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От прорывной концепции до комплексного решения для компаний


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В рамках секции: Практика защиты

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От прорывной концепции до комплексного решения для компаний

  1. 1. Меняйся, чтобы побеждать
  2. 2. There are 4 kinds of people in the room… 2 1. Have heard about blockchain, don’t really understand it…but figure you’d better cover your bases 2. Read a bunch of articles in the press and have attempted to dabble here and here 3. Spent some time working with one or more blockchains and waiting for it to mature before committing yourself 4. Certified Crypto – Anarchist who believes that it will rule the world a.k.a your skilled in at least one blockchain platform and contributing to it’s repo or working to build a product on top of it
  3. 3. Цели Blockchain Приминение технологии Основы технологии Стратегия Microsoft Azure Blockchain as a Service Project Bletchley Бизнес сценарии Прототип решения по выпуску Аккредитива совместно Bank of America и PwC
  4. 4. 10 октября 2016 год (АБС) - Автоматизированная банковская система Реестр включает обязательства перед 84 400 вкладчиками на 52,1 млрд рублей Но реальный размер привлеченных банком средств может превысить 57 млрд рублей Агентству по страхованию вкладов (АСВ) пришлось использовать реестр двухмесячной давности, пишут «Ведомости». В итоге в реестр вкладчиков не попали клиенты с требованиями на 5 млрд рублей Агентство с предложением Красновой не согласно и использовать более поздний реестр не намерено. «Поскольку АБС, из которой мог быть сформирован реестр вкладчиков, уничтожена, первичной документации нет и, соответственно, нет оснований доверять этому документу, так как в нем могли появиться «нарисованные» или раздробленные вклады», — говорит представитель АСВ.
  5. 5. Financial Institution Security Layer Data – Centre of Gravity Database
  6. 6. Buying Broker Typical Finance Services Transaction Securities Settlement Process Database Selling Broker Database Clearing House (Intermediary) Reconciliation Database Trust Boundary Trust Boundary Challenges Slow Processing High risk of errors Security High Compliance Overhead Everyone has their own database
  7. 7. Blockchain Attributes Trust Peer to Peer Secure Distributed Network TRUST What if? Everyone could have a ‘Single Version of the Truth’ - Blockchain Clearing House (Intermediary) Blockchain Buying Broker Blockchain Selling Broker Blockchain Tamper Proof Security Traceability Shared
  8. 8. Peer to Peer Secure Distributed Network TRUST What if? We can take Intermediaries out of the process? – Business Benefits Clearing House (Intermediary) Blockchain Buying Broker Blockchain Selling Broker Blockchain Disintermediation -> Digital Transformation Security/Reduce Fraud Improve efficiency and productivity Increase revenue and reduce costs
  9. 9. What is Blockchain?
  10. 10. 10 Secure Shared Distributed Ledger Blockchain is a secure, shared, distributed ledger
  11. 11. 11 That decentralizes data in a trustless environment Traditional System Centralized system with stored ledger Blockchain System Distributed system with distributed ledger  Traditional ledgers are centralized and use 3rd parties and middlemen to approve and record transactions  Blockchain safely distributes ledgers across the entire network and does not require any middleman  The technology maintains multiple replicas like p2p torrent file sharing
  12. 12. 12 However, removing a central authority is risky What is the master? Double Spend Problem Byzantine General Problem Blockchain replaces AUTHORITY with CRYPTOGRAPHY (security) What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party. - Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System | Oct 31, 2008 Who can really be trusted?
  13. 13. 13 Ledger: Blockchain uses a distributed ledger to track transactions  A ledger is a write only database most commonly used in accounting  The digital distributed ledger creates the same copy of the data across all the participating nodes  All new transactions are digitally signed and then broadcast across the blockchain network to be added to the system  Participants in the blockchain verify the transaction is valid and then writes it to the ledger  This is the technology originally designed to power the bitcoin currency Entire network has same ledger FROM TO PROPERTY VALUE Alex Katie Payment $500 Jim Sally Payment $300 Alex Garth Asset Car Katie Tony Payment $100 Molly Paula Message I love you Example ledger
  14. 14. 14 More complex example: Blockchain 2.0 & Smart Contracts  Blockchain 1.0 is a simple ledger that records transactions in sequence. It represents the state of the network at any given moment. Blockchain 1.0 was focused on transacting payments. However, folks quickly realized that you could encrypt pretty much anything and put it on the blockchain. There are marriage proposals written to the blockchain, photographs stored, etc.  What if you stored whole agreements on the blockchain, what would that look like?  Blockchain 2.0 expands the power of the ledger to include additional logic (code) through Smart Contracts ₋ Smart Contracts contain code and execute various terms written in that contract ₋ Like normal contracts, these Smart Contracts are based on reaching agreed-upon conditions ₋ Smart Contracts are now stored on and exist within Blockchain 2.0’s distributed ledger ₋ Think of Smart Contracts as the computer code representation of a legal contract  Examples: Contracts can be as simple as recording a loan and making payments on that loan or as complex as swaps. Transaction Digital signature 0x23e423s3234… Smart Contract Event Executed transaction
  15. 15. Types of Blockchain networks Consortium Woodgrove Financial Contoso Bank Northwind Traders Bank b Insurance c Investment consortium c Bank A Blockchain Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 Department A Department B Public blockchain Person a Woodgrove Financial Person B Northwind Traders Bank 6 Bank 1 Consortium 6 Public ConsortiumPrivate • Many, unknown participants • Writes by all participants • Reads by all participants • Consensus by Proof of Work • Known participants from one org • Write permissions centralized • Reads may be public or restricted • Multiple algorithms for consensus • Known participants from multiple orgs • Writes require consensus of n participants • Reads may be public or restricted • Multiple algorithms for consensus
  16. 16. 16 And it will disrupt multiple industries Retail & Manufacturing Financial Healthcare Government
  17. 17. Example: Standby Letter of Credit
  18. 18. 18 Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) | Current State Microoft Treasury Agrees to Buy Requests SBLC Provides SBLC Terms Accept Terms and Provide Issuing Bank Details Validates and Approves Issuing Bank Submits Application Sends SBLC Sends SBLC Reviews SBLC for Treasury Processing Tracks security to expiration date so long as customer maintains payment schedule. If customer defaults, pursues claim with Advising Bank. Initial Contract Negotiation Initial Contract Negotiation Inform Advising Bank in case of Customer default Amendment Negotiation Amendment Negotiation Forwards Amendments Resends SBLC Reviews SBLC Again for Treasury Processing Operational Inefficiencies Capital implications Lack of visibility Increasing need
  19. 19. 19 Digital Transformation  People – All four parties involved would need similar IT skill competencies to build and operate a digital system  Process – Transformation would relocate the pain from manual entry to reconciliation whenever one counterparty updates  Technology – All counterparties would require compatible technology stacks and then allow access into their networks Corporate Web server Web Server Database serverDatabase Server EnterpriseDatacenter DeviceCorporate Network Application serverApplication Server Issuing Bank Web server Web Server Database serverDatabase Server EnterpriseDatacenter DeviceCorporate Network Application serverApplication Server Advising Bank Web server Web Server Database serverDatabase Server EnterpriseDatacenter DeviceCorporate Network Application serverApplication Server • Counterparty IT staffs have to maintain network connections and provide operational cybersecurity • SBLC latency is reduced moving from paper to digital but still exists due to counterparty synchronization • Which counterparty maintains the authoritative system of record? • The underlying databases are still subject to data entry errors Opportunities for “standard” digital transformation But…
  20. 20. 20 Blockchain-enabled digital transformation is different Distributed system with distributed ledger Secure Authenticated counterparties digitally sign SBLC requests, updates and claims. Shared Applicants and beneficiaries collaborate in near real-time using standardized templates. Distributed Each member of the network can use the blockchain to validate the other counterparties. Authoritative Each immutable SBLC entry is written once thereby increasing visibility and auditability while reducing error rates. With blockchain, it’s possible to create new, more efficient processes
  21. 21. 21 Smart Contract Fundamentals Contract
  22. 22. 22 SBLC Process Flow | Using Blockchain 1. Applicant agrees to transact with Beneficiary via SBLC 5. SBLC activated with expiration date; transaction complete 2. Applicant submits SBLC request to the ledger 3. Applicant bank issues SBLC 4. Beneficiary bank reviews and advises SBLC
  23. 23. 24 Popular scenarios where Blockchain adds value Asset Titles Diamonds Designer brands Car leasing & sales Home Mortgages & payments Land title ownership Digital asset records Government Voting Vehicle registration WIC, Vet, SS, benefits, distribution Licensing & identification Copyrights Identity Personal Objects Families of objects Digital assets Multifactor Auth Refugee tracking Education & badging Purchase & review tracking Employer & Employee reviews Media Digital rights mgmt Game monetization Art authentication Purchase & usage monitoring Ticket purchases Fan tracking Ad click fraud reduction Resell of authentic assets Real time auction & ad placements Computer Science Micronization of work (pay for algorithms, tweets, ad clicks, etc.) Expanse of marketplace Disbursement of work Direct to developer payments API platform plays Notarization & certification P2P storage & compute sharing DNS Medical Records sharing Prescription sharing Compliance Personalized medicine DNA sequencing IoT Device to Device payments Device directories Operations (e.g. water flow) Grid monitoring Smart home & office management Cross-company maintenance markets Payments Micropayments (apps, 402) B2B international remittance Tax filing & collection Rethinking wallets & banks Consumer Digital rewards Uber, AirBNB, Apple Pay P2P selling, craigslist Cross company, brand, loyalty tracking Supply Chain Dynamic ag commodities pricing Real time auction for supply delivery Pharmaceutical tracking & purity Agricultural food authentication Shipping & logistics management Financial Trading Deal origination POs for new securities Equities Fixed income Derivatives trading Total Return Swaps (TRS) 2nd generation derivatives The race to a zero middle office Collateral management Settlements Payments Transferring of value Know your client (KYC) Anti money laundering Crowd Funding Peer-to-peer lending Compliance reporting Trade reporting & risk visualizations Betting & prediction markets Insurance Claim filings MBS/Property payments Claims processing & admin Fraud detection/prediction Telematics & ratings Digital authentication Asset management Automated underwriting Self-administered insurance
  24. 24. Strategy + Roadmap
  25. 25. Open Infrastructure, Enterprise Capabilities Blockchain has some missing parts… Existing Systems Identity Privacy Operations & Management Better Tools Security In Depth Key Management Data Services Solutions
  26. 26. 27 Execution on strategy in 3 steps to develop most compelling Blockchain offering POCs HealthcareRetail & CPG GovernmentDiscrete Manufacturing Banking, Capital Markets Azure – Blockchain resource provider Horizontal SaaS & Adapters 3rd Part y 3rd Party 3rd party DL stack A 1st party DL Stack 1st Party 3rd Party Blockchain Virtual Machine Adapters Smart Contract-Based Distributed Ledger Stacks UTXO + others MiddlewareBasePlatform 3rd party DL stack C… ….. IndustrySolutions Crypto services & architecture (secure containers, attestation, etc.) Professional Services & Support Identity & Key Services Encryption Services ML & BI Services Distributed Ledger Gateway Services 3rd party DL stack B
  27. 27. 28 We’ve delivered an open, broad,and flexible cloud across the stack Applications Management Clients Web App Gallery Dozens of .NET & PHP CMS and Web apps Infrastructure Databases App Frameworks SQL Server +Hundreds of community supported images on VM Depot Azure BaaS HyperScale EnterpriseGrade Hybrid Microsoft Azure | An Open Cloud
  28. 28. Many Flavors 29 R3 - Corda Enterprise Ethereum Hyperledger Chain Core Ripple Parity Azure & Azure Stack
  29. 29. 30
  30. 30. o Superset of public chain Ethereum o Addresses enterprise needs • Confidentiality, scalability, permissioning o Real –world compatibility is key measure of success o Not a specific product -> focus on specs o Dogfooding governance on blockchain Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  31. 31. 32 Blockchain evolving from simple ledgers, to cryptlets that fetch trusted and agreed-upon external data needed to execute Smart Contracts Smart Contracts are unable to access external data or events based on time or market conditions. Calling code or data outside of a Smart Contract or blockchain breaks the general trust barrier and authenticity of transactions. Cryptlets will allow the blockchain to access external data securely, while maintaining the integrity of the blockchain. Microsoft Innovation
  32. 32. Introducing Cryptlets – Secure Distributed Middleware Blockchain ledger A bank, hedge fund and insurance company enter into a SmartContract Everyday at 4 PM GMT it needs a calculated rate like: (LIBOR * .04%) + Diff(Gold)
  33. 33. Cryptlet Fabric - Update Smart Contract Package Properties LogicLedger Cryptlet Trust Binding
  34. 34. Cryptlet Fabric - Update Azure Key Vault
  35. 35. Soinsteadwe invest in something called ‘blockchain+’
  36. 36. Blockchain Architecture Blockchain data source Data Ingest Analysis Publish Visualize Azure REST API Azure ML Scoring the transactions Azure Blockchain Service Azure Event Hubs Stream Analytics Stream Analytics Blockchain Transactions Blockchain Transactions Stored as events into Azure Data Lake Live Dashboards
  37. 37. Mutual Pet Insurance at Azure Ethereum Blockchain Consortium Get up to an 80% refund of the cost of veterinary services Pet identification based on the photo Pet owner facial scoring «Live» smart contract LexiCard Just started 100+ signed contracts Microsoft Platforms & tools: Azure Blockchain as a Service, Microsoft Bot Framework, Cognitive Services Hackathon award Blockchain DevCon Microsoft 2016 Currently in Russia Plans to start also in EU and US Pet owner scoring Microsoft ML Pet identification Microsoft Cognitive
  38. 38. 39 SIGN UP FOR AN AZURE ACCOUNT • SETUP BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK ON AZURE • Create your custom private/consortium network DEPLOY DEV/TEST BLOCKCHAIN ENVIRONMENT TO LEARN • Marketplace Offerings: us/marketplace/?term=blockchain • Azure Quickstart Templates: How do you get started? START BUILDING OUT SCENARIOS AND APPS Develop your own Smart Contracts and Dapps using Visual Studio Solidity Extension: 4531-bdd5-d2ea5acc4799/ CONNECT WITH BLOCKCHAIN ENGINEERING TEAM • Join Blockchain Azure Advisors group on Yammer: