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Seaside & ReactJS


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Talk from Pharodays 2017.

Published in: Software

Seaside & ReactJS

  1. 1. Seaside & ReactJS Johan Brichau
  2. 2. What? • Hybrid web application: • Seaside for server-side components • ReactJS for client-side components • Integration • Client trigger actions server-side • Sharing of state
  3. 3. Why? • Best of both worlds: server-side and client-side. • Smalltalk backend with Seaside for server-side rendered parts • Client-side for reactive UI • Extend and improve an existing Seaside application • ReactJS concepts are familiar for Seaside users
  4. 4. Gist • The view logic of a Seaside component is implemented as a ReactJS component • Synchronize component state between client and server • Invoke actions on the server
  5. 5. DemoComponent WACounter Demo setup ReactJSCounter
  6. 6.