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Vinh hoang manufacture introduction 2013


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Vinh hoang manufacture introduction 2013
- Prepared by PhapMong

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Vinh hoang manufacture introduction 2013

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Whether you’re enticing new customers, we’ve got the solution, with a complete range of furniture – our dedicated team will help you create plans.
  2. 2. At Vinh HoangWe provide complete manufacturing and sourcing ofhome decors product by bringing along experience andefficiencies in key areas of Research, Development andPurchasing, Producing. Throughout the year Vinh Hoanghas established strong relationships and experience tobecome a trusted address for customers. With large rangeof product which display our dedication to strictTechnical – Quality – Distinctive Design. We continue todevelop our brands, with particular focus on improvingour value, while injecting newness and style across therange.
  3. 3. At Vinh HoangBuilding a Vinh Hoang that is fit for the future means weneed continuing to listen and respond to our customersand anticipate trends. It also means looking to our richheritage to inform our future. This is a strong, resilientbusiness and we are working hard to deliver our plans.To be name today than its called, we are here for ourcustomer in the bad times as well as in the good. It wouldbe impossible to deliver against our brand values withoutstaff and suppliers who are second to none. We wouldlike to take this opportunity to thank very much for theirhard working, loyalty and support in the toughest ofcircumstances.
  5. 5. About UsThe Vinh Hoang brings together the cumulative talentof Sourcing, Producing and Technical professionalsspanning various disciplines including Research,Development, Purchasing, Interiors and ProjectManagement.To achieve a successful business that values its rightsbased on continued commitment to our work and ourability to deliver with an emphasis on communicationand co-ordination Teamwork.
  7. 7. About UsValuesOur strength lies in the powerful synergy of our people, oursolutions, our technology and our commitment to being the best.SuccessOur competitive edge ensures that our best business practices willhelp you achieve yours. We apply our experience to create youradvantage with the effective use of technology and resources.
  9. 9. About UsExcellenceWithin an ever changing market the keys to competitive world class performance are quality, adding value, managing risk and dependable delivery.CommunityWe are committed to working closely with our customer to actively promote a holistic approach to sustainable design. We aim to tackle the issue on both a Macro level and Micro level looking not only at good environment design for individual buildings but also investigating what constitutes a sustainable city.We aim to integrate sustainable from the initial concept design stage to create a final product that has a minimal environmental impact and makes pragmatic use of our natural resources.
  11. 11. Factory has been established since 1996. 1996 – 2005: Wrought Metal Art 2005 – current year: Wooden Furniture
  12. 12. Factory Information ( Factory Overview – Hardlines)Total Land Area: 12,000 sq. meters Outdoor Main Products: Indoor – Living, Dining Room & Kitchen andTotal No. of Employees: 0ver 450 BedroomDevelopment Lead Time: 40 days North America & European Markets: marketProduction Lead Time: 2011 – $5,300,000.00 Annual Turnover: Initial- 60 days 2012 – $4,800,000.00 Ongoing- 45 days L/C At Sight 7 days T/T deposit 30% and 7 daysMonthly Production Payment Terms: 30-50 x 40’HC Container full payment after documentsCapacity: releasedMinimum Order Quantity: 3 Containers Freight Terms: FOB HCM Port
  14. 14. Timber Sourcing• We have made good progress in improving the scope and consistency of our wood products sourcing, extending far beyondthe wood materials and products we offer.With wide range of collections crafted from wood, veneer, metal, weave, etc. thatare rich in character and offer lasting appeal. We combined with superior materials to create a unique look on pieces designedfor the product. General types of wood in our furniture collection are as follows:+ Rubberwood + Mango + Oak + Acacia + Eucalyptus + Cashew + ETC ...• Also, we are aiming to make sure all the wood comes from legal and sustainable sources worldwide. Where practicable, theforest source should be approved in accordance with an internationally recognized scheme such as: + FSC + TFT (Tropical Forest Trust) + etc
  16. 16. Our partners
  18. 18. VERSION 2013 Thanks for attention ! Prepared by Mr.Phong (Phapmong) – (click to send e-mail)