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Phani carrefour


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this ppt explains you about carrefour

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Phani carrefour

  1. 1. Founded onJanuary 1st ,1958Head quartered inLevallois-Perret, France
  2. 2. Lars Olofsson, chief executive of Frenchretailer Carrefour
  3. 3. Type Societe Anonyme Industry Retail Founded January 1st ,1958 Headquarters Levallois-Perret, France Key people Lars Olofsson (Chairman and CEO) Services Discount, grocery and convenience stores, cash and carry, hypermarkets Revenue €112.245billion (2011)Operating income €1.836 billion (2010) Profit €433 million (2010) Total assets €53.65 billion (end 2010) Total equity €10.56 billion (end 2010) Employees 471,755 (end 2010)
  4. 4. COMPANY’S ORIGINCarrefour emerged as collaboration betweentwo entrepreneurs, Marcel Fournier and LouisDefforey, Both men came from successful,enterprising familiesThe first Carrefour store opened on 1stJanuary 1958 in suburban Annecy near acrossroads (carrefour in French).Carrefour S.A. is an internationalhypermarket chain headquartered in Levallois-Perret, France.It is one of the largest hypermarket chains inthe world (with 1,395 hypermarkets at the endof 2009, the second largest retail group in theworld in terms of revenue and third largestin profit after Wal-mart and Tesco
  5. 5. The mission of Carrefour is "to satisfy each andevery customer expectation with professionalismand to offer the best possible prices for high-quality products and services."The Carrefour group has one simple ambition:making Carrefour the preferred retailer whereverit operates.
  6. 6. Over the past 50 years, the Carrefour group has grown to become one ofthe world’s leading distribution groups.The world’s second-largest retailer and the largest in Europe.The Carrefour group currently has over 15,600 stores, either company-operated or franchises.The group currently operates 6 Multi Formats
  7. 7. The group currently operates in three major markets:Europe, Latin America and Asia.With a presence in 35 countries, over 57% of groupturnover derives from outside France.The group sees strong potential for further internationalgrowth in the future, particularly in such large nationalmarkets as China, Brazil, Indonesia,India Poland andTurkey.
  8. 8. The group sees strong potential for further international growth in thefuture, particularly in such large national markets as China, Brazil,Indonesia, Poland, India and TurkeyCarrefour currently has two separate units in India, operational since2007. Carrefour WC&C India is rolling out fully-owned cash & carrystores, and Carrefour India Master Franchise, which has been trying to tieup with an Indian partner to open Carrefour branded stores throughoutthe country.
  9. 9. 22 stores in china Trying to build 36 hypermarkets 2 Wholesale cash and carry storesIRAqCarrefour is to open 5 stores in Iraq in the city ofErbil in 2011.JORdANCarrefour also operates in the United ArabEmirates and Jordan in a joint venture withMajid al Futtaim.
  10. 10. TAIwANIn 1989, Carrefour became the first international retailer to establish a presencein Asia when it entered Taiwan through a joint venture with Uni PresidentEnterprises Corporation. It leveraged the experience it gathered in Taiwan toexpand into other Asian markets.
  11. 11. SAudI ARAbIACarrefour also has 11 franchise operated hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia, with 5 ofthem being in the capital Riyadh itself.OMANIn Oman, Carrefour opened a store in 2003 on the outskirts of the city of Muscat.And in 2008, another branch opened in Qurum. In May 2011 Carrefour opened astore in the Safeer Mall in Sohar.uNITed ARAb eMIRATeSCarrefour also operates in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan in a jointventure with Majid al Futtaim.
  12. 12. KuwAITIn March 2007, Carrefour opened astore in Kuwait in the Avenues malluNITed KINGdOMCarrefour had several hypermarkets inthe UK until the 1980s. They werelocated in Leyland, South Wales, MerryHill in Dudley, Sutton Coldfield,Castleford, Metro Centre in Gateshead,Telford Shopping Centre (Shropshire),Swindon and Cribbs Causeway in Bristol.All stores were later acquired by the DeeCorporation, but continued to trade asCarrefour for some time before beingconverted to Gateway Superstores.As of July 14, 2011, a range ofCarrefours products are sold in the UKvia Ocado.
  13. 13. Carrefour main aim is to satisfy all the customer’s needs so the groupintroduced different formats
  14. 14. 1400 stores across the worldA very large commercial establishment that is a combinationof a department store and a supermarket.1 million customers a day shop in hyper market
  15. 15. 2952 stores across the worldA large self-service market that sells a wide range of foodand household goods
  16. 16. tend to offer a widearray of products andservices,but they competemainlyon price offersextensiveassortment ofmerchandiseat affordable and cut-rate prices.
  17. 17. Total stores 5059Keeping pace with socio-demographic changes and new ways ofshopping, Carrefour has breathed new life into its convenience stores,creating contemporary, modern concepts that meet customer’sneeds
  18. 18. 70 stores &11 stores are ready to openOffer high-quality products in large quantities, both forprofessionals and individuals
  19. 19. Carrefour offers shopping online in several countries (France, Spain, Belgium,Turkey and others). A wide selection of services - such as home delivery andin-store or in-warehouse collection - are available to customers, varying fromcountry to country
  20. 20. Being the preferred retailer means having stores wherecustomers are naturally drawn to shop, and to which they areloyal. It means having the trust of customers: trust in productquality, price and service It means being able to satisfy and anticipate customer needsand giving customers the best special offers
  21. 21. The strategy of the Carrefour group is aimed at achieving organic,sustained, profitable growth in excess of the broad market growth rate,and has three levers:•Client-oriented culture•Transformation•Innovation 
  22. 22. Client-oriented culture: Getting to know ourcustomers better in order to serve them better.Transformation: Increasing agility, executionquality and competitiveness.Innovation: Regaining initiative andleadership.
  23. 23. FReNCh SlOGAN1988-2003 : "I am positive with Carrefour“2003-2007 : "Energy Wise“2007-2009 : "The quality for all“2009-2010 : "The positive is back“Since 2010 : "The positive every day"
  24. 24. STORe bRANdS Hypermarkets: a model in constant change Supermarkets: a redefined format Hard discount stores: building on success Convenience stores: highly adaptable Cash & Carry and e-commerce
  25. 25. Out of sight is out of mind For this reasonThey want the customers to come tostore and shop again so they want to remind their organizationto the customersSo they introduced the customerloyalty cardsThey will send greeting mails for everyoccasion
  26. 26. Carrefour also offers more than 100 back-to-schoolproducts on Customers simply order theirschool supplies online for home delivery.
  27. 27. Carrefour launches its "Lowest price"guarantee on fuel! Carrefour is introducing a “Lowest price" guarantee on fuel (notincluding LPG) at 195 hypermarket service stations throughout France
  28. 28. STReNGThSCarrefour is largest hyper chain market in terms of size.Second Highest revenues in the retail industry after Wal-Mart.Large network of discount, grocery , convenience and cash and carry hypermarkets.More than 50% of sales come from France.
  29. 29. weAKNeSSeSS Reduce Operating Expenses.Weak position in Asian and Middle East countries.Has not been able to attract the Japanese customers.Taking too much time in opening new stores.Labor relations.Weak own brand sales.
  30. 30. OPPuRTuNITIeS Joint ventures and acquisition for more expansion. Discount sales development. Improve sales performance. Reduce operating cost. Research and development required in marketing area to understand the dynamics of different segment. Maintain labour relations.
  31. 31. ThReATSFierce competition.Wal-Mart low prices is the biggest threat for Carrefour.Terrorism and instability in the countries of Asia andAfricaNew player entering into the retail industry.Facing difficult to understand the dynamics of Asian andMiddle east countries.Slow expansion outside the France may allow thecompetitors to snatch the market share.