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Bi course content

  1. 1. BI COURSE CONTENT Introduction Enterprise Structure Introduction to ERP. SAP Data Warehouse Overview of BW BI. Data Base Overview of BW Architecture Landscape Basic Modeling Create a valid Schema Multi-Dimensional Star Schema (Classical Approach) Multi-Dimensional Star Schema in 6W (Extended star Schema, The OLAP Concept and differences between OLAP and OLTP Business Modeling Info Area Info Object Catalogs Into Objects PSA Application Component Info Source Data Source Transfer Rules Update Rules Info Package Transformation Data Transfer Process Loading Transactional Data into BW Into Cube Loading MD with TD Into BW System Info cube & Types Manual Uploading of MD like Attributes, Text, Hierarchy Different Types of Attributes
  2. 2. Transformations. Routines Start Routine End Routine Expert Routine DSO (Data Store Object) Standard DSO Write optimized DSO Direct update DSO Update Methods Full updates initialization Delta Updates Info Providers Multi Providers Info set Virtual Providers Re-Modeling Re-Partitioning Into Cube | Maintenance Aggregates Roll-up Compression Reconstruction Process Management Process Chains Process Types Scheduling Monitor (Header, Status, Details)
  3. 3. Reporting Business Explorer BEX Query designer BEY. Analyzer Functional Overview of Bex Query Designer Reusable Query Elements Calculated Key Figures Restricted Key Figties Formulae Variable Definition in Detail Characteristic values variables Text Variables Formula Variables Hierarchy Variable Analysis Functions Conditions Exceptions Reporting Drilldown Drilldown to DSO from Info Cube (RRI) Migration Objects from BW 3x to BI 7.0 Transportation Extraction Generic Data Extraction using MD/TD Tables Business Content Extractions using MO/TD LO-COCKPIT Data Extraction Delta types for Generic Extraction LO Extraction
  4. 4. Re: What is REMEDY Ticketing tool, how it works? can any body answer.? Answer REMEDY is a customer relationship tool which 3 Mumtaz # 1 can be used to Hussain log / monitor the issues or problems faced by customers by the means of incident management tickets. Each ticket is like an incident (problem) which is created by helpdesk and assigned to relevant support team. Concerned support team memeber take the ownership of the ticket and updates the work log (troubleshooting steps performed during the course of action) Also , it can be used to monitor Service Requests / change managment ( Change Requests) and problem managment. Is This Answer Correct ? 390 Yes 24 No Re: What is REMEDY Ticketing tool, how it works? can any body answer.? 0 Amit Answer Remedy is a customer relaton tool which you # 2 can use log the moniter the issues or problem faced by customer. Is This Answer Correct ? 108 Yes 22 No Re: What is REMEDY Ticketing tool, how it works? can any body answer.? 0 Answer REMEDY is a Third party Tool or it is a Kandimalla # 3 Tracking toll, Koteswara Rao which is used to track the issues, what ever the requests getting from customer we need a create in terms of PMR
  5. 5. (Problem Managemnt Report),and also it is used to monitor Service Requests,Change Requests and problem managmentt reports. For Example TALLEY it's tracking Account related issues, same manner REMEDY is using for track the issues. Is This Answer Correct ? 48 Yes 24 No Re: What is REMEDY Ticketing tool, how it works? can any body answer.? 0 Sneha Answer Remedy ticketing system is a incident # 4 management tool.This was developed by BMC software. This is a tool is frontend of huge database of incidents( tickets). In support organaization sers report troubles(issues) or few troubles can be reported automatically through traps. These troubles or issues are reported through applications. Remedy is one such application which is developed by BMC software. These trouble tickets or incidents are managed by the company who owns the database or can also be accessed by the customer to get the status update or provide feedback. This tool can be effectively used to download data from database for problem management and incident managemenet Is This Answer Correct ? 76 Yes 9 No Re: What is REMEDY Ticketing tool, how it works? can any body answer.? Answer Whenever a student, faculty member or staff # 5 member reports a technical problem (i.e. a problem with their computer hardware or software), it's recorded as a Remedy "ticket." The ticket is tracked in the Request For
  6. 6. Service problem tracking system (UNC-CH PTR) until it is resolved. Remedy provides a way to track customer problems whether they report them by telephone, Internet, e-mail, in person at the ITS Information Technology Response Center (ITRC) or at one of the other campus technical support centers. Is This Answer Correct ? 41 Yes 34 No