How to fix a slice the dave way anti-slice swing system


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Want to know how to fix a slice? Then check out this report which reveals a solution for how to fix a slice.

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How to fix a slice the dave way anti-slice swing system

  1. 1. How To Fix A Slice How To Fix A Slice - The Dave Way Anti-Slice Swing SystemWant to know how to fix a slice? “The Dave Way” anti-slice swing system is for peoplewho are struggling with their golf swing and can’t find a way to get rid of their slice.If left unattended your golf swing problem can get worse and may even be the cause ofyou giving up the game altogether, but if you decide to make an effort to better yourtechnique you could hit the ball straight and start enjoying your time on the golf course.In Dave’s method the focus is not on getting you a new swing; this guide explains how tofix a slice with 4 easy to follow steps that you can use with your current style. Becauseof this there is no long learning curve and you can practice your newly learned techniquein your next outing on the golf course.The book teaches you how to produce drives that are nice and straight by giving you thecorrect advice on how to swing. With these tips you will be able to keep your drives inthe short grass.Dave also explains to you the exact reasons why you are slicing. He writes about the 3common mistakes that golfers make that contribute to their slice and how you can removethese flaws from your game. The book also explains how you can decrease your handicapinstantly. Click here to Sign up for your FREE SAMPLE of the "7 Super Tips" Professional Golfers use that you can use too! If you become tense while playing then you cannot give your best performance. “The Dave Way” will teach you not only how to fix a slice but also how to play your golf without any fear. Through the 4 steps and 4 drills explained in this book you can deal with your tension and become a confident golfer.After you learn the methods and techniques given in the book you would be able to playmore confidently and get rid of the frustration that you feel while playing the game. Youwill be able to achieve the goals that you want.There are three bonuses that you get with the package. The first bonus is the “The DaveWay" Newsletter. The newsletter contains free Golf Tips from the people who know thegame, reviews of the newest products and technology related o golf, shot makingtechniques that can be helpful for newcomers up to seasoned players and the latest golfnews and what Dave thinks about these stories. How To Fix A Slice
  2. 2. How To Fix A SliceThe second bonus is the "Super Tips". This bonus will give you the knowledge about 7techniques that experienced golfer’s use that you can use as well. According to Daveafter you read and comprehend the "Super Tips" you are sure to drop 4 to 5 shots of youraverage.The third bonus is personal consulation. When you buy "The Dave Way", he willpersonally give you an open line of communication to ask all kinds of questions related toyour swing and golf game.“The Dave Way” teaches golfers how they can get rid of their slice and enjoy their timeon the golf course. It also comes with a money back guarantee in case you don’t like it. Click here for more details => How To Fix A Slice