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Jeff Katz. Who's Looking at You, Kid?


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Jeff Katz. Who's Looking at You, Kid?

  1. 1. Aestetix, Jeff Katz- May 2013Who’s Looking atYou, Kid?Exploring digital tracking technology and social implications.
  2. 2. Imagine a future...
  3. 3. We’re heeeere!
  4. 4. Examples ofTracking✤ Nearbuy
  5. 5. Examples ofTracking✤ Euclid Analytics
  6. 6. ✤ You are not your data.✤ The more data there is, the more powerthere may be.✤ How much is this power worth?I feel uneasy...
  7. 7. FromVillage to City
  8. 8. Several privacy concerns:✤ Who gets to see where I am 
and when I’m there?✤ Who owns my data?✤ What can they do with my data?✤ Can I opt-out?
  9. 9. This got us thinking...✤ “They who can give up essential libertyto obtain a little temporary safety,deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Benjamin Franklin✤ Let’s find out what happens!
  10. 10. Introduce OpenBeacon✤ Started as CCC Sputnik in 2006 
by Milosch and Brita Meriac✤ Real-time location tracking
using active RFID✤ Deployed at CCC, HOPE, 
Brucon, and other conferences
  11. 11. Hardware specs✤ 2.4ghz ISM band✤ Hardware is free, open source,Creative Commons licensed✤ Nordic semiconductor nRF24L01P✤ Low cost hardware
  12. 12. From 24c3: Leica’s Dream✤ Visual for 24c3 (2007)✤ Written by Benjamin Maus✤
  13. 13. Leica’s Dream
  14. 14. The Last HOPE (2008)✤ Introduced “The AMD Project”✤ Attendee Meta-Data - social network ✤ Data mining wet dream✤ (HOPE is still alive, thanks 
to the bad economy)
  15. 15. TLHVisuals: Leica 2.0
  16. 16. TLHVisuals: Social Network
  17. 17. TLHVisuals: Zones
  18. 18. TLHVisuals:Ajax
  19. 19. TLHVisuals: Rooms
  20. 20. TLHVisuals:Avatars
  21. 21. TLHVisual: Statistics
  22. 22. Other deployments✤ The Next HOPE (2010)✤ Brucon 2011✤ Disease tracking (
  23. 23. ✤ Possible use cases:✤ Conferences✤ Art installations✤ Museums✤ Trade shows✤ Access control systems✤ Search and rescue✤ Health careSome other ideas:
  24. 24. ✤ Good reasons for being tracked: 911emergency services, health care,law enforcement✤ Bad reasons: misplacedaccountability, lack of agency✤ Key point: how are you able toconsent, if at all?Is tracking evil?
  25. 25. ✤ The attribution challengeWhy track at all?
  26. 26. ✤ The myth of "universally persistentidentity"✤ IDESG/NSTIC (from the ObamaAdministration)Modern attribution efforts
  27. 27. Questions?✤ aestetix✤, @aestetix✤ Jeff Katz✤, @kraln