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  • Crm35 introducing the new sage crm ecosystem insights2010

    1. 1. CRM35 SageCRM: Introducing the New SageCRM Ecosystem (Website, Online Communities and Marketplace) Avril Crowley and Jeff Richards
    2. 2. CPE Credit • In order to receive CPE credit for this session you must be present for the entire session. − Session code: CRM35 − Recommended CPE credit = 1 − Delivery Method = Group Live − Field of Study = Specialized Knowledge and Applications • Visit the Continuing Professional Education kiosks to enter CPE credit during the conference.
    3. 3. • An online Ecosystem for SageCRM launched on March 15th 2010 • In the first month • An online Ecosystem for SageCRM launched on March 15th 2010 • In the first month 64 Partner Add-ons64 Partner Add-ons 5,000 unique visitors5,000 unique visitors 250 new community members250 new community members 350 new posts (forums blogs and files) 350 new posts (forums blogs and files) Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Channels Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Channels
    4. 4. Learning Objectives • After participating in this session, you will be able to: − Join the SageCRM Community − Find blogs and articles on a variety of commercial and technical topics − Find SageCRM sales and marketing tools with ease to build compelling sales presentations − Download SageCRM add-ons and sample code − Information you need to join the Sage CRM Developer Program
    5. 5. Interactive demonstration…
    6. 6. Some time later, the deal has been closed…
    7. 7. Interactive demonstration…
    8. 8. Summary • SageCRM Ecosystem provided: − Everything we need to make a compelling pitch to our prospect − Great ideas for customizations that will meet the project requirements − Articles and documentation to help us implement and administer the system − Forums for us to ask questions when we got stuck − SageCRM Add-ons
    9. 9. Ecosystem Roadmap LaunchLaunch Ideas ExchangeIdeas Exchange Enhancements to Apps & Extras Enhancements to Apps & Extras
    10. 10. Questions? Don’t forget to register for the SageCRM Ecosystem at
    11. 11. Your Feedback is Important to Us! • Please complete the evaluation form for this session. • Your feedback helps us improve future sessions and presentation techniques. • Please include your session code on the evaluation form: CRM35 • Contact Information: and • Thank you for your participation.