Music Video: Learning Outcome One


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Music Video: Learning Outcome One

  3. 3. Professionals discussing the importance of music videos.
  4. 4. According to Chris Parr ( former VP of MusicProgramming and Talent Relations for CMT inNashville),music videos educate and introducemusic and artists to consumers as without thevisual aspect of music, a lot of people would beoblivious to the artist and music that theywatch and listen to (especially the younger andmodern demographic).For example, to quote Chris Parr ‘a lot ofpeople who may not have grown up listeningto country music or find themselves searchingit out, music videos are an entry point’.
  5. 5. Professionals discussing the importance of music videos.
  6. 6. in this video, the presenter/executive producer(Renata Ulman) states that according to KaylaDingwell (vice president of sound streammultimedia studios specializing in new artistdevelopment) she says, having music is neverenough, you need to be out there bookinggigs, special performances to show whatyou’ve got, when expending and analysing thissentence you realise that promotion is key tosuccess and music videos are one of the bestforms of artist promotion especially in the newmillennium.
  7. 7. Purposes Of Music VideoThere are several different reasons why artists create musicvideos, these include:• For entertainment purposes and to showcase the artist talents (such as dancing, acting and even on-stage performing), as the visual aspect of music videos give artist a chance to do more than sing, for example Justin Timberlake’s ‘What Goes Around’ music video was like a short film, which gave him the opportunity to showcase his acting skills, as he was trying to transition into an actor during that time.• For selling purposes (such as CD’s and Digital Download), because music videos are accessible on all kinds of different websites and devices such as TV, YouTube and Daily mail, it broadens the opportunities for the artist to be seen and heard, which is why music videos are a great promotional strategy that boots the artists sales incredibly.
  8. 8. • For artistry reasons, as music videos give the artists an opportunity to really be creative and give the fans and consumers a better understanding to the song, for example in 2011 Gotye released a music video for ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, and rather than promote the band itself(as they were relatively new in the charts) they decided to make an artistic and unique music video that works well with the song.• Although all the above reason for music videos are valid, the most important and arguably the most common purpose for music videos is, promotion. Music videos are a promotional tool, no other promotional strategy in the industry can expand the exposure of an artist like music videos, as music videos are a lot more accessible internationally as more people these days have access and interest to the internet and TV, than radio.
  9. 9. Music videos also have the power to do more than promote anartist and boots their sales, music videos also have the power tochange the world (something the audio of a song couldn’t pull-off as efficiently) for e.g. Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’made such a major charitable impact because the music videofeatured so many legendary and current influential artist, whichmade the video viral and the star power within the music videopromoted the organization ‘USA for Africa’ very well. This is atrend that has been carried out in other music videos such asThe Collective ‘Teardrop’ (for children in need).
  10. 10. Artists Popularity Ratings Due To Music VideosNicki Minaj is the one of the latest prime examples, of howmusic videos can influence your success as an artist. Nicki Minajis currently the most successful female rapper of all time (thistitle would have never been earned by her without musicvideos), as music videos allow Nicki Minaj to endorse and trendher ‘Black Barbie’ gimmick that has made her fame and successso explosive.
  11. 11. It’s safe to say the Beyoncé is one of the most influential femaleartists of the modern era, but Beyoncés success wouldn’t be soextensive without her music videos, as her upbeat, sexy andempowering music wouldn’t make the same impact without thelisteners, watching her famous booty-shaking dance moves andhairography. This is evident in such videos as ‘Crazy In Love’and ‘Single Ladies’, as both songs made such a massive impactbecause of their iconic music videos, that became so iconicbecause of Beyonce’s trademark dancing and fierce attitude.
  12. 12. BEYONCE ‘I AM SASHA FIERCE’ MUSIC VIDEOSBeyoncé- If I Were A Boy Beyoncé- Single LadiesBeyoncé- Diva Beyoncé- Ego
  13. 13. Music Videos have also allowedBeyoncé to showcase her alter ego‘Sasha Fierce’, who has been such amassive influence to the commercialsuccess of Beyoncés music, asSasha Fierce is a what she refers toas a crowd pleaser. In 2008 Beyoncéreleased her third solo studio albumtitled ‘I Am Sasha Fierce’, were shereleased a series of music videos tomatch the black and white , Beyoncévs. Sasha Fierce theme of the album(examples on the previousslide), this clever concept impactedthe success of the album, as itallowed her fans to futherunderstand and recognise the storyand concept of this album and SashaFierce in a way that wouldn’t bepossible without the visuals.
  14. 14. Nicki Minaj’s music video ‘Stupid Hoe’ was released as apromotional music video, which meant that the song was not beingreleased as an official single. The impact of this ‘Promotional’ musicvideo boosted the albums sales so far it made ‘Pink Friday: RomanReloaded’ her most successful album to date. And the reason themusic video promoted the album so well is because of thecontreversy of it being banned from television, due to the extremeflashy and disturbing images, this made people want to watch iteven more, thus making it one of the most watched music videoson YouTube, therefore broadening her commercial success.
  15. 15. M83’s single ‘Midnight City’ is rapidly claiming the charts. The singlehas received a lot of airplay, especially in adverts, Big TV showssuch as ‘X Factor’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ and promotional videos online.It’s safe to say that if you heard the song ‘Midnight City’ you wouldrecognise the song, but the music video of the song might take alot more thinking, in fact, the music video has had very little playon TV and the views online are fail to succeed the airplay of thesong, this has effected the sales of the single as people mightregonize or like the song, dont know enough about the artist tolook them up or buy their music.
  16. 16. ‘No Doubt’ has sold over 33 million albums world wide and wontwo gammy awards, and after nearly a decade after their previousalbum, the world was excited to find out that ‘No Doupt’ wouldrelease their 6th studio album titled ‘Push and Shove’ in 2012, thealbum was a great commercial and critical success and their firstsingle entered the hot 100 official music charts around theworld, but a song that left a sour taste in No Doubts success istheir second single ‘Looking Hot’ in which they created a musicvideo that caused a negative controversy that eventually lead themusic video to being banned from numerous websites andtelevision, because this music video was inaccessible tolisteners, the promotion of the single was so deeply effected thatthe ‘single is yet in debate of whether it should be released orhave the music video completely re-filmed with a new concept.
  17. 17. The importance of music channels, DVD’s/downloads and sales.
  18. 18. When it comes to the financial aspect of musicvideos, its seems to be a game of give and take.The Record label of the artist would use or paysuch promotional companies and organizationsas MTV and Vevo, in exchange for the exposurethey will provide the music video.
  19. 19. Channels and DVD’sTelevision is probably the most common andpopular device of promotion within themedia industry, as television is the first-hand source of the average person’sentertainment and news update. So itcomes to know surprise that channels suchas MTV and Viva are extremely important toartist as they can provide artists with themost publicity thus gaining them morepopularity and income.As I previously mentioned, it’s a games ofgive and take, as these channels requiregood music and music videos for success.Due to the fact that these channels aremade to promote music videos, they mustmake sure that they are providing theiraudience with the latest and best qualitymusic videos, as the channel that give theaudience the best and latest musicvideos, get the most viewers.
  20. 20. DVD’s are an extension of the promotionalsuccess of an artist and music videos. (Asshown on the right ) most DVD’s sold thesedays from an artist are DVD’s of liveperformances and a majority of thesefeature related music videos.Adding the music videos to DVD’s furtheradvertises the song and the video, whichagain provides more popularity to the videoand most importantly the song (furtherincreasing the artists income).This can be proven by a DVD released byBeyoncé in 2012 titled ‘Live In RoselandBallroom, Elements of 4’, this DVD featureda full concert of Beyoncé at the Roselandballroom, special bonus footage and all themusic videos from Beyoncés related album‘4’. This DVD was one of the highest sellingLive convert DVD’s of 2012 and because themusic videos are featured within theDVD, the consumers gain yet another deviceto access and play the music videos (whichthey paid for).
  21. 21. Having two separate charts for music videos and music (audio), is aperfect money making scheme, as it allows money for the company’ssuch as iTunes and MTV to make money on both ends. Forexample, pop artist Rihanna makes a lot of money by topping theofficial download charts, but by being featured (highly) on the musicvideo charts she then gains even more publicity and revenue .Companies such as iTunes also benefit from this as they can sellaudio and music video separately to make more money.
  22. 22. Use Of Synergy
  23. 23. Music video’s don’t only work as a promotional benefit for artists, butthey can also work as a way to promote other media projectslike, Products and films, because music videos are so viral, they canbecame on of the most effective ways to advertise a product, whichis why some company’s sponsor the production of a music videoproject in order to get their product in the music video. Some filmswill use music videos to promote the film (usually, the song will becontained in the films soundtrack).
  24. 24. Titanic is one of the highestgrossing, films of all time, but whatmakes the success of titanic evenmore outstanding is the success ofthe theme song, that was recorded byCeline Dion titles ‘My Heart Will GoOn’, this music video is a superbexample of how music videos can actas a great technique of filmpromotion, because ‘my heart will goon’, was such a big single and afterthe music video was released, thesingle became so massive, it becameone of the highest selling singles of alltime, and boosted the success andsales of the titanic tremendously.This strategy worked because themusic video consisted of clips of thefilm and featured Celine Dion on thetitanic itself, thus promoting the through the music video. w8OycJrE
  25. 25. These are other examples of Music Videos increasing the success of films.Whitney Houston- Elton John- Eminem-I Will Always Love You Circle Of Life Loose YourselfFilm: The Bodyguard Film: The Lion King Film: 8 MileCoolio- Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle-Gangsta’s Paradise A Whole New WorldFilm: Dangerous Minds Film: Aladdin
  26. 26. The same tactic used forfilms can work exactly thesame for TVprogrammes, forexample, the Rembrandts’ssingle, ‘I’ll be there foryou’ gained it’s success asbeing the theme song ofthe largely famous sitcom‘Friends’, and althoughpeople were familiar withthe song they didn’t knowmuch about theRembrandts until they shota music video featuring thecast, which then gave thesong its own distinctionand fame, thus benefitingand promoting the artistsas well as the TV show.
  27. 27. Adverts are another great way for artist to promote themselves andincrease their income, for instance, DJ Fresh is an artist who hasbeen releasing music since 2003, but his ultimate commercialsuccess didn’t come unit 2011 with the single louder, which made itso big in the charts (compared to his previous songs) because themusic video was featured in a Lucozade advert. This amount ofpromotion provided the music video a lot of publicity and hype.
  28. 28. Although product placement arguably benefits the productscompany’s more the actual artist, artists still thrive on the supportand benefits of product placement.
  29. 29. Product placement can workwell to an artist’s favour(although it benefits thecompany’s productwell), because when anartist features a certainproduct within their musicvideo, that product get a lotof recognition andadvertisement. This is greatfor the product itself, but itsgreat for the artist becausethe companies wouldincrease the financialbudget of the music videothey are placing theirproduct in, this benefits theartist as they can thereforeincrease the quality of themusic video.
  30. 30. A good example of anartist who uses productplacement quitefrequently in their musicvideos for their ownbenefit is ‘BritneySpears’. Britney spearsreleased a perfumetitled circus around thesame time she releaseda music video of a songwith the same title. Shethen decided to featurethis product within themusic video, thuspromoting theproduct, and the musicvideo at the sametime, this is a strategyused by Britney Spearsquite frequently.