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P12 r202t8 04-d-dos


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P12 r202t8 04-d-dos

  1. 1. Assignment: DDoS Lecturer: Ou Phannarith !កុមទី ៤ ជុនសុខជ' ()ព វសន' -៉)ត ចិ2)' 3ឿង សុភព' អង ស9:)ត'
  2. 2. ករវយលុកDDoSមន*+ើន-+បដូចជ3 -­‐Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) flood -­‐(S)SYN flood -­‐Teardrop a:acks -­‐Peer-­‐to-­‐peer a:acks -­‐Asymmetry of resource uAlizaAon in starvaAon a:acks -­‐Permanent denial-­‐of-­‐service a:acks -­‐ApplicaAon-­‐level floods -­‐Nuke -­‐HTTP POST DDOS a:ack -­‐R-­‐U-­‐Dead-­‐Yet? (RUDY) -­‐Slow Read a:ack -­‐Distributed a:ack .........................................................
  3. 3. oeហoeយ,រ.យលុកែដលេបញនិយមបំផុត:;ះគឺ៖ denial-­‐of-­‐service (DoS) ឬក៏ distributed denial-­‐of-­‐service (DDoS) .B,រoeធDoeឱFUser មិនGច Iញយក network resource ឬមិនGចIក់ទងBមួយServerMនឬoeធDoeឱFNetworkNំងមិនGច ដំoeណoeរ,រMនែតមPង។
  4. 4. វ"្ើរ(Request) Resourceជ'(ើនដងក្-ង.(លកំណត់ណមួយក្-ង8លបំណង:្ើឱ(=Networkគំង ជប?@(ះអសន្(Unavailable) D(លបណ@(លឱ(=Userមិនអច ទញResourceពីserverឬNetworkបន។N
  5. 5. ករវយលុកQ(បDDosR(ះអចS(តិបត្ិករUយមនុស(V ពីនក់ ឬ'(ើនជងR(ះ ឬក៏Uយ Bots (កុំព(=Yទ័រ(V(ងD(ល](^វបនមនុស(Vមa(ក់b(ប់b(ង Computer Zombie)។
  6. 6. ភគ'(ើនe(f(ើDDosgើម(hីវយលុកWebsiteណមួយក្-ងបំណង:្ើឱ(=អជីវកម្k(ុមហ៊ុន ណមួយមនបno(។
  7. 7. a new generaAon of DDoS a:acks
  8. 8. ករករពរNetworkពីDos Attack& Cisco Protec>on in an ISP Environment. Traffic Des>ned for Targeted Device Is Diverted to Cisco Guard XTs; Clean Traffic Is Returned to the System.
  9. 9. Cisco Protec>on in an Enterprise Environment. Only Traffic Des>ned for the Targeted Device Is Diverted to the Cisco Guard XT, Which Returns "Clean" Transac>ons Back to the System.
  10. 10. Defense.Net DDoS Frontline h:p://­‐protecAon-­‐service-­‐frontline.html
  11. 11. សូមអគុណ3