Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques


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You need to check these Tricks, Tips and Techniques!.

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Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques

  1. 1. ==== ====Get the insider, professional Fly-Fishing Tricks, Tips and Techniques! ====Fly fishing tips is a very common search term on the internet, because everyone wants to improvetheir fly fishing, and simple fly fishing tips can be learned and remembered in small bite sizedchunks.Here are a few fly fishing tips.Problem: The Fly. Are the fish interested in your fly. And if not, why not? Well, here are a few things to consider.1. Are there any rising fish. If not, a dry fly is not going to get you anywhere. Locate the fish anduse a wet fly to get down to them.2. Does your fly smell unnatural to the fish? Rinse your hands in the water and dry them beforehandling the fly. Fish have very good sense of smell and if your fly smells of smoke for instance,the fish wont take it.3. If theres a hatch and the fish are eating all the natural insects and not taking your fly, try addinga yellow spot to your fly. This can help it to attract the fish.Dont just think about the type of fly, think about its size as well. Dont make the mistake ofthinking a bigger fly will get noticed, and therefore taken more quickly. Very often a small fly, on afine tippet can work when a larger one does nothing. Springtime especially is a time to use smallerflies with great success.Where there is an abundance of food, the fish can be very selective. When this happens you needto be aware of what they are feeding on and match it as closely as possible.Sometimes you may notice the fish (especially trout) will be feeding just below the waters surface.In this case try casting slightly further up above it, then pull the fly under so it drifts down to the fishjust below the surface, in its feeding lane. Do this correctly and you have a very good chance of abite.If youre fishing in waters where theres an abundance of food, the fish will tend to bevery picky and youll need to be extra careful in your fly selection and presentation, or youllfind that your fly will be ignored by the fish. So if you feel this is the problem, just stop, and spenda while checking out exactly what the fish are feeding on.
  2. 2. William Carter is an experienced Fly Fisherman who has spent many years teaching others how toimprove their fly fishing. From, getting the basics right, to casting techniques, choosing equipment,fly fishing knot tying and lots more. He also teaches little known techniques and strategies thatexpert fly fishermen use, to catch trophy winning fish. To learn more, visithttp://www.betterflyfishing.comArticle Source: ====Get the insider, professional Fly-Fishing Tricks, Tips and Techniques! ====