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Everything You Need to Know About Modular Operation Theatre


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Before installing a modular operation theatre it is important that have a clear idea about it and its features.

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Everything You Need to Know About Modular Operation Theatre

  1. 1. Modular OT (MOT) is a much-needed amenity in a medical environment like hospitals. Even the law approved of it, because it’s the room where major surgeries are carried out. Needless to say, it should be well-equipped, germfree, and of the best grade. Let’s learn some important points regarding this amenity.
  2. 2. Antimicrobial setups like High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA). Downward Laminar Flow systems and Air Handling Units. Facilities of sterilisation of equipment to avoid contamination. Special fillers in wall junctures and screw heads to maintain hygiene. Controlled and conditioned air flow system. Storage cabinets of stainless steel. Hermetic sealing slider doors. Static conductive epoxy flooring. PU painting.
  3. 3. Every modular operation theatre manufacturer in India should unfailingly offer the following facilities: Wall and ceiling built using pre-fabricated panels. Flooring that can resist chemicals. High grade finish that can prevent contamination. Equipment which is robust, flexible, and long lasting. Scope for expansion in the future. Provision for minimum maintenance and maximum usage.
  4. 4. Seamless – Custom-made, durable up to 10 years, less expansive cannot be redesigned. Seamness – Custom-made, durable up to 5 years, more expansive, can be redesigned. Protective Zone – the entrance Clean Zone – area where all supplies should be clean. Aseptic Zone – area where all supplies should be sterile. Disposable Zone – area where all supplies would be disposed after use.
  5. 5. OT Table. OT Lights. Medical Ceiling Pendant. Plenum Unit. Control Panels. Pressure Relief Damper. Surgical Scrub Sink. X-ray View Box.
  6. 6. Ways To Keep An MOT Germfree Regular cleaning Disinfection Fumigation Sterilisation Preventing microbial growth and surgery-borne infections. OT maintenance under positive air pressure. Ensuring the highest standards of safety. Minimising traffic flow. Assisting in successful surgeries.
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