Telecom Service Assurance Solutions


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Brief Overview of HORD Inc Consulting Service Offerings

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Telecom Service Assurance Solutions

  1. 1. Telecom Service Assurance Solutions 1 Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved Private and Confidential Document
  2. 2. SHARED VALUES Company Profile & GUIDING PRINCIPLES We are client focused; professional; The HORD Inc. consulting services has been established to be a leading business responsive and dedicated to management consultancy specializing in bespoke telecom service offerings for new or understanding core client business growing telecoms companies in sub-Saharan Africa. values and goals Our business model aims to engage on the delivery of specialist consulting services to We will provide alternative and secure management via general enterprise risk assessments either in an advisory or consulting solutions for the client operations capacity. within the region. Our core strategy involves developing strategic and innovative avenues of creating We will critically analyze managements measurable and sustainable client business development within the region. objectives and understand the local market to ensure that we provide the We at HORD Inc. consulting services believe that sound business operations and practices most effective and efficient service to involves strong understanding of our clients environment therefore by providing bespoke our clients. specialist only advisory and consulting services, we connect relevant resources for the attainment of desired managements objectives. We will recognize and accept the reality of the challenges within the region. This optimistic view and knowledge of the region drives us to be responsive to new opportunities and initiatives. We will always demonstrate business transparency and accountability to our clients. Our responsibility will be to deliver consistent and timely advisory and consulting services to our clients. 2 Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved Private and Confidential Document
  3. 3. Overview of Service Offerings ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT Set Policy REVENUE ASSURANCE & FRAUD MANAGEMENT Deploy Controls Databases servers Firewalls CDRs Billing DATA MINING & BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ANALYTICS DR Branch Offices WAN Data warehouse Back up Business Analytics tape Customers WWW Partners Customer Portal Production DataDisk storage Outsourced WAN Development Remote Employees Staging VP Enterprise Back up disk PROJECT MANAGEMENT & IT AUDIT e-mail File Server N Enforce and Monitor Controls 3 Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved Private and Confidential Document
  4. 4. Enterprise Risk Services Revenue Assurance & Our integrated risk management strategy and solutions focuses on improving business risk intelligence for Fraud Management organizations, around the ability to; Our Revenue Assurance and Fraud Mgt service s are an end-to • Prevent, quickly detect, correct and escalate critical risk End analysis of the revenue stream processes, which goes issues. beyond the traditional approach to Revenue Assurance, identifying problems that are generally not revealed through the • Reduce the burden on business operations by standardizing analysis of any single area of revenue generation in isolation. risk management principles and communication. Our approach is balanced between achieving short-term, bottom • Reduce risk information and integration of existing risk management functions line impact and implementing long-term/fundamental process driven changes thereby preventing future revenue leakage. We have developed a bespoke risk management solution and methodology for assessing risk which we term, ‘Revenue We take a more comprehensive, process-based and analytical Intelligence Risk Assessment (RIRA) and Stakeholder View of the causes of revenue leakage by focusing on the Intelligence Value Assessment (SIVA). Appendix A processes, systems, and employee practices that drive financial performance in functional areas throughout the enterprise. These 2 unique solutions help our clients assess their risk management practices and current operations based on defined We strive to complement our clients’ internal Revenue revenue and stakeholder strategic objectives. This gives a clear Assurance functions/groups, which are often focused only on the indication of where significant deviances are occurring between usage processing and billing processes. actual business operations and executive business plans. Means to improve strategic flexibility for both upside and downside We see Revenue Assurance and Fraud Mgt as a continuous scenarios endeavor aimed at improving operational efficiency and ensuring that all possible revenue is collected. Appendix B We are able to provide a ‘comfort level’ to board and other key stakeholders that the full range of risks is understood and managed within the business. 4 Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved Private and Confidential Document
  5. 5. Data Mining & Project Management & Business Intelligence IT Audit There are common symptoms of poor data quality. Business relies Projects are unique undertakings where very often you’re breaking new heavily on information technology to support day to day operations ground, implementing new technologies and changing the fundamental and provide intelligence and insight on performance. Technology in way you do business. More often than not, you’re trying to establish a turn is only as good as the data that runs through it – ‘rubbish in, program to do all three at once, whilst managing a variety of other rubbish out’ was always – and remains – a fundamental truism of programs with competing priorities and occasionally conflicting objectives. technology. Amidst all of this, you have a business to run. There are customers to satisfy, stakeholders to engage, staff to manage, and expectations to meet. Our experience shows there is a positive ROI to be achieved by pinpointing and tackling data quality issues. We have a structured We have a proven project assurance and risk management methodology, approach to tackling it: first you have to understand the quality of which draws upon leading best practice approaches. We can work with you your data right now, then identify the impact to the business if data to identify the risks and challenges that must be addressed before you quality is poor. If that impact is sufficiently serious, controls, progress further. metrics, training and governance are needed to stop further degradation – some cleansing of existing data may also be required. Project Risk Project Life-cycle Project Contract Assessment Assurance Risk & Compliance Our data quality assessment is a fast and effective way of quantifying the problem. A successful IT audit appropriately assesses technology risks and the control Our approach also helps produce business intelligence through environment as they relate to critical business processes. Our deep expertise exploitation and interrogation of data using intelligent ways to in IT audit can help ensure the integrity, reliability and performance of these extract highly valuable information and findings that can enhance processes. your bottom line e.g. telecom analytics for churn and market intelligence through subscriber behavior. Through our risk based methodologies, our clients realize more effective and efficient technology controls that better align the internal audit function with their business and IT strategies. Our experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds provide a variety of specialist services. 5 Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved Private and Confidential Document
  6. 6. Overview of Integrated Telecom Consulting Solution Prevention User & 3rd Forensic Party Services Mgt. Bus. Continuity AS IS Management TO BE Awareness & Mgt. Training Reporting Infor. Asset Policy & Process Mgt. Compliance Metrics Security Risk Dashboard Risk Mgt. IT Tech. Change vulnerability Mgt Mgt. Security Strategy REACTIVE APPROACH HOLISTIC APPROACH PROACTIVE APPROACH Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved 6 Private and Confidential Document
  7. 7. Our Client Engagement Process Value proposition Consultation Delivery System (CDS) Evaluation Phase Provide the value Communicate the value Understand Cost/ Design Client Engagement Identify Define Service Assess Advisory Client Negotiation benefit SOW Reporting Proposition Resources Objective Delivery Project Services Delivery Matrix Segmentation Value Business model: proposition • Integrated set of actions to provide and communicate the value proposition to clients Each client engagement must be assessed to address the following key issues: Illustration of how our value proposition will be provided and communicated Identification of existing strengths that can be leveraged and required capabilities that need to be developed. 7 Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved Private and Confidential Document
  8. 8. Our Service Work Plan We use a risk based approach to tackle operational issues. A work plan will be compiled to address the specific areas of weakness following a comprehensive operational risk assessment to be carried out. Our consultants will work to ensure each area of prioritized weakness is addressed and tested. The findings will be reported to the executive management. OUR SERVICE WORK PLAN REPORTING ARRANGEMENTS Our work plan takes into account: We believe the whole organization is responsible for revenue responsiveness and risk management. Issues will be identified by an overall assessment of the particular service offering. The work plan will remain flexible to ensure A well established follow-up procedure is in place to ensure that capture of unforeseen occurrences; the organizations policies and agreed recommendations are implemented for every key area of procedures; discussions with key business owners for key risk identified. operations and the impact of changes to systems brought about by new strategic initiatives. CO-OPERATION OF MANAGEMENT & STAFF Our work plan is divided into several generic areas according to We work closely to build up trust and working relationships with client structures . The plan is further divided into focusing on client staff specific areas, showing the source of the key risk and the outline objectives for each area of work. Our consultants may vary for specific tasks to enable the most appropriate expert in terms of qualifications and experience to assist where necessary. KEY AREAS IN THE WORK PLAN Our expert consultants and strategic vendors and partners will We recognize that each organization is varied and unique; our ensure that the resources for each organization requirements are approach will develop and implement an operational assessment so used as effectively as possible . that risks and controls can be identified and addressed accordingly and key business KPIs reviewed. QUALITY STANDARDS Our services comply with international best practice standards We will also encourage the delivery of a program of Workshops or according to client agreements. campaigns in order to raise awareness of key risk issues and highlight areas of system or process weaknesses to staff in the These standards are met by maintaining an ongoing quality business. assurance process over our entire anti-fraud work with your team. 8 Copyright © 2010 HORD Inc. Consulting. All rights reserved Private and Confidential Document
  9. 9. Appendix A Overview of our RIRA & SIVA Solution Revenue Growth Operating Margin Unrewarded Risk SIVA Infrastructure Efficiency Expectations Operations Sustainability Phase 2 Un Governance Risk Intelligent Risk with Value RAG RIRA Gaps Solution Output Planning Compliance Strategy Reporting Phase 1 Rewarded Risk Copyright © 20010 HORD Consulting Inc. 9 Private and Confidential Document
  10. 10. Appendix B Stakeholder Risk & Gap Assessment Methodology Overview of our RA & Fraud Mgt Methodology Fraud Management Phase 1 Regulatory Geographic Industry Organization Governance Review RA & Discuss current Assess adopted Develop RAG Findings & Fraud Fraud Operations Implementation risk Profile models assessment recommendations Sales Revenue Operations Expectations Sustainability Phase 2 Revenue Partner Assurance Copyright © 2010. HORD Consulting Inc. 10
  11. 11. Strategic Partners & Tools Fraud Forum EnCase® ClearView’s i-INSIGHT Member Member Member Client Profile Nigeria Ghana Nigeria Uganda Uganda Nigeria Kenya 11
  12. 12. This document is confidential and prepared solely for your information. Therefore you should not, without our prior written Contact Details: consent, refer to or use our name or this document for any other purpose, disclose them or refer to them in any prospectus or other document, or make them available or communicate them to any other party. No other party is entitled to rely on our document for any purpose whatsoever and thus we accept no liability to any other party who is shown or gains access to this document. 12 Private and Confidential Document