMATION I will no longer focus on the apparent lack in my life I place my entire focus on my ability to create wealth in my life And I focus with gratitude On the abundance that I am already blessed with. ACTION Re examine your goal that you set for yourself on day 3, compare it up with observations you’ve made, and come up with an intelligent plan to make it work.
  40. 40. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 12 How to Supercharge your energy Decide to attract more positive experiences on a consistent basis. You may say: How is that possible? Can I just “decide” that good things are going to happen to me? I can’t control what the outside world chooses to give me… Well I will tell you how to do this: decide to make the most of what you have to advance your life in a positive direction. For example, if you are trying to increase your skill levels so that you make can make more money, take some honest time to examine the skills you already possess, and focus on the skill you want to expand. You can also “ask for help” from other people that know more than you in your skill in question, or read a book on the area you are trying to improve. There is another way to learn more and expand your skills other than reading books and talking to people. It is coming up with a list of 10 or more things that you can do that will cause you to learn something new or make new connections or conclusions in the area you are focusing upon. Now the point in this exercise is to actually do the things you come up with the goal of learning something new to advance yourself. The beauty of this is that you will always learning something new that will bring you further towards our goal. Like attracts like When you use your creativity to come up with intelligent ideas that serve a purpose in your life or the lives of others, no matter how small, you automatically tune your brain and your senses to pick up on things in your environment that serve your ideas. For example look up- you are now consciously aware of whatever is above you – the same happens when you are consistently applying emotional energy to your goals… you notice anything and everything that has to do with your goal. Instead of focusing on a huge problem that seems insurmountable, you can focus on a small chunk of it that you can legitimately work at. When you do this, you will find clues on unlocking the mystery of the bigger problem than just looking at the huge problem in its entirety. Persistence (backed by faith) Faith is the necessary emotion that will give you the energy to see your goals to completion. Remember on an earlier day the method for developing faith was given to you. You also have to be persistent. Without persistence, nothing will ever happen. Keep on striving towards your goals with true dedication every moment of every day. Don’t let failure or setbacks stop you… they are actually blessings in disguise: lessons in disguise. AFFIRMATION My creative spirit is charged with energy, Magnetic energy That is drawing to me Abundant Wealth And learning experiences ACTION Decide to attract more positive experiences on a consistent basis – decide on one small thing you can do, one small habit to start, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant that will help you advance your life in any way.
  41. 41. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved On a consistent basis.
  42. 42. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 13 The Power of Expectation (Faith) Expectation and faith are two similar emotions. They both imply that you know that something will happen, usually being a positive thing. The only difference is that with faith, you don’t know exactly how it will happen and some “force” out there is supposed to take care of the details. Have you ever tried to do something for yourself or for someone else… but gave up because you couldn’t see the point in trying anymore if there was going to be no clear beneficial outcome for your hard work - or it wasn’t going to help you in getting what you really wanted? Take a moment and think about the things you’ve worked at and done successfully. What was the difference between what you succeeded at and what you gave up on? You may find that there was something…. Pushing you to succeed at what you needed to do… whether it was love for what you did or out of complete necessity and the dream for a better circumstance, or the desire to challenge your limits… you had that intangible “thing” pushing you until your goal was completed. The only difference between then and now is that we are learning to put our goals into perspective so we can create that intangible “thing” to push us through to our goals. Creating it is actually the same way we have done it for the things we succeeded at in the past… that is through allowing the possibility of a new, expanded world where we can do new things that we want, feel new things, and experience new things grow in our minds day after day until we found ourselves expressing that new reality. Another thing to note is that everything achieved that is truly great requires truly great dedication. That means having an unbreakable will towards being the best you can be and living a life of challenging yourself and constantly striving towards the betterment of yourself and mankind. Alignment It is unfortunate that striving towards your goals, especially big ones is considered to be “Effort” and “Hard Work” in today’s society – this mere fact stops the majority of people
  43. 43. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved from getting what they want out of life. We all have some degree of this pessimism ingrained within our thought processes depending on how we’ve been brought up to see the world. If you think that your goal is going to be hard, hard work, the real hard work is going to be changing your perspective to a point of understanding: If there is anything worth any ounce of your energy, it is YOUR goals. Time spent worrying is a wasted thought process. Keep yourself and your mind busy with concrete thought processes and actions towards your goals (Explain more) The Universe can easily meet all of your needs As long as you are open to new ideas on how to solve problems and create a better life (and this means you are constantly learning), then you will always have help at your side as long as you are alive. Do not imagine that you can achieve anything without help from others, or help in the form of new ideas – that you find in a book – or that you think of using your creativity. The bottom line is that everything that you think belongs to you was created out of something that is not you… your head, your brain, your legs and all of your body parts comes from the same natural building blocks as a tree, a road, food, or anything else for that matter. So how can anything actually belong to you if your whole entire body was created by something else… (God, nature, randomness or whatever) and you are just operating it like a person who drives a car? All energy is only borrowed… we have to give it back one day (Avatar). So… this should give you the courage to ask for whatever you want no matter how big and go for it. AFFIRMATION I joyfully expect miracles to occur in my life I know the Universe can easily meet all of my needs So I expect that all of my needs will be met I joyfully expect complete attainment of my goals ACTION Feel as POWERFULLY as you can the EMOTIONAL STATE OF JOYFUL EXPECTIATION Truly BELIEVE that all you desire is INEVITABLY coming into your experience. EXPECT miracles in your life, and for 5 minutes, believe that miracles are yours.
  44. 44. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 14 You are always in the right place at the right time. Win or lose, you will ALWAYS learn from the experience. You will always learn from the experience. Say something didn’t go exactly how you wanted it to, or how you planned it. Take that experience, and analyse and narrow down why it didn’t go the way you want, more specifically how you can do better next time. Also remember to recognize yourself whenever you do something that takes even the slightest bit of courage – love yourself for taking action… because a small step is still a step nonetheless. We all are given a unique set of experiences and our task is to draw unique insights and creative ideas from those experiences, like drawing water from a well. It is the lessons contained in our experiences that are the precious gems that when used for constructive creation of our future, WILL give us that extra boost, that creative juice to achieve great things, rise past limitations and “break out of the box”. The hunter state of mind When you are consistently learning things from every experience, your mind is constantly active, aware and alert, similar to a hunter – his senses are keen, sharp and finely tuned and in an intense state of focus. But how can we achieve that state, and how can we maintain that state of mind all the time? By far, the most important thing for YOU is to have a main definite purpose or goal that you are working towards. How to choose your main definite purpose Your main definite purpose is the next step up in life from what your experiencing right now. Finding your main definite purpose is like climbing a mountain – you have to scale a little bit at a time. As you climb higher and higher, you see more and more of the landscape unfolding. The unfolding landscape is “what is possible from your current height on the mountain”… So, when you are choosing your main definite purpose, choose whatever is your “next step up in life” in able to be able to do more things and have more options - basically whatever you lack most. So if you are financially unstable and poor and you want to be a millionaire head of a company, your main definite purpose would be first to rise to a higher level of wealth out of your poverty, and then from that position you will have a wider range of options to choose from to eventually reach your goal of a being a millionaire. So your main purpose would be to meet your basic financial needs… anything else you worry about after they are met. Constantly be on the lookout for inspiration When you are open to what could come around you and enrich your life from sources that you didn’t originally suspect, it becomes natural that there is something out there waiting for you to enrich you along your path. A person -, a creative idea, a piece of art… whatever… you have to be prepared for inspiration to strike. You have to create the right environment so inspiration can consistently flourish. You must recognize that the world is designed for
  45. 45. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved you and the tools you need to get you to where you need to go are within the fabric of your experience. Be open to help from any source Sometimes, what we really need most comes from somewhere that we would never expect. For example, say you are looking for someone new to date. Would you reject them if they weren’t as good looking or glamorous as you wanted? That person may be the exact right person that you need to meet in your life right now. Why? It represents a new learning experience for you to grow from. When you grow, you are able to do more and achieve more, like when you were a baby you couldn’t read Shakespeare but now you can – life actually works the exact same way. Sometimes, in order to reach our next step in life, we might have to take a radical departure from what we have previously known to be familiar. The farther the goal from your current state of abilities, the more you have to change who you are fundamentally to get there. But – in accepting the challenge for higher ways of life and thought, and altering your experience, time or day radically, you will automatically start a chain reaction of learning experiences. Take all experiences as learning opportunities. When life offers you a new chance for a learning experience, your future, better, stronger self is depending on you to take the plunge and challenge yourself and learn. AFFIRMATION I am always in the right place at the right time I am open to the limitless opportunities available to me I am prepared to take action when an opportunity presents itself. ACTION For the next 7 days, the very moment you wake up, get out of bed and charge yourself up with determination to make the day that’s ahead of you the best day that you can for 1 minute feel this determination intensely.
  46. 46. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 15 The Power of Boldness Confidence I saw on a motivational poster one time with the message “Confidence is the prerequisite for any undertaking.” From my experience, this is true. And having confidence in yourself is the same thing as saying that the “Universe” or “God” will provide whatever you need to achieve your goals – whatever you need being tools and resources… it is still up to you to use your creativity to direct all these tools and resources towards your unique purpose or goal . Remember, on Day 3 we said that the only known way that faith is developed where there was none before is through the method of autosuggestion. That is a direct quote from Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”. Another thing Hill said in his book and I have hinted at a few times in this book is that you need to have a main definite purpose in your life. The reason that you will definitely fall without a main definite purpose is because the only way that faith can be sustained is through clarity. If you keep on changing your mind all the time about what you want, or have trouble deciding what to do all the time, it will be impossible to maintain the faith necessary to achieve your goals. The Key to clarity: Use your past memories constructively. Remember times in your past where you achieved something that you thought you couldn’t do, no matter how small. It is these memories that will give you the confidence to set higher goals and achieve them. That is why the 3 minute exercise “pleasure of the past” is one of the first exercises in this book. Those memories show you what you are truly capable of and will give you clarity about your abilities (What you can do as opposed to what you can’t do). When you have clarity about your abilities, it is easier to do what you want and succeed at it. There is a second crucial step to maintaining clarity, after you know that you can do it and that is keep on reminding yourself of your goal and why you want it every day (autosuggestion). Make it at a morning and nightly ritual. It is very easy to lose that initial motivation after you get it, because what happens is, you discover that you can use these techniques to jumpstart you with motivation like an electric shock and everyone starts
  47. 47. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved noticing a newfound change in you. Now if you tell them or try to influence them to your way or change them in any way they will try to bring you down hard. So just don’t do it. Keep it to yourself until people will pay you for you to teach this to them. The reason we use autosuggestion is as a reminder to keep us focused on our goals every day and to make our goal stronger than the influence of any outside ideas. This is like day 5: get rid of negativity. If you believe that the bible was true, at least in the Old Testament, God’s chosen people were not asked for unwavering faith without clarity, without proof, (the same purpose as the pleasure of the past exercise). God performed a miracle and split the red sea so that the Jews could cross out of Egypt. The Jews wandered the desert after that for 40 years… They weren’t made to wander the desert without a miracle to fall back on in their past memories. Here is the affirmation for the day: AFFIRMATION: I am completely confident in my ability to create the life that I truly desire I am completely confident in my ability to create abundant prosperity in my life I am going to break this affirmation down for you: I am completely confident in my ability to create the life that I truly desire You are saying that you have it within you to bring into your life the things that you need and desire for whatever reason. You are saying that you have it within you to rise above negative cycles of self defeat. You are saying, most powerfully, that your entire life is within your hands make into absolutely whatever you want like sculptor moulds clay. I am completely confident in my ability to create abundant prosperity in my life You are affirming that you can create positive emotional energy consistently with no outside influences. That consistent positive emotional energy causes you to assume the role of a prosperous person, which causes you to vibrate at a level of abundance and attract everything that matches your abundant energy. ACTION: Take 20 minutes and think about the three most successful things that you’ve done in your life. Write them down and write down what was it that you did to achieve those things and why. What made you succeed so well? Analyse it. Also think about your 3 best skills and abilities.
  48. 48. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved DAY 16 Effortlessness Effort is an illusion The thought of hard work, in whatever form, is something that is dreaded by the majority of people. It is simply easier to kick back and watch TV and ignore your responsibilities. Say your immediate needs are taken care of and you can kick back and watch TV with no immediate repercussions. The only price you will have to pay then is having no life. Basically what I am trying to say is that ignoring your responsibilities leaves you dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Right now we are only talking about your responsibilities to yourself: your responsibility to ensure your happiness in life…. What is the point to life if you cannot have control over your own happiness… and your own life situation? On day 1, it was said that “Sometimes we find ourselves in a comfort zone, and we will often stay there even if it is limited and uncomfortable”… So even if your immediate needs are met, why not improve something else? Even if you feel like you have everything you want in life and your life is perfect, why not help someone else create a paradise in their own lives? My point is that THERE IS ALWAYS WORK TO BE DONE. There is not one moment in life where we are not required to give of ourselves. The price of turning a blind eye to our own thoughts and actions is that we will forever be at the mercy and the whims of circumstance. I will always remember a quote from the beginning of the movie 300 “Fear is constant, but recognizing it makes you stronger”. Why this section is titled “effort is an illusion”? It is because if you examine anything that happens in the natural world, all the huge, enormous tasks that nature accomplishes second by second, minute by minute, 24/7, are done effortlessly, without the “grudge against hard work” that humans have sometimes… Nature can’t not work… its impossible… and without nature’s constant work life as we know it would not be possible. All of nature moves from necessary task to necessary task without thinking about it. Work is how life sustains itself. Happiness is feeling purposeful. One cannot feel purposeful without contributing in a spirit of hard work. Therefore happiness and work can be equated with each other. AFFIRMATION I place my faith in the intelligence of the Universe to fulfil my needs I need simply to enjoy the process of life And realize that I will effortlessly attract abundance into my life. ACTION Re examine the goal you set for yourself on day 3. Think for a moment of something you can do to bring you further towards your goal that you have never done before. The purpose of the exercise is to push the limits of what you are used to doing or how hard you are used to working. For example: during school, I would wake up at 5 am and I had specific periods of time set out for work, exercise, girlfriend, etc. BUT when exams and final essays rolled around I realized that succeeding at these would require an increased effort on my part so I pushed myself to work harder beyond my normal hours, sometimes up until 5 in the morning. I did what it took. Your goal for today’s action is to push yourself to do something past your limits.
  49. 49. For new and advanced information, reviews, tips, and tricks about pheromones, visit PheromonePro.com. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Even if you think that you can’t, or it will be too hard, do it anyway. If you fail for any reason, you will be better for trying and you will be able to draw a lesson from the experience.