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Extended Project: Management


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Extended Project: Management

  1. 1. PROPOSAL FORM Project Proposal form Learner Learner Name Phele number Centre Name Henley College Centre Number Teacher Paul Date 14/10/2011 Assessor Unit Proposed project title Music VideoTitle or working title of project (in the form of a question)I have been commissionedProject objectives (eg, what is the question you want to answer? What do you want to learn how to do? What do youwant to find out?):I want to learn and find out how to make a music video, I want to learn and explore the process, from pre to postproduction of creating a music video.If it is a group project, what will your responsibilities be?Section Two: Reasons for choosing this projectReasons for choosing the project (eg, links to other subjects you are studying, personal interest, future plans,knowledge/skills you want to improve, why the topic is important):I have chosen to do this project because I have never done it before, this will be a great opportunity to find out how to construct amusic video, which is something I have always been interested in from when I was a child, I have always been interested in musicvideos and I watch them all the time, so learning to make one will help me as I would like to produce music videos in the future.
  2. 2. Section Three: Activities and timescalesActivities to be carried out during the project (eg, research, analysis, writing, preparing for How long this will take:the presentation, etc):I will divide the creation process into three different steps:Step 1: Management and Planning process 1 to 2 LessonThis will include making such things as time lines and data forms to keep me well on trackwith the due date of this project.Step 2: Pre Production 6 to 7 WeeksThis will include all the necessary pre-production in order to make the music video, suchas, storyboards, treatment, primary and secondary research.Step 3: Production 1 to 2 WeeksThis will include the creation process of the actual video, like taking pictures and editingthem all.Step 4: Reviewing 1 to 2 weeksThis will include me going over what I have done, writing a presentation and editing ormaking any changes to what I have done.Milestone one:Target date (set by tutor-assessor):Milestone two:Target date (set by tutor-assessor):Section Four: ResourcesWhat resources will you need for your research, write up and presentation (eg, libraries, books, journals,equipment):For secondary research I can use the internet, and such websites as: Itunes YouTube Wikipedia Other websites that enable information and viewing of music videosFor the primary research I will conduct helpful information such as: Surveys Graphs Noted personal opinions.
  3. 3. Comments and agreement from tutor-assessorIs the learner taking this project as part of the Diploma? Yes/NoIf yes, which Diploma are they taking? ______________________________________________Comments (optional):Is project derived from work which has been/will be submitted for another qualification? Yes/NoWhich qualification (title and unit)? _______________________________________________Comments (optional):I confirm that the project is not work which has been or will be submitted for another qualification and isappropriate.Agreed: (name) (date)Comments and agreement from project proposal checkerComments (optional):I confirm that the project is appropriate.Agreed: (name) (date)
  4. 4. TIME AND DATE PLAN THIS IS A PLAN OF TIME AND DATE MANAGEMENT:8/10/11: To: 15/10/11Exploring and developing ideas.2/11/11: To: 12/11/11Developing final idea and filling in proposal and starting a PowerPointpresentation.23/11/11: To: 23/02/12Starting the creation process of the work, designing and ordering CDbooklets and buying CD case3/03/12: To: 14/03/12Reviewing process, creating a Power-point presentation to review thework, then edit the blog to fix and errors or make necessary changes.
  5. 5. ACTIVITY LOGDate Activity14/11/11 Started Planning and exploring different Ideas for My final Project.11/11/11 Filled in the proposal sheet with for CD artwork project idea18/11/11- Creating all the pre-production work for album02/12/11 artwork idea, including, PowerPoint presentation of researched findings about albums16/12/11 Changing of the CD artwork idea, re filling in proposal form for new idea13/01/12- Done pre-production of new music video idea, this24/02/12 included such things as secondary and primary research, storyboards, and music video analysis of music videos in different genres and finding out how to create certain types of music videos.03/03/12- Production week, where I bought a camera to use01/04/12 for the music video and the clay. On the 30/03/12 to the 31/03/12 I completed the picture taking and editing process of the music video.02/04/12 I uploaded my video on the blog and fixed the blog, completed all the set tasked and made any necessary changes.