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PharmaForward Capabilities and Credentials


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Company capabilities for PharmaForward LLC, a boutique agency focusing on online marketing, strategy, and eBusiness planning for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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PharmaForward Capabilities and Credentials

  1. 1. PharmaForward / Credentials Digital Marketing for | Proprietary & Confidential 1
  2. 2. PharmaForward / Credentials We help healthcare companies identify and define digital marketing opportunities How we help:  Develop your Digital Strategy  Profile Online Audiences and Environments  Use Digital Media to Connect with Audiences  Extract Business Intelligence from Digital Metrics  Plan and Manage Complex Digital | Proprietary & Confidential 2
  3. 3. PharmaForward / Credentials Ben Zipkin has been helping clients Ben is a certified Google Advertising Ben Zipkin, Principal Professional for both search and maximize their digital marketing efforts for more than 15 years. analytics, and has spoken on the subjects of digital strategy, search Ben is a former partner and director of marketing, and online healthcare at digital services for Cambridge SMX, South by Southwest, and MITX. Biomarketing, New Englands largest He has served on Googles Ad Agency independent healthcare marketing Advisory Council and is a member of the agency. He was responsible for planning IA Institute, SEMPO, and the Usability and delivering initiatives for Alexion Professionals Associations. Pharmaceuticals, Biogen Idec, Shire Pharmaceuticals, and Genzyme, where Ben also serves as an advisor to early- Ben guided the company’s global online stage healthcare technology start-ups, patient acquisition strategy. His work for including, the Millennium Pharmaceuticals was a web’s top directory for EHR/EMR winner at the inaugural Clio Healthcare vendors and training programs. Awards. An honors graduate of the University of He became a partner at Cambridge New Hampshire, Ben was selected to High performance digital Biomarketing after the agency acquired represent UNH at the Cambridge marketing consultant for the RDVO, a digital strategy and design firm Program – an intensive graduate-level Ben co-founded in 2002. RDVO served program at Cambridge University, UK. pharmaceutical, biotech, and clients in the healthcare, consumer life sciences industries. products, and technology industries, Ben resides in Chicago. winning two Webby Awards, a Clio, and six MITX award (including Best of Show). RDVO was a premier service provider for Microsoft, Eastman Kodak, Abbott Laboratories, Procter & Gamble, and Hewlett Packard. Ben worked at several Boston consulting and advertising agencies, and as a product strategist for several dot-com era startups, including iCast—the forerunner to | Proprietary & Confidential 3
  4. 4. PharmaForward / Credentials Example Projects Digital Landscape Analysis Online Reporting & Dashboards Search Strategy  Online Analysis of Specific Condition,  Marketing Strategy and Concept Treatment, or Competitive Position Development  Digital Roadmap Planning and eBusiness  Online Competitive Analysis Strategy  Website Analysis & Reporting:  Audience Analysis (Patient, HCP, Planning, Administration, Monthly Reporting Advocacy)  Search Engine Marketing: Campaign  Website or Web Strategy Assessment and planning, setup, administration, and Evaluation reporting  Social | Proprietary & Confidential Analysis, Opportunities, Strategy 4
  5. 5. PharmaForward / Credentials Select Clients Therapeutic Experience  Autism  Biotherapeutics  Cardiovascular  Clinical Trials  Consumer Products  Cystic Fibrosis  Dermatology  Diabetes  Diagnostics  Digestive Disorders  Endocrinology  Genetic Disorders  Hemophilia  Immunology  Medical Devices  Multiple Sclerosis  Neurological Disorders  Oncology  Orphan/Ultra-Orphan  Renal | Proprietary & Confidential 5
  6. 6. PharmaForward / Credentials Thought Leadership / Paid Search Marketing Why Not Launch a Paid Search Program? Six Reasons it Works for Pharma According to the Pew Research Center, over 80% of Internet users looked online for 2. Absurdly Low Cost per Acquisition health-related information, making it the third most popular online pursuit. And considering that 70% of all online sessions begin with a search query, Google and "Unclear value" is a common complaint of search marketing. But other engines have become the “front-line” of healthcare marketing—making pay- what this really means is that campaigns were poorly planned and per-click (PPC) advertising an essential element of any pharma and biotech improperly measured. Like any type of marketing campaign, search promotio or awareness program. requires clear planning, goals, and strategy. Nevertheless, many pharma companies are still A vital goal is cost per acquisition (CPA), or the cost of obtaining a unwilling to make a significant investment into “customer.” Acquiring an actual patient or an HCP info is a common search marketing, citing the lack of quality traffic, example of a healthcare acquisition. And paid search has the lowest questionable ROI, and the "nobody ever clicks on recognized CPA of any major marketing channel. those ads" theory. While it may not be as creatively compelling as other digital channels, The investment makes sense – consider a $4,000/month campaign when executed with precision search marketing that generates 2,000 clicks with a two percent acquisition rate can be one the most powerful tools in your (80 acquisitions). That’s $50 per acquisition, or about one 100x less arsenal. Not convinced? Here are six compelling reasons to launch or elevate your search than a normal pharma CPA. marketing programs. Search marketing is also inexpensive in comparison to other 1. Your Competitors are Probably Doing it Wrong marketing programs, and is one of the few tactics where you can start small, test and optimize before committing a large amount of budget. The majority of healthcare companies using search are doing so poorly, mostly due to bad advice from vendors or lack of meaningful strategy. I’ve been shocked to see the amount of money wasted—and opportunity squandered—by marketers who’ve 3. Search Marketing Produces a Wealth of Marketing Data chosen to avoid PPC or simply aren’t optimizing their current campaigns. No other marketing channel can be tracked as extensively as the If youre wondering if youre one these companies just ask your vendors perspective digital channel. Your campaigns provide detailed ROI reporting down on the points covered in this document. If you get "crickets" then you may have a to the keyword level, offering unprecedented insights into customer problem. behavior and affinity. Search marketing is also one of the few remaining channels that allow small and Data extracted from campaigns can also be used to inform other nimble companies to compete with giants simply by being smarter. Small biotechs marketing strategy. Measurement capability goes far beyond tracking can outflank big pharma simply by taking an innovative and calculated approach. It’s clicks and cost; detailed demographic and technographic data is not a question of outspending your rivals – it’s about outthinking them. Do your mineable if you know where to look…… homework and youll be able to outperform your competition from day one. | Proprietary & Confidential 6
  7. 7. PharmaForward / Credentials Thought Leadership / Emerging Channels How Pharma Does YouTube Cross-Over Approaches Offer the Most Value People spend more time consuming content on YouTube than any other website 1. The Corporate Communications Vehicle – more than Facebook, more than Twitter or any other social network. And only Examples: Novartis, Millennium Takeda its owner - - serves up more ads to online consumers. Yet pharma Pros: Few barriers to entry; the easiest way to get a YouTube has been slow to embrace YouTube as a marketing channel. Brand managers cite presence; improves overall search engine optimization and access regulatory issues, unclear ROI, and the high cost of creating video assets as the Cons: Limited user interest – lowest engagement primary barriers to developing a quality YouTube channel worthy of promoting as a marketing channel. The main barrier is the complexity of developing a channel-specific strategy that goes beyond “posting your videos.” Effective YouTube channels require a real marketing strategy. To get started you need to understand a few basics about the site: • YouTube channels are highly customizable. Pages can be designed to be consistent with your corporate brand, with your graphics, content and layouts. You can even integrate custom content and interactive features. • Content quality and engagement far outweigh volume. One or two videos This channel type is designed to promote the corporate that enthrall and inspire viewers are more useful than twenty meaningless brand, usually featuring recruiting information, employee videos, and clips. public relations. This type is the easiest to launch, requiring limited • YouTube content is viral and integrates with other digital channels. YouTube regulatory approval. video is extensible and portable—embeddable at your corporate site, social media presences, and even in your off-line materials. • YouTube channels are surprisingly measureable. Google offers built in Pfizer’s YouTube News Channel demonstrates the extent of brand measurement tools and it syncs with Google Analytics and Adwords. You can customization available. mine a surprisingly extensive amount of data. Go this route if: You want to build the quickest and lowest impact So how does a pharmaceutical or biotech company take advantage of all of these presence. You need a decent starting point…. marketing-friendly features and use YouTube as a marketing tool? The first step is to determine what kind of YouTube channel (or channels) that fits best for your brand. This falls into three categories for most | Proprietary & Confidential 7
  8. 8. PharmaForward / Credentials Thought Leadership / Emerging Channels EMR and Healthcare Marketing The Blue Button Initiative Takes a Cautious First Step The US Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have quietly begun rolling out a new program called the “The Blue Button Initiative”. Soon to be featured on and other government-sponsored healthcare website, the Blue Button allows registered users and beneficiaries “one-click” access to view and download their medical records. What’s more, a user’s personal health record (PHR) can be shared across a wide Imagine if your blue button data could be activated on any healthcare network of online healthcare portals and resources. To date, over 40 major website by a patient upload or cookie-like file. Simply clicking a organizations have endorsed and pledged to support this program, ranging from button could result in acutely customized information about the AARP to Google to Wal-Mart. treatments, diagnosis, and products. It’s one thing to customize a website around geography or demographics, but envision a drug The initial goal of the program is simply about access; users will now have safe website that was completely personalized using data from your EMR. and secure access to their electronic medical records and, ideally, use the data to improve healthcare decision making. Records can be downloaded, printed, and The implications for online marketing and communications would be easily shared with treatment networks. profound—perhaps even game-changing. Vast new opportunities would become palpable for marketing, online treatment support, and Numerous security and privacy policies underlie the process, ensuring that the clinical trials recruitment. data cannot be compromised. None of these applications are feasible today, but programs like the This initiative marks one of the first real mainstream applications of online EMR Blue Button may prove to be a cautious first step that will lead to an access. With the government investing billions into healthcare technologies, it’s explosion of new online healthcare technology likely just the beginning…and something to closely watch. Just how far will online EMR go? And how could it impact the delivery of online healthcare communications? | Proprietary & Confidential 8
  9. 9. PharmaForward / Credentials Thought Leadership / Condition Landscapes Condition Spotlight: Rheumatoid Arthritis About RA Organic Search Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that affects 1.3 million Americans, • The phrase “rheumatoid arthritis” nearly 700,000 global web searches 70% of which are women. While it can strike at any age, RA normally occurs between the in January 2012—60% were US-based. ages of 40 and 60. The precise cause of RA is unknown, but many researchers believe that both genetic and environmental factors are responsible. RA presents primarily and • A large number of searches were seen for specific RA treatments, with Lyrica, progressively debilitating joint pain and swelling, but it can also affect the skin, lungs, Cymbalta, and Celebrex as the most searched for brand names. All three renal and circulatory systems. There is no cure for RA, but a number of therapies are brands are heavily marketed both on- and off-line. Remicade and Rituxan – used to alleviate symptoms and slow disease progression. There are over 40 ranked as the number one and number three top RA products in 2009 – had rheumatology products in a treatment category estimated at close to $20 billion (and much lower search frequency. growing). RA Online Environment Paid Search & Media • Rheumatoid arthritis has an extensive and competitive online ecosystem. The large • RA is a highly competitive condition for paid search and general online media. patient population, a wide variety of treatment approaches, and competitive 97 individual advertisers ranging from OTC products like Aleve to medical industry involvement have led to a chaotic online environment. treatment centers to advocacy organizations are competing for search positions. Homeopathic treatments and online pharmacies also play an • Industry is the dominant player in the ecosystem, leveraging both product increasing pronounce role. Analysis estimates that paid search budgets information websites and disease education bolstered by paid media to capture average close to $500 per day, with bids for top RA keywords topping out at potential patients and professionals. All four of the top industry websites (Celebrex, over $10/click. Humira, Enbrel, and Remicade) average over 100,000 unique visits per month. • RA-related banner ads and media campaigns can be seen at WebMD and other • Advocacy organizations also play an influential role in the RA landscape. portals. and – both sponsored by the National Arthritis Foundation – are two of the top five most accessed RA-related websites. These sites also have the most user loyalty, measured by return visits. Social Media • WebMD, the NIH, Wikipedia, and other general healthcare portals provide useful • Social media engagement is low in comparison to search and website usage disease education, diagnosis, and treatment information. These sites also maintain activity. There are approximately 20,000 Facebook users engaged in RA- the best organic search engine positions, playing an important role as the related groups and community – around 1% of the total patient population. information “front lines”. This could be attributed to an older patient population that is not readily using social media. • is the premier destination for professionals, but other sites appear to be emerging • There are several online patient communities with robust RA groups • Finally, social media, patient blogs, and other online peer-to-peer communications • Juvenile RA has a more engaged only audience also play a small role in the RA ecosystem, but one that is less influential than most other conditions. For all intents and purposes, RA lacks a cohesive online patient …. | Proprietary & Confidential 9
  10. 10. PharmaForward / Credentials References & Testimonials“Ben plays in a competitive market and rises “Ben is one of the few consultants who truly knowsabove his competitors by bringing them creative, how to marry digital marketing and pharmaceuticalclient-focused solutions to every engagement.” marketing.- Marketing Director, Genzyme Corporation - Marketing Director, Biogen“Without a doubt Ben was the key to the successof our challenge web marketing project.”- Marketing Manager, Root Capital“I have hired Ben three times in my career. Duringall engagements he showed incredible skill both asa strategist and an implementer of successfulsolutions.”- Product Marketing Director, Shire HGT“Ben is—hands down—the best digital strategist Ihave worked with. He offers stellar quantitativeinsights and is able to translate them intostrategies that really work.”- Vice President, | Proprietary & Confidential 10
  11. 11. PharmaForward / Credentials Get In Touch / ben zipkin | Proprietary & Confidential 11