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E lit-ru-kb


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  • I would be puzzled too if wasn't in doubt that any non-Russian speaking person would see this comment. ☺

    Would you recommend to something to read on creative problem solving modelling? I'm not so engaged in arts, but am looking mostly from cognitive perspective.
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  • Oh, thank you for the remainder, Sergey, was writing about in my dissertation in Russian and was puzzling over the best way to translate the title.
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  • I permanently postpone to read 'Infinite deadlock' by myself, but it was highly recommended to look through.
    Main point of the article: the novel is hyper-textual and appeared (1988) with the appearance of hyper-text. And in this sense it could be interesting addition to the slides. ☺
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E lit-ru-kb

  1. 1. Russian E-Lit 1.0 - 3.0 Natalia Fedorova Bergen, January, 28, 2013
  2. 2. • What is Russian e-lit?• How did it come to be?• When did Russian e-lit appear and what happened next?
  3. 3. what is Russian e-lit?• сyberature or neterature (Net Literature, Teneta)• digital literature vs digitized literature (Enrika Schmidt)• electronic literature (Mikhail Vizel, review of N. Kathrine Hayles’s book Electronic Literature: New Horizons of the Literary)
  4. 4. traditions and influences• Raek• Russian avant-garde publishing• Early film• Soviet samizdat publishing practice• “Mechanic” kinetic poetry• European net-art• American e-lit
  5. 5. Carmina figurata Simeon Polotsky Greeting to Tzar Alexey Michailovich onOccasion of the Birth of Tzarevich Simeon, 1665
  6. 6. Dmitry Avaliani, Leonid BourdonovHorizontal Verses, 2001
  7. 7. World Cosmorama, lithography, 1858 from Dmitry Rovinsky Russian National Pictures Raek,
  8. 8. Russian avante-garde publishing Vassily Kamensky Tango with Cows: Ferro-Concrete Poems, 1914
  9. 9. Dziga VertovMan with a Movie Camera, 1929
  10. 10. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Anna Tolkacheva Freedom Is, 2011
  11. 11. Ivan Khimin asciiticism
  12. 12. Rulinet, Russian Literary Internet• 90s• Dmitry Manin Bout Rimes• Roman Leibov’s ROMAN•• Moshkov Library
  13. 13. Samizdat vsInternet
  14. 14. when did Russian E-lit appear?
  15. 15. where is Russian E-lit? I I I• hypertext My Boyfriend Came Back From the War (1995) by Olia Lialina Waste Land (1999) by Julia Morozova, Shatters (2000) and Voyage X (2000) by Vladimir Tatarintsev;• hypermedia In the Subway (and Outside) (2001) by Sergey Vlasov and Georgy Gerdiaev, F.M.Dostoevsky IDIOT (2001) and Starfall (2000) by Alexroma;• literary games, Boutes Rimes (1995) and Garden of Forking Hokkus (1997) by Dmitry Manin;• playable media, Avid Angels (2003) and Poetry Puzzle (2000) by Alexroma;• PowerPoint poem, The Till (2003) by Maxim Borodin.• flash poetry, Drama in the Forest (2001) and The City (2008) by Georgy Gerdiaev, Signs (2006) by Ivan Levenko, Sonets (2004) by Igor Loschilov and Georgy Gerdiaev;• poetry generator Cyber Pushkin (2002) by Sergeij Teterin and scholarly essay generator Robot Datzuk (1997);
  16. 16. QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  17. 17. Anna Tolkacheva My Bernstein, 2013
  18. 18. ABC, St-Petersburg, Russia Multi-media performance Vanessa Place Ivan Khimin 9 January 2013
  19. 19. where is Russian E-lit? I I I• IF community• media poetry groups• portals
  20. 20. Where the Russian E-lit Should be?• media art festivals (i.e. Cyberfest)• electronic magazines (TextOnly, Chernovik, Mitin Journal etc) + reviews in printed magazines (New Literary Observer)• ELMCIP Knowledge Base• poetry festivals and Slavistic conferences• university curricula a nomination in a literary prize (i.e. Andrey Bely Prize)
  21. 21. ThankThank you