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Teaching With Twitter


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My slides from #cccc09, although during my talk I extemporized about my Twitter experience, further explained how I go about referencing the video clips, and how Palfrey & Gasser’s term “digital natives” is problematic for me, especially having seen students on my own laptop campus fumble with directions. Any questions? Email me!

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Teaching With Twitter

  1. 1. Teaching with Daisy Pignetti University of Wisconsin-Stout
  2. 2. My tweet heard „round the world
  3. 3. My tweet heard „round the world
  4. 4. My tweet heard „round the world
  5. 5. My tweet heard „round the world
  6. 6. Where did I go?
  7. 7. Learning on a “laptop campus” Students receive a laptop computer, backpack and a variety of cords/accessories as well as software, wireless and wired connectivity on campus, a course management system, service and support, training, network storage, email, web page space, and multimedia classrooms. The e-Scholar Program is more than just a laptop computer!
  8. 8. Digital Native Born Digital Palfrey &Gasser define the term: “Digital Natives” were all born after 1980, when social digital technologies, such as Usenet and bulletin board systems, came online. They all have access to networked digital technologies. And they all have the skills to use those technologies. Major aspects of their lives—social interactions, friendships, civic activities—are mediated by digital technologies. And they‟ve never known any other way of life.
  9. 9. How Do You Use Twitter?
  10. 10. Simply defining Twitter Journal Writing Informal Writing Public Writing
  11. 11. The Focus/ENG 101 The goal was to offer students a place to think critically about technology‟s ever- evolving impact on their lives. Twitter timelines were to be referenced as students wrote their final exam essays in order (ideally) to realize that his/her life on the screen is not necessarily an alternative life but a space for growth.
  12. 12. What to write about?
  13. 13. Does it help that I'm twittering too? YES!!! I have another online class where half the time it feels like we just have some big computer and no teacher. By twittering you feel more like a teacher and less of a server in some basement. It encourages me to go out and post more Twitters because I see your Twitters. I love it that you twitter too. It really lets us know that you are a real person who runs errands, gets a cat etc...It also really lets us know when you will be around for us to ask questions.
  14. 14. Building Community? For an online class, I think Twitter is a good thing. I kinna feel like I have classmates. Opens doors for new friends, get to hear how everyone is doing, just like in a real classroom. I do feel that “following” fellow students makes it feel like I am part of a group rather than on a journey through this by myself. I enjoy using twitter because if there are questions that we have we can all answer them, not just the instructor. I If we didn‟t have twitter there wouldn‟t be any form of connection at all. Other online classes offer the basic discussion boards on D2L however, they aren‟t utilized in such a way that you actually get to know each other.
  15. 15. Want to learn more about these types of projects & participate in creating an Annotated Bibliography of Web 2.0 Research? Join me and others at the Emerging Social Software SIG, Friday from 6:30-7:30 PM