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E-Communication, E-Mail Services to Healthcare Providers: PharmaKinnex


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We offer customized & cost effective e-communication: e-mail, online marketing services to extend the reach & frequency of your brand to various Healthcare providers.

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E-Communication, E-Mail Services to Healthcare Providers: PharmaKinnex

  1. 1. E-Communications to Healthcare ProvidersAre your communication channels with healthcare providers keeping upwith the times?Effectively communicating with medical offices requires a multi-channel mixthat matches individual preferences. In today’s world, e-communications arean essential channel for effective message delivery. More and morephysicians list email as their first preference for pharmaceutical brandcommunications.Building and Utilizing an Opt-In E-Communication ListFor those healthcare professionals who opt-in, email can be very effective.However, building an opt-in e-communication list can be a challenge. As partof our other multi-channel marketing communications PharmaKinnex askshealthcare providers for their preferred message delivery channel, includinge-communications. When email is indicated PharmaKinnex properly opts-in the provider. E-Communications Offer Many Benefits Opt-in e-communications to healthcare professionals are very effective as part of an overall multi- channel marketing campaign. Because healthcare providers have opted-in messages are well received. In addition the e-communication channel provides the following benefits: Ease of Use Speed and Reach Flexibility
  2. 2. Fast turn-around times Customization and vivid use of logos and graphics Detailed Tracking of Open Rates and Actions Taken Quick Reply and Follow-UpWhen you need to get your message out quickly, e-communications are anessential tool in your multi-channel mix. Contact PharmaKinnex today at877-454-6639 to learn more about e-communications to your targetedhealthcare providers.Address: 330 Milltown RoadEast Brunswick, New Jersey08816 USA