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Unit 4 lo11


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Unit 4 lo11

  2. 2. I have decided to create a music video as my final project. For thismusic video I have chosen the song ‘Bow Down’ by Beyoncé Knowles asthis song intrigues me, due to the fact that its so different to her othersongs as the lyrics are aggressive and fairly vulgar. The song hascaused controversy in the media because of this, which has pushedBeyoncé to not make a music video for it. all the media attention thissong has raised make me interested to make a music video to match itsattention seeking and explicit manner in an interesting way.Nevertheless main reason I have chosen to make a music video for thissong is that, there is no music video for the song.Selection and Justification
  3. 3. Beyonce ‘Bow Down’This mood boardexpresses the themeand scene of thismusic video idea, Iwould want this musicvideo have hip hopthemes likegraffiti, wild dancemoves, eccentric, over-the-top outfits andcolourful scenery. Iwould want this musicvideo to be quirky, funand fast pace.
  4. 4. Beyoncé ‘Bow Down’ (Thumbnails)
  5. 5. Question What Is YourOpinion On MyMusic VideoIdea?Do You ThinkThis Music VideoIs Appropriatefor My TargetAudience?Do You ThinkThis Music VideoWill Suit TheGenre Of TheSong?How Do YouThink I CouldImprove TheConcept Of TheMusic Video ToGain A LargerAudienceHow Do YouThink This MusicVideo Comparesto Related OnesIn The IndustryAnnie Its fun andquitecommercialYes, but it canbe powerfuland influentialfor the wrongreasonsYes, Defiantly Make it appealto differentpeople byaddingdifferentscenesIts similar andmainstreamSophie I like the ideaof your musicvideo andthink it will suitthe targetaudience well,I think that itwill be excitingand will attractmany makingthe single sellwell.Yes it willattract themwellYes I think thevideo will fitwell to thesongAdd lots ofcolour andmake theimages boldIts similar tothem, whichwill make itblend well inthe industry
  6. 6. Josh Its very poplike, andhumorous (likea parodyYes, but someelements of itprovide anegative lighton the targetaudienceyes It’s a bit toostrange forolder andyoungerpeople, so tonedown thevulgar contentIts too uniqueto becompared tothecommerciallysuccessfulvideosCharlie I like the ideaand think itwould workwell with ayoungaudienceThe ideas ofthe musicvideo willappeal to ayoungaudience butnot for a goodreason, as it’s abit improperYes, as it has allthefundamentalsof a hip-hop/pop musicvideoAt the momentit would onlyappeal to ayoungeraudience as anolder audiencewould find ithard to relateto the contentIts similar toother videos ofits kindHayley Its different.It’s a modernway of lookingat the industryYes, but I youmust be carefulwho itinfluencesYes it would,because it goeswith the lyricsUsing brightcolours and notmaking it soexplicitThis idea is alittle morehumorous
  7. 7. After receiving the feedback from my survey I observed that a lot of people liked theidea of my music video, and would actually tune in to watch it, this makes the ideasuccessful as all the people I surveyed are into the genre of my music video idea. Alot of people thought my music video would appeal to my target audience of 15-24year old individuals, but it wasn’t appropriate for them as the content within it isvulgar, explicit and badly influential to the younger individuals within my targetaudience, which tells me that I would have to illuminate the discourteous andsexually explicit elements and themes, this would also help me gain a larger targetaudience in the process as I could gain a larger audience (younger people would beable to watch it and older individuals would not be put off by it), on-the-other-hand Imust be careful how much of the vulgar and explicit content I do not use as there isalways a risk of losing the interest of my target audience I had in mind in the firstplace.Analysing my feedback I found that everyone who participated think that the musicvideo is appropriate for it genre as it contains all the elements of a typical pop/hip-hop music video (catchy dance routines, flashy outfits and outlandish scenery).Incomparison to other music videos, people think that my music video is similar toothers in the industry, which would make it blend well, but this is also a concern as itmeans my idea will not stand out from its competitions, I will have to develop myidea further to make sure its unique and different to others in the industry.Analysis of Idea Development After Feedback