Learning Outcome Two (Part Two)


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Learning Outcome Two (Part Two)

  1. 1. After receiving feedback from my peers I found that a majority of the peopleagreed to my set target audience of teenagers and young adults aged 15-24 as this age range is known to have the most interest in new/commercialand chart music and music videos (according tohttp://www.comscoredatamine.com/2012/03/vevo-and-spotify-go-head-to-head-in-the-nordics/, the younger age groups (15-24, 25-34 and 35-44) weremore likely to visit VEVO to watch music videos), this is a fairly broad andgeneral age range for this type of commercial hip-hop/RnB music video,especially one with parody-like components as a majority of individuals withinthis age range enjoy watching distinctive and humorous music videos.Due to the fact that the song and artist is Beyoncé (a worldwide female rolemodel, who makes music to empower and inspire females), the intendedgender of my target audience was mainly female, that was until I researchthe backlash this song received from Beyoncé’s typical female audience, asa lot of female fans found the lyrics and content of the song degrading andcondescending, however, the controversy caused by this song managed todraw and interest from a lot of male audiences and fans, this now meansmaking a music video to this song would also attract more male audiencesthan I originally intended, although the majority of my target audience is stillfemale, a smaller percentage of my target audience is male.My target audience social class varies from C1 to E as my music videoconsists of street/youth-oriented references (scenery, costume, narrative) thatmainly people of a middle and lower class group are known to appreciate,understand and relate to. The location of my target audience is based in theUnited Kingdom, this is mainly due to the fact that the locations, charactersand general look of my music video would consists of a lot of Britishreferences and styles that people who live in Britain would recognize andappreciate.Teenagers and young adults are usually fascinated with the latest in themusic scene; this is due to how much music is involved within their dailyroutine (listening to earphones or radio whilst traveling, going out, watchingmusic videos online or on television). My product should sell extremely well tothis target audience if the individuals live this music orientated lifestyle ofwork/full time education, going out (clubs, bars and pubs), highly interactivewith social media.Audience Research
  2. 2. Finding out detailed information about the workings of your target audience,you can therefore observe and report, how advertise and sell to them. Usingsources such as Websites, internet forum rooms, magazine articles and blogs,I was able to analyse exactly what my target audience look for within amusic video, and how they find it.Billboard MagazineBillboard is one of the biggest music magazines/websites in theindustry, they frequently write articles and reviews on the latestmusic videos. The consumers (buyers) of this magazine are mainly teenagersand young adults aged 16- 26 (according to http://www.billboard.com/footer/biz),This makes the reviews within this magazine relevant to my research as thisage range matches the age range of my target audience, and as thismagazine is one of the biggest in the industry, it must be express the opinionof many of the consumers.This music video article was based on the critical responses to all the musicvideos released by Beyoncé for the ‘4’ album, and according to this articlethe most successful music video out of all the ones she released for this albumSecondary Content Research
  3. 3. was ‘Run The World Girls’, this could be due to a number of factors, such as,the media coverage and promotion was far greater with this track thanothers, this music video had a higher budget and most anticipation and itreceived the most airplay, but in comparison to the actual music video itself(as the article describes), the music video was visually more intriguing to itstarget audience, as the narrative was action pack and interesting, there wascatchy dance routines and typical Beyoncé hairography, these are allelements I must take in consideration when producing my music video.YouTubeYouTube is one of the best sources to finding information about an audienceregarding music videos as its one of the most popular video websites on theinternet. I looked at many different music videos related to my music videoand analysed some of the comments left by viewers, this will allow me tounderstand what exactly my target audience like and dislike about thesevideos and how I can produce a successful music video.Azealia Banks- 212http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3Jv9fNPjgk
  4. 4. Beyoncé- Run the world girls.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMU_iwe6UNicki Minaj- Stupid Hoehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6j4f8cHBIM
  5. 5. There are a lot of blogs and articles online based on music videos, themajority of them compare music videos and list the best in the industry.Reading these articles has been helpful as most these sites contain publicopinion through techniques such as polls and comments.Reading these comments has helped me gain a better understanding ofwhat exactly people like about music videos.
  6. 6. I conducted a questionnaire in order to receive feedback from individualsthat match the description of my target audience, I aimed to find out theiropinion on music videos, how they watch them and why they watch them.Question Result 1 Result 2 Result 3 Result 4 Result 5 Results 6Gender Male Male Female Male Female FemaleAge 17 19 23 18 17 18Occupation Full TimeStudentFull TimeStudentStoreManagerFull TimeStudentFull TimeStudentFull TimeStudentDo YouWatch MusicVideos?Yes Yes Occasionally Yes Occasionally YesWhere DoYou UsuallyWatch MusicVideos?YouTubeTelevisionYouTube Television YouTube Television YouTubeIn YourOpinion,What Makesa MusicVideoInteresting?Lots ofDifferentshots andlocationsA goodstorylineand coolpropsI like musicvideos thathave goodchoreographythat matchesthe songIf theyinclude theartist andexpresswhat theartist is allaboutA goodNarrativeI like Musicvideos witha goodnarrative.If You areinterested ina musicvideo, do youshare themand how?Twitter andFacebookLikes onYouTubeI Don’t ShareMy InterestFacebook I Don’tShare MyInterestI Don’tShare MyInterestPrimary Content Research
  7. 7. From this questionnaire, I can see that there is a link in the types of videospeople enjoy and their gender, it seems that most males prefer music videosthat are based on interesting narratives and intense imagery (like Eminem’sStan), whereas the female audience seem to appreciate a music video thatfeatures and glamorises the artist, features pop like themes such as,choreography and fashionable costume (like Beyoncé’s Single Ladies). It’sAlso seems that interest in music video come with availability to watch them,e.g. full students are more interested in music videos then people whoPlease List 3of yourfavouritemusicvideos?Macklemore -Thrift shopEmpire Of theSun- Walkingon A DreamRudimental –Feel The LoveEminem-StanUsher – BurnKanye West –Touch TheSkyBeyoncé –Single LadiesMichaelJackson-ThrillerPink – StupidGirlsSelenaGomez- comeand get itBeyoncé –single ladiesTheSaturdays –what about usBeyoncé –Single ladiesJustin Bieber– One lesslonely girlThe Killers –Mr.BrightsideDavid Guetta– TitaniumRihanna –Only Girl InThe WorldJustinTimberlake-Rock YourBodyPlease StateWhy TheseAre YourFavouriteMusicvideos?TheirDifferent fromother musicvideosThey have aninterestingstoryline andare iconic theartistsTheirmemorable,catchy andconsistent,there is not adull momentThey are funand exciting,they make meenjoy themusic moreThey havegreat use oflighting andstoryline.The conceptsof the musicvideo areinterestingand matchthe song in anone obviouswayWhat isYourFavouriteGenre?Indie/rock Hip Hop Pop/RnB Pop Pop PopWhy Do YouPrefer ThisGenre?The Conceptsare usuallymore uniqueand artisticcompared toothersThe musicvideos usuallytell a storyabout theartistThey Play themost, whichmakes mewatch themthe mostBecause I canrelate to itBecausepeople my ageenjoy thisgenreespecially ifartists are myageYou usuallysee more ofthe artist inthese types ofmusic videosDo Youprefer MusicVideos ThatAre FunnyOr Serious?Both Serious Funny Funny Bit of both Funny
  8. 8. workfull time as they have more opportunities to watch them in their dailyschedules. The Majority of participants of this survey seem to enjoy musicvideos that are more humorous than serious; this result is good to me as I planon making my music video funny.As well as questionnaires, I decided to conduct some interviews with a fewindividuals that fit my target audience (interviews posted on a separatevideo). The results of these interviews were fairly similar to the questionnaireresults.
  9. 9. Researching into other music videos advances my understanding of theaudience I need to target my product to. (My competitors are other arteother commercial artists of the pop/hip-hop genre). Looking at other existingmusic videos of the same genre of my music video, I am able to comparethem by looking at the similarities and differences they share.At first I decided to look at other music videos by Beyoncé, to analyse hermusic video characteristics how she’s undertakes her genre.Throughout most of the music videos in her career, Beyoncé has a commonthread to feature herself singing and dancing directly to the camera, andsometimes the music video doesn’t feature a narrative (single ladies, KittyKat, Countdown, upgrade you), ad when it does, the narrative is usuallycentred around her (diva, run the world, ring the alarm, crazy in love), this isto resemble who Beyoncé is as an artist, as she is known as a glamorousbeautiful women, who wears flashy outfits and has big hair, so in order tosatisfy her audience her music videos must reflect her image.ResearchintoCompetitorsStudio basedmusic videos Music videoswith narrativesbased onBeyoncé
  10. 10. Projecting and promoting the image of the artist through music video seemsto be a popular technique with other artists of a similar genre. Artists likeRihanna, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are famous for having musicvideos that feature and promote their style and image, from costume andhair to dance moves. Their music videos share a similar style of beingostentatious (rapidly moving shots and many different angles, flashy effectsand attention seeking gestures and dance routines.Jennifer Lopez- Dance Again Beyoncé- 1+1Rihanna- Umbrella Mariah Carey- My AllEvidence of similar styles withinthese artists music videosA lot of these related music videos feature shots that are intended to familiarisethe artists to the audience, such as close-ups, mid shots and long shots (to showfull body movement), these are all factors I must include in my music videos toensure that my music video suits the genre.
  11. 11. As part of my market research I looked at the most successful (most viewedand most airplay) related pop music videos from 2010-2012, (as these are theareas where this genre of music and music videos have altered to the morerecent and modern day videos),as I would be able to analyse the keycomponents of their success and compare them with mine.The results of this research (according to the http://www.reelseo.comwebsite)were, Lady Gaga-Telephone, Jennifer Lopez-On the floor ft. Pitbull and NickiMinaj-Stupid Hoe, all these music videos are aimed to my target audience asmy music video (individuals aged 15 to 28) and most of them wereadvertised in the same way and majority of the same websites and channelssuch as, YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, 4 music, VIVA. These results provide a positiveoutlook on my project, as the some of the key elements to the success ofthese videos are included in my own music video.After researching the market further to find out exactly where I should beadvertising my music video, I found that the most popular television channelfor music videos is MTV, as its globally available and successful, which isimportant as you want to reach out to as many of your target audience aspossible, and not limit the availability of your music video. Another verypopular music video channel is Viva, although the downside to using VIVA isthat it’s a channel that’s only available in selected countries, the betteralternative would be uploading the music video online, and the best websiteto upload a music video is YouTube’s Vevo, as this is a site exclusively topromote and share new and old music videos, and is proven to be moreeffective as a method of advertising and viewing than most Televisionchannels.ResearchintoMarket