Patricia's action plan


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Patricia's action plan

  1. 1. <ul><li>Job TitleIndividualJob Description/ResponsibilitiesSuperintendentMalcolm NashApproves technology programs presented Evaluates technology needs based on STaR Chart and recommendations from Technology DirectorFinancial ApprovalPresents technology programs and the pros and cons to the school boardImplements school board policies and evaluates how technology is being implemented in the districtPrincipalKristi HeidEvaluates curriculum aligned with technologyCollaborates with Technology DirectorOversees how technology is being implemented on a day to day basis in the classroomsEvaluates STaR ChartCollaborates with SuperintendentTechnology DirectorDuyen BlantonCoordinates and manages district infrastructureProvides technology training to teachersMentors teachers on how to implement technologyTelecommunicationPreviews availability of software and hardwareE-RATE (federal grant) – works with a consultant from region VDevelops technology planNetwowork TechnicianRoy LightfootContracted through Region VSabine Pass ConsortiumRepairs Computers/HardwareUpdates smartBoardsInstalls digital toolsTechnical AssistantJessica AlmondReceives and processes work ordersCreates and updates school webpageInventory of technologyInstalls softwareTeachersAllAttend technology trainingsImplement technology into classroomsTeach and monitor students using technology in the classroomStudy curriculum to align technology with lessonsCreate lesson plans implemetning technology resourcesStudentsAllSign ethics agreementUses technology for research and/or projectsDistance Learning (if applicable)Set up blog (if required by class)
  2. 2. TitleGoalsAcitivitiesTime LineEvaluationSTaR Chart Areas of Weakness:Teaching and Learning (Developing)Education Preparation and Development (Developing)SuperintendentTo support and lead the district towards integrating technology lessons into the classrooms daily.Conduct a needs assessment for technologyEvaluate technology programs with positive feedbackReviews and makes decisions based on AEIS reportOn-GoingAEIS ReportCIPSTaR ChartBudget ReportPrincipalSupports the implementation of technology into instruction.Reviews the results of the STaR Chart to determine where technology needs to be implementedConduct walk-throughs looking for technology integrationProvides technology based professional development opportunitiesEvaluates the growth based on the AEIS reportProvides support for teachers through staff development meetingsOn-Going (Every Six Weeks)STaR ChartAEIS ReportPDASCIPStaff Development FeedbackTeacher SurveysSite-Baed CommitteeTeacher Lesson PlansTechnology DirectorMonitors and assesses the use of technology in the districtProvides professional development integrating technologyProvides support for teachers and studentsEvaluates STaR Chart to determine areas in needConduct observations to determine level of technology use in classroomsProvides technical supportEvery Six Weeks (As Needed)STaR ChartObservationsTechnical AssistantProvides assistance to technology director and teachersKeeps webpage updated for school events announcementsUpdates computersAssist teachers with troubleshooting of hardware/softwareAssist teachers in needs: toner, smartBoard tools, keyboards, etc.Every Six Weeks (As Needed)Teacher SurveysTeacher/Student FeedbackTeachersImplements new knowledge of technology into daily classroom activitiesIntegrate technology into lesson plansCollaborate with colleagues on new ideas for implementing technologyProvide support for student’s use of technologyAttend technology professional development thorughout the school yearCreate a positive working environment for using techonlogyModel ethical behaviorComplete STaR ChartDailyReview STaR Chart with Technology DirectorProfessional DevelopmentStudent FeedbackStudent Assessments/ProjectsLesson PlansStudentsMastering all required TEKSUse technology to develop projects/researchComplete all required assignmentsCollaborates with teacher on new ideasDailyTeacher FeedbackTest/Project Scores